How Do You Fit a Dog Collar? (Solved & Explained!)

You should always adjust your dog’s collar to fit them perfectly. You should be able to fit two fingers inside their collar comfortably and the width of the collar should be adjusted to their size.

In this article we will be covering the topic of how to correctly fit a dog’s collar. We will be answering questions about the correct tightness, the correct width as well as the different types of collars that are suitable for dogs.

How should I fit my dog’s collar?

When choosing a collar for your dog it is more important that it fits correctly than looks pretty. So, you should make sure to properly measure your dog to ensure that their collar fits perfectly.

To do this take a measuring tape and measure around your dog’s neck. You should then loosen the loop until you can comfortably fit two fingers between the measuring tape and your dog’s neck.

Take the reading on the measuring tape and this is the correct size for your dog’s collar.

What happens if my dog’s collar is too loose?

Unfortunately, if you do not correctly fit your dog’s collar then it can have very serious consequences. For example, if your dog’s collar is too loose then it can lead to serious injuries.

A loose collar can lead to broken limbs as your dog may pull sharply on the lead and cause injuries in the process.

In addition it can also lead to injuries with their teeth and tongue as they can get themselves stuck in the collar when cleaning themselves.

What happens if my dog’s collar is too tight?

On the other hand, if your dog’s collar is too tight then it can also lead to injuries. For example, it may rub against their skin eventually leaving them with wounds and rashes. These areas of irritation can be prone to infections.

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If you are walking your dog and their collar is too tight then if move sharply they may end up severely hurting their neck, throat or strangle themselves.

So, you should always leave enough room between their neck and the collar to make sure that they do not pose a risk to themselves.

How wide should my dog’s collar be?

You should always adjust the width of your dog’s collar to them. For example, you may notice that some collar brands actually offer collars for certain breeds. In general, a larger dog will need a thicker collar.

Additionally, if your dog is particularly strong then you will want to provide them with a thicker collar as this will give them more support and be more comfortable around their neck.

You should keep in mind that the thicker the collar the more it will weigh and so you should take this into account if you have a smaller dog.

Where should the collar sit on my dog’s neck?

Once you have chosen the correct collar for your dog you will also need to make sure that it is sitting correctly on them. If their collar is not the right size then it will not sit in the proper place.

Their collar should be tight but not too tight, i.e. it should sag a very small amount due to the two-finger space. Their collar should sit flat against their fur and should not move around too much when they walk or run.

How can you fix a collar that is too big?

Exactly how to fix a dog collar that is too big will depend on the collar itself. Some are pull-through collars and some are buckle versions.

If you have a pull-through collar then you will simply need to tighten it by pulling more of the collar band through the loop and securing it in place. Remember to leave a two-finger gap to keep your dog safe and comfortable.

If your dog has a buckle collar then you simply make another hole in the collar. You can use a variety of tools to do this such as scissors, a knife, or take it to a cobbler. Make sure to measure the hole correctly so that it fits well.

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Should my dog wear their collar all day long?

Yes, your dog should always wear their collar all of the time. One of the main reasons for this is their safety. Not only are collars used for walking your dog but they also have a tag to identify you and your dog.

Accidents can unfortunately happen and if your dog somehow gets lost then whoever finds them will be able to identify them thanks to the tag on their collar.

So, even if you are relaxing at home you should still leave your dog’s collar on.

Should I use a chain collar on my dog?

No, you should avoid using a chain collar with your dog and opt for a durable fabric one instead. A chain collar can dig into your dog’s skin and cause irritation and wounds.

If your dog pulls on the lead then this can even lead to strangulation.

Should I use a slip collar?

No, a slip collar is another dangerous type of collar that should be avoided. A slip collar will tighten if your dog pulls on it and can strangle them or cause serious damage to their throat and neck.

Would a harness be better for my dog rather than a collar?

If your dog is big, particularly strong or they tend to pull on the lead a lot when you are going for a walk then a harness may be a better option for your dog. Remember to attach a tag to keep them safe.

Just like with a collar you should make sure that their harness is correctly fitted.

How heavy should my dog’s collar be?

Your dog’s collar weight should be calculated according to their size. For small dogs the collar should weigh no more than 3 ounces, for medium-sized dogs, 5 ounces, and for larger dogs, 6 ounces.