Should I Free Feed My Yorkie? (Solved & Explained!)

Yorkies aged 3-6 months should be fed freely. This is very important for the development of puppies. After they reach 6 months, you can switch to feeding your Yorkie around 4- 5 small meals a day. When they reach the age of 1, they can be fed 2 or 3 times a day.

The reason for this is that little pups cannot fully grasp strict feeding times, and will not meet their nutritional needs.

Older Yorkies can be trained to eat at specific times, and muscle development will be more regular and balanced. 

How Much Should I Feed a Yorkshire Terrier?

The amount of calories in the serving is more important than the portion sizes you give to your Yorkie.

Although some foods are served in large portions, they may not be very nutritious. It is very important to have adequate levels of protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins in the portion you give. 

It is also important whether the food given is dry or wet. The portion size required by Yorkies varies according to the dog’s energy level, age, and health status. 

High-energy dogs eat more, while calmer dogs have less of an appetite. In addition, the amount consumed by Yorkies can change seasonally. 

While dogs generally do not prefer to overheat in hot weather, it is the opposite is true during the winter months.

How Can I Tell How Much Food My Yorkie Needs?

Know your Yorkie’s weight

Instead of guessing your dog’s weight, put it on a scale and find out exactly how much it weighs. 

This will help you a lot in preparing the dietary amounts. If you do not have a scale in your home, you can ask your veterinarian to measure and weigh your Yorkie.

Read portion sizes on dog food

If you are feeding your dog dry or canned food instead of home-cooked food, be sure to read the recommended daily allowances of the food. Usually, the amount is determined by your Yorkie’s weight.

Calculate your dog’s weight according to the examples written and give your Yorkie the recommended amount.

All dog foods usually print the recommended allowances per portion. However, some display the information per day.

If this is the case with the food you have purchased, you should calculate the amount per day by dividing it by 3 or 2, depending on how often you decide to feed your Yorkie.

Monitor your dog’s health

There are many types of dry and wet food available depending on your dog’s needs For example, you can find many different types of special foods for those with liver disease, and separate foods for neutered dogs over 10 years old. 

Each food also has portion amounts that vary, and getting the portions right is beneficial for your Yorkies’ dietary requirements.

Use a measuring cup

Do not forget to use a measuring cup when portioning out your dogs’ food. Measuring cups are the most accurate way of feeding your dog and will help you to monitor their food intake and their health correctly.

Also, many dog ​​owners give their dogs treats and bones to chew on some hours of the day. When you take all these snacks into account, the portion amount you will give your Yorkie may vary. 

When preparing the portions, you must take into account all that you give your Yorkie during the day.

How Long Should Puppies Free Feed?

Puppies should be fed freely until they are 6 months old. This is because puppies are too young to begin food training and may not eat enough if feeding times are restricted.

Since the puppies can access their mother’s breast whenever they want after they are born, they will conditionally want to reach their food whenever they need it.

If you feed your puppy freely, its development will be faster and healthier. After 6 months, you can slowly switch to daily meal times.

In the beginning, it will be beneficial to keep the meal intervals small and frequent. In the future, you can gradually decrease the meal intervals.

Should Dogs Have Access to Food All Day?

It is entirely up to you whether your dog can access their food whenever they want during the day, but there are some advantages and disadvantages that you should be aware of. 

  • If your dog has a poor appetite, keeping the food in front of them all day may make the food lose its appeal. 
  • If food is given at certain time intervals, your dog will learn that this is their only chance to eat until the next meal and may eat more enthusiastically.
  • If you have a puppy, keeping the food bowl out and full all day will create positive results as puppies tend to graze rather than eat full meals.
  • Adult dogs can be fed a minimum of twice a day, in the morning and again in the evening. 

Considering the information above, you can give your dog treats several times a day, but stick to the food manufacturers’ daily allowances for your dog’s age and health status.

Should You Let Your Dog Graze?

Some dogs are grazers and keeping the food out all day to let them snack is sufficient, whereas the grazing method is not suitable for others.

If you are going to give food to your dog at frequent intervals, you should do this in accordance with a diet plan.  Grazing dogs often have appetite disturbances. Dogs that are not fully hungry may not eat enough to get the protein and calories they need. 

That’s why grazing is not always ideal. If your Yorkie is not touching the food you have out for them all day, it may be time to switch to set meal times.

Do Yorkies Stop Eating When They Are Full?

Yorkies naturally stop eating when they are full. Most dogs want to eat everything that you eat and act as if they have a never-ending appetite.

However Yorkies are not prone to overeating at mealtimes, but they are partial to treats.