German Shepherd Lab Mix FAQ: 13 Things to Know

German Shepherd Lab mixes are very energetic and intelligent dogs. They are a hybrid breed that is often used in police work or as service animals, but they can also be great family pets. If you’re considering adopting one, here are some things you might want to know.

Is German Shepherd and Labrador a Good Mix?

A German Shepherd and Labrador are a great mix. They combine some of the best qualities of both breeds.

The German Shepherd is known for its protective qualities. It defends its family and can save lives. It’s also fiercely intelligent and loyal.

The Labrador is an extremely friendly dog. It loves meeting new people and other dogs. Because of its love for pleasing its owners, it’s also easy to train and loves to play.

The result is a dog that is very smart and trainable. They also have high energy. both the German Shepherd and the Labrador have high energy. They’re used to either working or running around in the yard. Any puppy of theirs is going to have a similar energy level.

You can expect your puppy to be smart. That makes it more agreeable to training. It can pick up commands faster and respond well to stimuli. The problem with intelligent dogs is that they also grow bored easier. They need to be mentally stimulated to keep from doing destructive behavior.

Knowing how to keep your dog mentally stimulated can save you a lot of grief.

Finally, you can expect your German Shepherd and Labrador mix to be friendly but alert. They may show a little apprehension towards other people and dogs. With proper socialization and training, however, your German Shepherd and Labrador mix will be fun-loving and friendly.

How Much Does a German Shepherd and Lab Mix Cost?

A German Shepherd and Lab mix can cost as low as $150. However, they can also climb above $2,500.

The price depends on the background of the dog’s parents. Some German Shepherds may come from a champion line. That can increase the price of any puppy from the start.

Another factor that can influence the price is rare coat colors. A German Shepherd and Lab will usually have a coat of various shades of brown and black. However, a rarer coat is highly desirable. Since it’s rare, you can expect the price of the puppy to skyrocket.

How Long Do German Shepherd Lab Mixes Live?

Shepradors, the name given to a German Shepherd and Labrador mix, have a life expectantly between 10 and 14 years. They’re considered seniors once they hit six or seven years of age.

A few health problems found in their parents can decrease their quality of life as they grow older. One such problem is hip and elbow dysplasia. This occurs when they’re puppies. If the hip or elbow bones don’t develop correctly, then it can give them arthritis when they’re older.

You can help your puppy develop correctly by regularly exercising them when they’re young.

Another problem that can impact the quality of their life is progressive retinal atrophy. This occurs in both German Shepherds and Labradors, and it could be passed down to your puppy. This disease covers a group of similar diseases that results in blindness.

As long as you feed your dog a healthy diet and give them the physical and mental exercise that they need, your dog will live for several years.

Are German Shepherd Lab Mixes Easy to Train?

Shepradors are extremely easy to train. They get their intelligence from both breeds, but primarily from German Shepherds. These types of dogs are used as working dogs. They’re trained to assist police officers, soldiers, and those who require additional health care.

As a result, these dogs are conditioned to learn and obey.

Labradors are easy to train, too, because they love to make their owners happy. They’re playful and love to mix training with play.

Your Sheprador puppy is going to be just as eager to learn and train.

Are German Shepherd Lab Mixes Aggressive?

Like any dog breed, a puppy can be aggressive. Most of the blame comes from their German Shepherd heritage, but that’s because the breed is naturally wary of strangers. Most dogs are.

The key to ensuring your puppy doesn’t exhibit aggression is to socialize them. Let them spend lots of time with other people and dogs. It will get them used to other creatures being around and make them less aggressive towards them.

What Is the Best Age to Train a German Shepherd Lab Mix Puppy?

Three to nine months is the best time to start training your Sheprador puppy. As soon as you bring them home, you can start potty training them.

Because they’re intelligent, you should never stop teaching your dog new commands and tricks. They love to learn and will find satisfaction from the practice.

How Do You Discipline a German Shepherd Lab Mix Puppy?

There are few ways you can discipline your German Shepherd and Labrador mix.

The first is to use rewards when they’re doing something right. When they’re doing something wrong, you don’t give them a reward.

You should also ignore them. They often misbehave to get a reaction out of you. Not giving them attention will show them that it doesn’t work.

You can also choose to redirect their misbehavior. If a Sheprador jump on you, for example, you can train them to greet you in a different way.

What Is Bad About German Shepherd Lab Mixes?

The only negative aspect of a German Shepherd and Lab mix is that they can inherit certain health problems that both parents share. That can decrease the quality of their life.

They’re also energetic dogs. That makes not ideal for pet owners who don’t have a large space for them to run around in.

They also shed, which isn’t ideal for pet owners who can’t keep up with the cleaning.

Can German Shepherd Lab Mixes Protect You?

Shepradors can protect you. They receive their protective instincts from their German Shepherd heritage. Through proper training, a Sheprador can be taught to guard you and your family.

How Do You Bond With a German Shepherd Lab Mix?

Here are a few ways you can bond with your Sheprador.

1. Touch Them

Dogs respond to touch. Pet, cuddle, and kiss them. You should always be aware of their temperament, however. In some cases, you need to look for signs that your dog is willing to be touched.

The more that they let you touch them, the more that they trust you and feel bonded to you.

2. Feed Them

If you want your Sheprador to bond only with you, then you should be the one to feed them. When you make a big show out of feeding them, it establishes that you’re the alpha. You designate when the pack eats.

Your dog will bond and respect you more if they perceive you as the alpha of the pack.

3. Play

One of the best ways you can bond with your Sheprador is to play with them. They’re extremely playful and have a lot of energy. That makes them ideal for games of fetch or tug-of-war. Playing with your dog makes them feel good and makes them feel good about you.

Can German Shepherd Lab Mixes Be Left Alone?

German Shepherd and Lab mixes can be left alone. They’re able to entertain themselves for the most part. However, because of their intelligence, you should always leave some sort of toy for them to play with while you’re gone. If they become bored, then they might start chewing on the furniture.

These dogs can be left alone while you’re at work. They’re able to hold their bladders well.

Do German Shepherd Lab Mixes Like to Cuddle?

Shepadors love to cuddle. They get that primarily from their Labrador side. Since they’re very friendly and loving, they love to cuddle up next to their owners. Don’t be surprised if your adult Sheprador tries to lay on your lap. They still think they’re puppies.

Are German Shepherd Lab Mixes Lazy?

German Shepherd and Labrador mixes are not lazy. They may have days where they want to lay around, but they are energetic. They like to be outside and running around. The German Shepherd side of them, in particular, loves to do something.

They’re work dogs, so they’re used to performing some action or completing some task. Your Sheprador may benefit from receiving some type of job to do in the home, too.