German Shepherd Jumping Fence (FAQ and 5 Ways To Stop Them)

The German Shepherd is a highly intelligent and obedient breed. They are also known for their agility and jumping skills, as well as their ability to explore new environments. This can lead to some problems if not properly trained or supervised. In this blog post, I will show you how to stop your German Shepherd from jumping fences so they stay safe and happy in your yard!

How To Stop Your German Shepherd From Jumping the Fence

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1. Blocking Out Things that Excite Dogs

Other dogs and even people on the other side of a fence can be a great incentive for a dog to jump. One easily way to take this away is to plant trees or shrubs in the front of your fence.

That can block out the smell of other animals as well as the sight of them.

Some pet owners have also had good results installing privacy fence slats to keep their dogs from seeing things on the other side. This is an easy DIY project that you can do with materials you find at a regular hardware store.

2. Booby Trapping a Fence

Some dog owners have tried to put things up at the top of their fence to act as negative reinforcement and discourage their dogs from jumping.

The trouble is that this doesn’t normally work. Others have tried e-collars or other corrective devices to teach their dog not to keep trying it.

Many dogs may not respond to these methods. If it’s possible, then you can increase the fence’s height instead of booby trapping it.

Eventually, a dog will stop trying to jump a fence if they simply figure out that it’s too high for them.

3. Obedience and Fence Training

Obedience training is a great idea for dogs that just don’t seem to learn any other way. You can take your dog to a professional, but those who do might except to pay quite a bit of money for their services!

Use the same healthy training methods that you would when teaching a dog anything. If you’re a little lost, then check out this video from a dog rescue expert:

4. Physical Ways to Deter Jumping

If you can’t raise the height of your fence, then you might still get some success out of building a simple deterrent system. Some owners make a so-called L-footer by placing upside down fencing at the top of their structure.


Once your dog finds out that there’s a barrier, they may very well stop.

You could also put an obstruction, like a table or a line of potted plants, in front of the fence. Assuming your dog doesn’t knock it over, it can be an effective obstacle.

5. Putting Up a Second Fence

When nothing else works, you can try putting up a smaller second fence in front of your main fence.

In theory, dogs can clear a second fence. However, they’ll never be able to get a running start with that additional one in the way.

As a result, they won’t ever be able to clear your main fence no matter how hard they try.

Some residential communities won’t allow you to put up this kind of double fence, so check the rules before you do any construction.


What Size Fence Can a German Shepherd Jump?

German Shepherds are able to jump over four feet. At the very least, your fence should be six feet tall. There are also other factors to consider. Does the fence have a climbable top? If so, then the German Shepherd may be able to use their feet to hook over the top of the fence and haul themselves over it.

In this case, you’ll need a fence that either has a sharp top to dissuade them or has an inclined barrier that reaches over your yard.

You’ll also need to consider other climbable objects near the fence. Can the dog jump onto a table, then over the fence? Is there a part of the ground that’s hilly? These variables can also determine whether or not a six-foot fence is tall enough.

Can a German Shepherd Jump Over a 5 Foot Fence?

Because a German Shepherd is capable of jumping over four feet, it’s possible that they may also jump over a five-foot fence. A hill may give them that extra foot that they need to clear the fence. It’s even possible that the German Shepherd in question is an excellent jumper. They may exceed the norm jumping height for German Shepherds.

In most cases, the German Shepherd likely won’t be able to clear the fence. However, if you want to make it a certainty, then you should choose a six-foot fence instead.

Is Jumping Bad for German Shepherds?

Jumping can injure a German Shepherd, especially when they’re young. Strenuous activity like jumping can stress their growth plates. This may result in the dog developing bowed legs or dysplasia.

Even older dogs may injure themselves. If they attempt to jump high, then they may injure their muscles or bones. Landing hard can also injure them, especially in older dogs.

There’s also landing on the fence, itself, to consider. If the fence has sharp edges like a chain-link fence, then the dog could seriously injure itself. The spikes may skewer and drag against their body.

It’s also a bad habit. Many people are concerned about German Shepherds because they’re often used in police duty and in the military. When a large German Shepherd comes running to them, they may be worried about its intentions. Being jumped on may be perceived as an attack. This can get the dog and owner in trouble.

German Shepherds may also use their ability to jump to escape their yards. They could get into a fight with other dogs, get hit by a car, or even just become lost.

Why Do German Shepherds Jump the Fence?

There are a few reasons why a German Shepherd might jump a fence. They may be bored and find jumping to be enjoyable. There may be a sound on the other side of the fence that they want to investigate.

Dogs that aren’t fixed or spayed may sense an animal in heat. Their biological drive may cause them to hop the fence in order to mate.

Others may perceive a threat. A passing truck, mailman, or dog may make them excitable. They may want to jump the fence in order to investigate further or to defend their territory.

How Long Does it Take to Train a German Shepherd Not To Jump the Fence?

If you use positive reinforcement training and have the skills to handle pet training, then it may only take a few days to train your German Shepherd not to jump the fence. In other cases, it may take a few weeks.

Obedience training is the main training you’ll need to use to keep your German Shephard from jumping over the fence.

Why Does My German Shepherd Keep Trying to Run Away?

Your German Shepherd isn’t trying to run away. They’re trying to explore the world around them. Dogs are curious. They love to find new smells and explore new places. German Shepherds also have a lot of energy. If their energy needs aren’t met, then they may take it upon themselves to exert their own energy.

They may also jump the fence to pursue something. German Shepherds love to chase after friends or threats. Jumping over a fence allows them to follow their instincts.

How Far Will a Dog Run Away from Home?

It depends on the size of your dog. Larger dogs can sometimes travel up to five miles a day. They may also be frightened which can make capturing them difficult. Smaller dogs typically travel around a half-mile before stopping.

The longer your dog is away from home, the more likely the chances are that they’re getting further from you. While there’s always a possibility that they may be able to find their way back home, it’s more likely that they’ll keep wandering in pursuit of food, water, and a friendly face.

Will an Electric Fence Stop My German Sheperd from Jumping?

An electric fence can keep your German Shephard from jumping over it if it’s tall enough. If your fence is too low, then German Shepherds can simply jump over it without a problem. Taller electric fences can give your dog a small shock. That will dissuade them from attempting to go near the fence.

Will an Invisible Fence Stop Them from Jumping?

An invisible fence can keep your German Shepherd from jumping over a standard fence. The invisible fence works by giving your dog a correction when they near the boundary line. As long as the correction is strong enough to dissuade the dog from going near the fence, then it will work.

Otherwise, the dog may ignore the correction and continue past the boundary line.

Is it Better to Build Something (electric Fence), Use Something (invisible Fence), or Just Train Them Not to Jump?

You should start by training them not to jump. This will implement obedience training which can also benefit you in other ways. The next step you should take is to build a proper fence for your German Shepherd. The fence’s top should extend over the yard by a few lengths to keep the dog from being able to jump over it.

Your last resort should be to use an invisible fence.