Are German Shepherds Good With Yorkies? (Solved & Explained!)

Are German Shepherds good with Yorkies? German Shepherds and Yorkies get along very well, despite their dramatic difference in size. They both have similar temperaments and are considered some of the more intelligent dog breeds. However, a German Shepherd will need to socialize well with other dogs closer to its size before being introduced to a smaller breed. 

Are German shepherds good with small dogs? 

You might fear that a large dog like a German Shepherd would not play well with your tiny Yorkie, but German Shepherds are very affectionate and protective dogs, making them excellent playmates for most dog breeds. 

However, not all dogs are the same, and you may need to train your German Shepherd to improve their social skills. You may want to introduce them to other small dogs before bringing another dog into your home. 

Do German shepherds kill small dogs?

German Shepherds have the instinct to hunt small animals, so training is key to ensuring other dogs’ safety. There are instances where German Shepherds have killed smaller dogs, but they are unlikely to kill anything unless they see it as food. 

German Shepherds are very territorial and protective dogs, so it’s important to properly socialize them with other dogs before thinking about leaving them alone with smaller breeds. 

Are German Shepherds the most dangerous dog?

German Shepherds are not the most dangerous dog, but they are police dogs for a reason. They are knowledgeable and have incredible force behind their bites, around 108 kg of force, making them the third more dangerous dog in the United States alone. 

Keep in mind that dogs are only as good as their training, so while German Shepherds have the potential to be dangerous, that doesn’t mean all of them are. Shower them with love and gentle care, and they could be one of the more friendly dogs you’ll meet. 

How do you punish a German Shepherd? 

You may find yourself needing to punish your German Shepherd as you try to train it to interact well with a new dog. German Shepherd is a very dominant breed, especially the males, and they won’t respond well to yelling or any adverse physical treatment. The best thing is to redirect bad behaviour towards behaviour you want to reinforce. 

If you find that your German Shepherd is not playing well with another dog, then redirect its attention by playing with it yourself or taking it to a different location on its own for a while to play. Over time it will learn that playing well with other dogs meets it can continue to socialize and have fun. 

Which is more protective, a male or female German Shepherd?

Male German Shepherds are more territorial and may be more aggressive when it comes to protecting their homes. You might want to introduce your male German Shepherd to new dogs somewhere other than your home, such as a dog park. 

In contrast, female German Shepherds tend to be more protective of individuals and may be more aggressive about other dogs interacting with their owners. Females generally are more easily trained and socialize with other dogs. 

Are male or female Yorkies more affectionate?

Don’t be fooled by those that say females are more affectionate than males. Both are equally affectionate and likely to become attached to their owners. They are just as likely to crave attention, so make sure you share your love even with another dog in the house. 

Do Yorkies like having other dogs?

Yorkies are very good with most other dogs, but the degree to which they are willing to share their home depends on how long you’ve had your Yorkie. They can be a bit territorial if they’ve been the only dog in the house for a while but given time, they will likely warm up to having a new friend around. 

Do Yorkies get attached to one person?

Yorkies tend to bond with one person deeply while also loving meeting other people and dogs to make new friends with. Regardless, they generally attach themselves to one specific person more than others. Yorkies can also become stressed when left alone for long periods, so interacting with other dogs and people can be good for them. 

Do German Shepherds prefer one person?

German Shepherds are one of those dog breeds that are incredibly loyal and prefer bonding with one person. If you want your German Shepherd to warm up to others or share you with a new dog to the house, you’ll have to train them over time. It could take a while for a German Shepherd to accept another person or dog and grow attached to them. 

Are Yorkies jealous dogs?

Yorkies love attention, and with that comes a bit of an attitude, especially given their small size. They can become very protective of their owners, especially if they have bonded particularly profoundly with one of them. This bond can cause them to become overly jealous when their owners interact with other dogs.

Why is my Yorkie so jealous?

Yorkies can be very territorial, so bringing new people or dogs into your home could cause jealousy. But it’s also possible that your Yorkie is bored or feeling playful and wants more of your attention than they usually would. 

Can Yorkies be left alone all day?

In general, Yorkies do not enjoy being alone, and even adults can tolerate being left alone as little as 4 hours a day. Getting a companion dog for your Yorkie could be a good way of allowing you to spend time away from the house without adding to your Yorkie’s stress.

How do you tell if your dog is protective over you?

You’re going to have to test how your dog responds to new environments with different people and dogs. If this experience seems to stress out your dog, such as causing more whimpering or growling than usually, then it’s likely that your dog is very protective of you. Keep in mind that some dogs have more experience socializing than others and will respond differently.