German Shepherd Boxer Mixes (13 Important Facts)

Should you get a German Shepherd Boxer mix? These dogs make excellent family pets and are very loyal and loving to their owners. However, they take some time to train correctly, so f you can’t commit to teaching them early on, perhaps they are not the breed for you. 

Is a German Shepherd Boxer Mix a Good Mix?

German Shepherd Boxers make for excellent family dogs as they are very loving towards their owners and will obey them to please them. They are also outstanding as guard dogs and will be protective of both their territory and their family. 

How Much Does a German Shepherd Boxer Mix Cost?

The cost of a German Shepherd Boxer depends on whether you are paying one or adopting one. When buying a puppy, the price will range around $750. When adopting an adult, the price will be closer to $200.

How Long Do German Shepherd Boxer Mixes Live?

German Shepherd Boxers can live anywhere from ten to fifteen years old with the proper diet and exercise. Mixed breeds, in general, tend to live longer as they have an increase in genetic heterozygosity or variation in genetics. 

Are German Shepherd Boxer Mixes Easy to Train?

German Shepherd Boxer mixes tend to be stubborn and need a lot of time to train. This training includes hours of physical training such as walks and play and the use of mental stimulation with tricks and discipline. 

If you don’t have the time or space to commit to training your German Sheperd Boxer mix, then training will be difficult and may not end with good results. 

Are German Shepherd Boxer Mixes Aggressive?

German Shepherd Boxers are not aggressive by nature and have a very playful temperament. However, they are protective and loyal, so they will bite if provoked. Mostly though they are goofballs, you will prefer to play and love whoever they interact with. 

What Is the Best Age to Train a German Shepherd Boxer Mix Puppy?

The best time to start training is between three to nine months old. German Shepherd Boxers are working dogs by nature which means that they excel in obedience. Teaching your puppy some basic commands early in their life will create a solid foundation for them to learn more advanced tricks and commands as they age. 

How Do You Discipline a German Shepherd Boxer Mix Puppy?

The best way to discipline a German Shepherd Boxer puppy is to redirect unwanted behaviour. If they are chewing on something you don’t want them to, such as furniture, then redirect them to chewing on one of their toys. 

Do not yell, encourage bad behaviour, or use physical punishment. The best way to train your puppy is to reward good behaviour with treats and praise and redirect their attention from bad behaviour. 

What Is Bad About a German Shepherd Boxer Mix?

German Shepherd Boxer mixes take on some of the health issues of both of their parent breeds. These health problems include obesity, poor nutrition, and lack of exercise. 

These dogs need a lot of space to be healthy and happy, so if this is not an option for you and your household, then these are not the dogs for you. 

Can a German Shepherd Boxer Mix Protect You?

German Sheperd Boxers will protect their families as they mix two breeds that are highly loyal to their owners. These dogs will protect their owners with their lives if it comes down to that. 

How Do You Bond With a German Shepherd Boxer Mix?

How well you can bond with your German Sheperd Boxer will depend on their age and what training they’ve had already. Here are some general steps you can take to strengthen the bond between you and your dog:

Step 1 – Make Time for Play

German Shepherd Boxers are very loving dogs, and they’re going to want to be the centre of attention. Plan time in your day to play with them and include them in family activities. Otherwise, you might risk offending them and making them feel left out. 

Step 2 – Excercise ; Cuddles

The best part about a German Shepherd Boxer mix is that they aren’t as likely to bounce off the walls as their parent breeds. Some exercise outside is a good bonding opportunity. Best of all, when they switch off in the evenings, you can cuddle up with them on the sofa to bring you even closer together.

Step 3 – Be Present

You might find it tempting while walking and patting your dog to be looking at your phone or watching television, but it’s essential to make time for your dog where you give them all of your attention. If you want to bond with your dog, you need to let if know that you are there for them. 

Step 4 – Training

Using positive reinforcement to train good behaviours and redirection from bad ones, you will learn how to best communicate with your dog and deepen the bond between the two of you.;ab_channel=LisaGallegos-DogTraining

Can German Shepherd Boxer Mixes Be Left Alone?

Both Boxers and German Shepherds don’t do well when left alone for longer than four hours. A German Shepherd Boxer mix will not do better, so if you’re going to be gone from the house for longer, it’s best to have a dog sitter. 

Do German Shepherd Boxer Mixes Like to Cuddle?

German Shepherd Boxers are very loving dogs and will want to cuddle up with their owners after a day of playing. Being physically close is a sign that your dog truly cares for you as it is their way of treating you like a member of their pack.

Are German Shepherd Boxer Mixes Lazy?

German Shepherd Boxers are not lazy and need regular exercise. They are working dogs, so they will want to go out for walks, play with their owners and have an open outdoor space where they can burn off their energy before snuggling up at home for a rest.