Electric Fence for Birds (Do They Work? Solved!)

The electric fence for birds is a great way to keep your backyard free of pesky bird droppings. These fences are easy to install and can be used in any type of yard, including those with trees and bushes. Keep your home clean by installing an electric fence today!

What Is Shock Track?

Shock track System is an electrified track that is placed in a strategic location to deter birds from landing on it. It is designed to repel birds of all types. At the moment that a bird perches on the track, the system goes into action. The bird will then receive a harmless but potent shock that lets them know they are not welcome.

Shock track is a very popular system because it is a humane way of keeping birds off of your property. The shock they get is a short but effective one that they will remember. At the same time, there are no spikes to injure them. The system is the best way to keep birds away without causing any lasting harm to the environment around you.

Do Electric Fences Work on Birds?

The principle behind an electric fence is a simple one. It gives the bird a small shock that causes them to avoid it in the future. The fence is set to only give the bird a tiny shock that will teach them a lesson. The system is grounded only to a very slight degree so that the shock the bird receives will not be one that can kill them.

It’s very important for you to monitor your electric fence system to make sure it stays in good shape. If you leave it too long without checking up on it, it can go dormant through not being recharged. Weeds can also grow in the area the fence is in, causing the system to be more grounded and more dangerous than originally intended.

How Does an Electric Fence Electrocute a Bird?

An electric fences can kill a bird if it happens to touch a conductive line from the system and a grounded object at the same time. In some cases, weeds and wet plant debris that springs up at the foot of a fence post can cause serious issues. This material can make the entire structure become grounded and thus far more powerful.

This is why you will need to monitor the bird electric fence system you are making use of. You don’t want the shock to become more powerful than it needs to be. The idea is to simply keep birds off your property. You don’t want to be responsible for wiping out whole colonies of birds. Monitoring the system prevents it from overreacting.

What Are the Top Electric Fence Bird Deterrents Out There?

Our list of the top electric fence bird deterrents can be broken down as follows:

  • Avishock
  • Bird Fence
  • Avian Averting System

What Are the Pros and Cons of Each?

The pros of Avishock can be quickly listed. The fence gives birds a safe electric jolt that causes them to avoid that location in the future. The system is easy to install and comes with a full warranty. The system is energized with a solar panel that makes it much friendly on the surrounding environment.

The major con associated with Avishock is its source of energy: Solar power. It may take a while for the system to fully energize itself. If you live in a location with frequently cloudy or rainy days, you may need to energize it more often. This system is obviously most useful in sunny climates.

The pros of the Avian Averting System include its stainless steel spring tension design. This is a feature that makes it all but invisible to human observers, much less birds. It also comes with a 4x reinforced insulator that has been guaranteed by the company to last for at least 30 years.

The major con associated with the Avian Averting System is that it needs to be monitored regularly. You will need to make sure that the spring tension system is not in contact with the ground or high growing weeds. These will cause the system to be overly grounded and thus deliver a more powerful shock than the one you intend.

The pros of the Bird Fence system include the fact that it is specially targeted toward specific types of bird pests. These include pigeons, crows, gulls, blackbirds, and starlings. It’s geared to be especially useful on highly visible areas such as government buildings and historical monuments.

The cons of the Bird Fence system are the fact that it works best on small to medium species of birds. It isn’t designed to be as effective on larger species, such as condors or hawks. It’s also designed primarily for large public and commercial edifices rather than private homes or outbuildings.

Which One Is Cheapest?

One of the biggest mysteries for outsiders concerning electric fence systems is the lack of transparency. The manufacturers advertise their wares on the web and include every detail but the price. This is a ploy to make you contact them directly. It can be said that Bird Fence does advertise themselves as “the most cost effective system.”

Which One Is Easiest to Install?

The Avian Averting System is probably the easiest to install because of its simple organizing principle. The system incorporates a spring tension stainless steel design. You can use steel screws to fasten it down or employ a super industrial glue adhesive system to hold it in place. The installation is thus very quick and cost effective.

Which Electric Fence for Birds Is Best Overall?

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All of the bird electric fence systems on this list are well worth looking into. Each has a slightly different set of features that may make it the ideal choice for your particular situation.

That being said, we feel that the Avian Averting System is probably the best choice to make if you are serious about repelling bird pests. It packs the most punch and is the easiest to install. It comes with a 30 year guarantee that none of the others on this list can match.

The Avian Averting System can be bought here.