German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix FAQ: 14 Things to Know

Are you thinking about adding a mix to your family? If so, you may be wondering if the German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix would be right for you.

This hybrid breed is known for being intelligent and loving, but what else do you need to know before bringing one home? Read on to find out more.

Is German Shepherd and Golden Retriever a Good Mix?

The Golden Retriever and German Shepherd mix is a great hybrid because the dog features the best qualities of both.

You’re able to enjoy the fierce loyalty of a Golden Retriever and the protective instincts of a German Shepherd.

Both do bring their energy to the mix, so this hybrid is ideal for homeowners that have a sizable yard for them to run.

The mix is also great for children. They’re protective over children in the home and love to play with them. The energy of your children may even match the energy of the mix.

Some pet owners may worry about the German Shepherd’s protective instincts getting in the way of the dog’s ability to make friends with other dogs. This isn’t the case. As long as you socialize your dog when it’s a puppy, a Golden Shepherd can get along with other dogs and people without any problems.

Since both dogs tend to shed a lot, you can expect the same with this breed. They’re not ideal for those who suffer from pet allergies. Taking care of them is relatively easy, however. You just need to brush them at least once a week to get rid of excess hair.

As a whole, the Golden Shepherd is a friendly, protective, dog that brings the best qualities of its parents to your home.

How Much Does a German Shepherd and Golden Retriever Mix Cost?

A Golden Shepherd starts around $800 and goes up from there. The price increases based on the coat’s colors and whether or not the puppy sways towards one parent’s looks over the other.

Rarer coat colors are going to be more expensive than common coat colors.

There are plenty of designer breeders across the country, although not all of them are reputable. Since not all pet owners can deal with the amount of energy that a Golden Shepherd has, many of them end up going up for adoption.

Adoption is considerably cheaper than buying a puppy from a breeder. Consider adoption before you buy a new puppy.

How Long Do German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Live?

Golden Shepherds have a life expectancy of 10-13 years. One of the best aspects of the mix is that it’s a healthy breed. Neither parents suffer from extreme health problems that can be carried on in their pups.

Both parents also have longer life expectancies compared to other breeds of dogs.

You can expect a decent amount of time with your Golden Shepherd.

Are Golden Shepherds Easy to Train?

Golden Shepherds are one of the easiest dogs to train. They feature two main qualities from their parents that make them great listeners.

German Shepherds have a high intelligence rating. They were bred to follow instructions and perform difficult tasks. Their intelligence means that they can learn new commands and tricks quickly.

Golden Retrievers are also moderately intelligent, but they’re primarily people-pleasers. They love to make their owners happy. If they receive praise after doing a task, then they only want to do it more.

Put together, the Golden Shepherd will take to any task quickly and love being rewarded for doing a great job.

Are Golden Shepherds Aggressive?

Golden Shepherds can become aggressive under the right circumstances. All dogs can. A German Shepherd is extremely protective over those it considers to be its pack. Even a Golden Retriever will exhibit aggressive behavior if they believe that they, or someone they care about, is being threatened.

These qualities naturally exist in a Golden Shepherd, too.

The degree of aggression depends on each individual puppy. One may seem more aggressive than the other because it hasn’t been trained properly or had to fight to protect its food when it was a puppy.

Training can help decrease aggression towards other dogs and strangers.

What Is the Best Age to Train a Golden Shepherd Puppy?

The best age to train a Golden Shepherd puppy is as soon as you bring them home. Once they’re weaned off of their mother’s milk, the puppy is ready to learn about its new world.

That includes learning obedience commands, potty training, and even learning fun tricks.

Their young minds are eager to be shaped by your training.

How Do You Discipline a Golden Shepherd Puppy?

The best way to discipline a Golden Shepherd puppy is to ignore bad behavior and reward good behavior. A dog will always look to you for attention. Sometimes they’ll perform bad behavior in order to get it.

Bringing attention to that behavior tells them that they need to keep performing it to get your attention. When you ignore it, then it tells them that the behavior isn’t acceptable.

Compounding this with reward-based training tells Golden Shepherds what is good behavior. When they do something right and immediately receive a tasty reward, then they’re more eager to do it in the future.

What Is Bad About Golden Shepherds?

Shedding may be the worst aspect of Golden Shepherds. Both of its parents have a thick fur coat that needs brushing. They’re not made for those with pet allergies.

Another bad thing about Golden Shepherds for some households is their energy level. They require physical and mental stimulation to keep from adopting destructive behavior. Not all households are prepared for that energy.

Can Golden Shepherds Protect You?

Yes, Golden Shepherds can protect you. They have innate protective instincts from their German Shepherd background. You can also teach them commands that can keep you safe.

How Do You Bond With a Golden Shepherd?

There are a few main methods you can use to bond with a Golden Shepherd.

1. Play

One of the best ways to bond with your Golden Shepherd is to play with them. They have a lot of energy and playing fetch or going on walks with them is a great way to make them feel excited, loved, and enjoy spending time with you.

You’ll be the first person they want to play with.

2. Train

To bond with your Golden Shepherd, you should be the one to train them. They’ll see you as the pack leader and will tend to listen to you first before the others. Some Golden Shepherds consider training to be fun, so you can share that experience with them.

3. Understand Dog Language

You can respond and react to your dog more accurately if you can learn what their behavior means. By learning about when they’re scared, anxious, or happy, you can react accordingly. When you give the proper response to them, then they feel safer with you.

Can Golden Shepherds Be Left Alone?

Golden Shepherds can be left alone. They have a degree of independence and don’t mind being on their own from time to time. However, you can make being alone easier for them by releasing their energy beforehand.

When they’re tired, they can relax.

Do Golden Shepherds Like to Cuddle?

Thanks to the friendliness of the Golden Retriever’s side, you can definitely expect your Golden Shepherd to cuddle. They may not even realize that they’re a bit too big to cuddle. They can act like lap dogs or snuggle up against your side.

These guys will definitely take up the entire bed.

Are Golden Shepherds Lazy?

Golden Shepherds tend to be more energetic than lazy. However, every dog has its day where it just wants to relax. More often than not, your Golden Shepherd will want to play.