German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix (13 Important Facts)

Pure Breed German Shepherd and Chihuahua is an interesting mix because one is a large breed and the other a small breed dog. 

The combination of these two different species results in a very fun-loving dog that is cute and loyal to its owner.

Let’s get to know the German Shepherd and Chihuahua mix breed a little bit better…

Is a German Shepherd/Chihuahua a Good Mix?

Although they are different-sized breeds, a chihuahua male can impregnate a German Shepherd female, or this can also be done by artificial insemination.

This mix exceeds expectations. Loyal, curious, compatible with family life, and at the same time protective, this hybrid is recommended for those who want to own a dog that is full of life, loves to cuddle, and will stand by its owner through thick and thin.

What is the Cost of a German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix?

The sales prices of the puppies that come out of the crossing of these two breeds are between $1000- 1500 on average.

The price depends on where you live, and the age of the dog upon adoption.

How Long Do German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix Breeds Live?

This varies depending on how much of each of the parents’ genes your German-Chi has inherited, and the characteristics.

Although a pure-breed German Shepherd is a large breed of dog, it is very agile and athletic. If regular exercises are met, their life span varies between 10 and 13 years.

Chihuahuas, on the other hand, are in constant motion with their endless energy. Even regular exercise sometimes cannot tire them out. With a healthy diet and nutrition, this breed can live between 12 and 20 years!

Therefore a German Shepherd and Chihuahua mix can live anywhere between 12 to 18 years.

Are German Shepherd Chihuahua Mixes Easily Trained?

The German Shepherd is much more intelligent and easily trained than other dog breeds. The Chihuahua is a little harder to train, but both dogs can be well trained with devoted work

Therefore mixed German Shepherd and Chihuahuas adapt easily to repetitive train techniques if done regularly, just like most other breeds.

Are German Shepherd Chihuahua Mixes Aggressive?

The most distinctive feature of the German Shepherd Chihuahua breed is its loyalty to its owner. This loyalty sometimes reaches such dimensions that it can turn into an overprotective instinct. This instinct can make them aggressive dogs when they feel threatened or jealous.

If your German Shepherd Chihuahua mix is socialized early and well and is trained to respond to your commands, you shouldn’t have any aggression issues.

What Is the Best Age to Train a German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix Puppy?

As in most dog breeds, training should start when the dog is still a puppy, the same goes for German Shepherd and Chihuahua crossbreed. 

Puppies that get started with basic obedience training early, will continue with advanced obedience training quite quickly and will learn better.

How Do You Discipline a German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix Puppy?

German Shepherd and Chihuahua cross puppies are ready for training but can be stubborn in some cases. The most important thing you should pay attention to during the training is consistency.

You should not reaffirm something that has been forbidden. Puppies can become easily confused if you do. Puppies are smarter than you think, and if you or other members of your household contradict the rules, they’ll look for an opportunity to break them.

Another way is to reward positive behaviors with various treats. In this way, the pup can easily distinguish what is right and what is wrong.

If your pup is doing something you don’t want him to do, you should warn them with clear and short words. This is usually enough. There is no need to yell or hit. Make use of ‘time out’ and keep the boundaries clear.

What Is Bad About a German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix?

Unfortunately, hybrids of German Shepherd and Chihuahua mixes are prone to some diseases like their ancestors. Hip and joint problems, luxating patella, and hydrocephalus are the main diseases that can plague them in later years.

Can a German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix Protect You?

German Shepherds are notoriously good guard dogs. In many countries, they are assigned to every department from narcotics to public order. 

Not to mention that Chihuahuas have courage unexpected for their size. Because of their absolute devotion to their owners, despite their small stature, they wouldn’t hesitate to put themselves in danger to protect you.

So, with good training and hard work, your German Shepherd Chihuahua mix can become just as good a guard dog as their pure-bred parents.

How Do You Bond With a German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix

  • The first rule of bonding with a German Shepherd, Chihuahua cross is to remember that they are also individuals.
  • Your dog feels your emotions. Be clear with him and let him know that you love him.
  • Never be overly harsh when they do things you don’t want them to do.
  • Meet their needs regularly and make them feel valued.
  • Make sure to make eye contact with your dog, this is an indication that you are trying to understand them.
  • Finally, show that you love them daily and allow them to be affectionate in return.

Can German Shepherd Chihuahua Mixes Be Left Alone?

The German shepherd and chihuahua hybrid also do not like long periods of solitude. 

Of course, there will be times when they want to be on their own, but long-term loneliness can cause them to deteriorate psychologically.

Do German Shepherd Chihuahua Mixes Like to Cuddle?

German Shepherd Chihuahua mixes are highly affectionate towards their owners. They love to cuddle and will often try to climb onto the sofa or bed with you.

They enjoy the company of their owners and always like to be close to you.

Are German Shepherd Chihuahua Mixes Lazy?

Both races seem quite reluctant to engage when they are bored. But boredom is rare in this breed.

Other than this they are an active breed that likes to run, jump and play. They enjoy educational games and toys too.