German Shepherd Doberman Mix (13 Important Facts)

A mix-breed dog consisting of a German Shepherd and a Doberman is called a Doberman Shepherd. The breed is a great choice of dog for those looking for a guard dog.

Not only will they bravely defend you and your property, but they also make a fun, active, and loving addition to a family home.

In this article, we will cover the most commonly asked questions about German Shepherd Doberman mixes so you can decide if this mixed breed is the right choice for your home!

Is a German Shepherd Doberman Mix a Good Mix?

This lovely mixed breed inherits excellent qualities from both breeds. They will be loyal, intelligent, and observant – making a great guard dog! This dog will be a large breed that can be powerful and dominant, so while they make a good mix they should only be in homes that have enough space and experience to train them well.

How Much Does a German Shepherd Doberman Mix Cost?

A Doberman Shepherd is not an expensive breed and usually goes in the range of $200 – $500, which females usually going for more as they are more sought after.

There are a lot of initial costs involved in a new dog so account for another $500 or so in your budget. Not to mention annual health costs and ongoing food costs. This breed is large so will eat a lot!

How Long Do German Shepherd Doberman Mixes Live?

As a large breed dog, the Doberman Shepherd has a lifespan that sits around 10 – 12 years. Not as long as some smaller breeds, but these active dogs will live a full and exciting life. As they age they can be prone to getting health-related issues particularly with their joints.

Are German Shepherd Doberman Mixes Easy to Train?

This mix breed is generally easy to train due to its intelligence and willingness to learn. They do tend towards stubbornness but if you remain patient and very firm you can assert yourself as “the boss” and maintain control over your Doberman Shepherd’s powerful nature.

The key is maintaining control and reducing aggression, while not stifling any of their great guard dog abilities. This mix may require either an experienced and confident owner or investment in professional dog training as they can tend to be uncontrollable or aggressive if trained poorly.

Are German Shepherd Doberman Mixes Aggressive?

These large and territorial breeds make great guard dogs. They can tend to be aggressive, but the key is using training to channel this aggression into a helpful guard dog and not an anti-social dog.

Their natural aggression is useful for managed and trained correctly. They can easily integrate into a family home and be a loving pet and safe around children.

What Is the Best Age to Train A German Shepherd Doberman Mix Puppy?

This large breed will grow fast so you want to start training as soon as possible. If left too late they will become too large and powerful and uncontrollable. Start basic obedience at 8 weeks of age and continue to be consistent with training, particularly as they reach around 6 months and start to becoming boisterous and push boundaries.

How Do You Discipline a German Shepherd Doberman Mix Puppy?

Puppies should never be a physical discipline for a Doberman Shepherd mix as you can incite fear. Puppies are still learning and should be treated be patience. Consistency is the key to good discipline, reinforce good behaviours, and redirect negative behaviours.

What Is Bad About a German Shepherd Doberman Mix?

Doberman Shepherds are large breeds and require a lot of food to fuel them, your food costs will be more than that of a medium family breed!

There is not much intricately bad about this mix, but with poor training and care and they are boisterous, aggressive, and disobedient. They are highly intelligent and headstrong so can become badly behaved without proper care.

Can a German Shepherd Doberman Mix Protect You?

Absolutely! Both the German Shepherd and the Doberman were bred for protection and were used in the war. These dogs were bred to work and protect. The Doberman Shepherd takes on the same traits – brave, loyal and protective they can make great guard dogs.

How Do You Bond With a German Shepherd Doberman Mix? [numbered List]

  1. Exercise – this breed is high energy and values exercise and adventure. Taking your Doberman Shepard out often will help you bond.
  2. Boundaries – as the dominant breed, the Doberman Shepherd values the hierarchy of a pack. To bond with this breed and have the control you should set and maintain firm boundaries. Your dog will respect you and look to you as its leader.
  3. Challenges – this breed is extremely intelligent and needs to be mentally stimulated. Take your training past basic obedience to stimulate your dog. This is a great way to bond.
  4. Affection – just like any dog a Doberman Shepherd loves a good pat! 

Can German Shepherd Doberman Mixes Be Left Alone?

A Doberman Shepherd is a true companion dog and loves to be with its people and its pack. They can be left alone if they have a secure and stimulating environment, but do not like to be left alone for long periods of time.

Provided with a friend or lots of toys, this breed will be okay in the day while you are working but if you go away for long periods of time it will likely suffer separation anxiety.

Do German Shepherd Doberman Mixes Like to Cuddle?

While tough and brave on the outside, a Doberman Shepherd is a secret cuddle-bug when home with its family. When it feels safe and secure at home this mix will prove to be affectionate and loving.

Are German Shepherd Doberman Mixes Lazy?

No! Doberman Shepherds are highly active! Both breeds in this mix were bred for active, working purposes so this mix breed carries those traits. Regular exercise is vital as well as a large home and backyard.