How Can I Become a Faster Dog Groomer? (Solved & Explained!)

It’s mostly about practice, as you’re definitely going to be much more expert at what you do a year or so down the line, but aside from this there are some other tricks that you have up your sleeve to use. Scheduling problem dogs for the end of the day when you can, for instance, can make a difference.

Preparing your stations beforehand, however, can make an enormous difference. Cutting up grooming pads, readying shampoos and conditioners, and keeping necessary tools easily accessible at their appropriate stations can save you quite a lot of time.

So, practice, prepare, and stay organized – faster grooming is much easier by the simple practice of planning ahead.

In today’s article, we’ll talk about how long it takes to become an expert, what options you have to speed up a mobile or salon type grooming business, and more! We’ve collected questions trending highly this week on this popular subject, so read on for important information that can help your dog grooming business to really shine!

How long does it take to get good at dog grooming?

If you want to get very, very good at it, then apprenticeship with a business such as PetCo or PetSmart is really the best way to do. That said, on average it’s going to be about 12 to 18 months before your skills are running on automatic and you’re officially moving into pro territory.

Practice makes perfect, after all, so when you’ve trimmed different breeds with a number of different doggy hairstyles and clipped enough nails then you will definitely be much faster and more effective than when you started grooming.

How do I become a successful dog groomer?

It’s all about good customer service, happy dogs, and making sure that people can find your business. Get creative with the customer service and people will definitely remember.

Fresh baked dog treats, for instance, can get you a return customer, plus a good attitude with the customers and their dogs is always going to be remembered. Advertisement is also much easier in this day and age.

Registering your business on Google Business so that you can be found easily and receive feedback will drive up customer volume significantly. Take it further, by advertising on local Facebook dog groups that will allow it, and consider making videos to help get a following.

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You can simply show off your services, but it’s better if you show off new grooming styles for dogs and provide tips on grooming or even just making homemade dog treats. Make yourself known and as long as you are good at what you do, then you’ll slowly develop an excellent customer base.

How many dogs can you groom in a day?

On average, expect to groom up to 6 dogs a day, although later down the line you might be able to groom as many as 8. The biggest problem is that you will have different breeds, sizes, and temperaments to deal with so it’s very hard to estimate how much time each dog will take.

As your customer base grows, you can try to create days with more small dogs or move problem dogs to later in the day, but for now it’s best to estimate 6 per day  and to plan accordingly based on this.

How long does it take to master dog grooming?

While you’ll be improving your skills every year, it’s generally going to take about 12 to 18 months before you’ve really got some serious expertise behind you.

It’s all about experience, after all, though if you are just getting started than you might want to consider an apprenticeship at PetCo or PetSmart or an online course that offers hands-on experience such as Animal Behavior college. This takes longer, but you’ll get a very good grounding in your profession that lasts a lifetime!

How can I make more money as a dog groomer?

Diversify your offerings in order to maximize your grooming profits. You should be selling products, for instance, such as shampoos, conditioners, and you can even make your own line of treats or other products unique to your business.

Aside from this, be sure that you are advertising in dog groups on Facebook which allow it and that you are listed on Google business. The more people that can find you, the better you’ll do if you are doing a great job at grooming.

Are there online courses where I can get hands-on experience to improve my grooming?

Yes, there are many schools that will come up if you Google ‘online dog grooming training’. One of the best that you’ll find is ABC/Animal Behavior college. They offer training, but more importantly you also get hands-on experience through their network of businesses that will allow you to work there as part of your curriculum.

How many more dogs can a team groom?

If you are running a salon or a mobile grooming business, you don’t have to work on your own and there is a lot of profit to be had in building a team. In exchange for using your equipment and taking advantage of the brand recognition of your business, groomers can be hired and paid with 50% commission.

This can add up to a lot of extra income, just make sure that you give a few perks to your employees so that they don’t get tempted to solo on their own and check with a lawyer for an agreement that keeps them from taking clients with them!

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What takes the longest when grooming?

The occasional temperamental dog aside, the tasks that take the longest when you are grooming dogs are generally drying them and cleaning up the stations after grooming.

The drying can be improved by investing in high velocity dryers, which work much faster, and if your employees clean up after each other as stations are changed then this will greatly improve the amount of time available for actual grooming.

Can I sedate dogs to groom them faster?

No, only a vet can sedate a dog, and most professional groomers will not accept a sedated dog. There are simply too many things that can do wrong.

That said, you can help to create a more relaxing atmosphere by using essential oils, such as in lavender candles, and there are diffusers that can put calming hormones into the air of your workspace. Both of these methods can certainly help, without resorting to medication that only a vet should be providing.

Are there mobile grooming van upgrades for faster grooming?

Yes! Mobile grooming can upgrades such as high velocity dryers for faster drying, elevation platforms for baths, and grooming tables that move up and down at the touch of a button can really help to speed things along.

Even simple upgrades such as waste or linen disposal chutes can help you to get more organized, while other upgrades such as a drainage system can be real game changers when it comes to your time. As such, it’s definitely worth reviewing upgrades quarterly to see what you can do to speed up your service.