How Many Dogs Does a Mobile Groomer Do a Day? (Solved!)

Mobile groomers with over a year of experience can do 6 to 8 dogs per day. Novice groomers may only be able to do 4 or 5, but a little preparation in advance can still help to ensure that you’ve got a little extra time to groom more of your furry clients.

Trimming pads can be cut in advance and a team of two can work quite efficiently with one cleaning up after the other to help maximize the time that a dog can be groomed and the stations fully cleaned in preparation for the next.

Route planning the night before can also help and once you have a roster of regular clients, you can try to nudge them to work with a schedule that ensures all of your locations for a day are fairly close to each other!

In today’s article, we’re going to answer some of the most popular questions this week about mobile grooming. If you are wondering what van upgrades can really boost your efficiency or how to calm a frightened dog then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Find out the answers to these questions and more in the sections below!

How long do mobile groomers take to groom a single dog?

It really depends on things such as the size of the dog, the temperament, the breed, and how long it has been since their last grooming appointment. That said, on average a mobile groomer will spend 1 to 2 hours grooming each dog.

This can be streamlined a bit as they become familiar with their ‘regulars’, as routes may be planned accordingly and ‘problem dogs’ can sometimes be the first or last appointment of the day, or even have a day of their own if there are few enough of them.

How can a mobile groomer work faster?

Th best way to work fast as a mobile groomer is to have at least one other employee to follow up with cleaning and to help with preparation.

Having shampoos, conditioners, and tools at ready in the appropriate stations helps immensely and things like trimming/cutting pads may be cut in advance so that they are ready for use. Essential oils such as bergamot, cedarwood, and lavender can also help to calm ‘problem dogs’ so that sessions go a little more quickly.

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A little organization and preparation can really go a long way, so prep your gear in advance and have a coworker clean each station as the next one is moved on to and you should be able to fill your schedule to capacity.

What van upgrades can speed up mobile grooming?

There are a number of upgrades that you can give your van as your business becomes more and more successful. Examples of useful upgrades include a bath-platform that can raise a dog up without you having to bend over and there are tubs that use jacuzzi-like nozzles to help suds up a dog in record time.

Grooming tables that raise and lower are also good and you can get high-velocity dryers that can improve your drying time considerably. Beyond these basics, disposal chutes and bathing stations that always produce warm water can also shave extra seconds and minutes that will add up throughout the day.

So, consider upgrading your van as you go – the examples here are just a sampling of the excellent efficiency and time-saving upgrades that are available and they can really make a huge difference.

Do mobile groomers make more than salons?

Potentially, they can, as people highly value convenience and also the personal touch of a groomer that they know who comes to them. Mobile grooming is in high demand, to the point that mobile groomers can charge anywhere from 20% up to 50% more than a ‘static location’ groomer.

That said, some high-end salons are making close to 100k yearly, so a lot will depend on your expertise, your brand recognition, and your personal business plan. Done right, there is indeed a possibility that you won’t have to pay rent and that your mobile business will be as good as or even better than a ‘fancy’ salon.

How do mobile groomers calm aggressive dogs to work faster?

You may have heard rumors that mobile groomers give dogs medication to calm them down when there is a storm out or when a dog is particularly averse to baths and brushes. This is definitely not the case – in fact, a professional groomer will probably turn you away if you sedate your dog before a session.

Professional groomers will attempt to calm your dog with their friendly demeanor and sometimes with essential oils, such as cedarwood, lavender, or bergamot. This is a natural way to calm your dog and doesn’t risk medications that could (and often do) come with unwanted or dangerous side-effects.

Remember – only a vet can decide when your dog needs to be medicated, as that’s part of their job. The groomer is only there to groom!

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How much commission should I give groomers if I want a fast team?

On average, expect to give about a 50% commission to your employees who are assisting you in your mobile grooming van. This is a fair amount, as they are doing the work, but you are providing the brand recognition and all of their gear.

If certain employees become high-demand with your customers, then you might consider up to a 60/40 split.

Better yet, consider expanding business so that they have a van of their own and a nice, long contract with you so that you can retain their services and still get a piece of each grooming session as part of your regular business income!

How can I get to locations faster as a mobile groomer?

Investing in a good GPS system is a great start, but you also need to plan your service areas carefully. You want to limit your travel range, while still covering as much area as possible, so that you can get to clients quickly and won’t lose any business for taking too long.

Ideally, once you have some regular clients, you can plan your route the night before. This takes a little extra time, but you’ll be surprised how much work time it will save and your clients will definitely appreciate your clockwork efficiency.

If your business is registered on Google, like it should be, then your precision schedule will likely be mentioned in your reviews and this can really build a business in record time.

Can I groom more dogs as a mobile groomer?

Yes, in most cases, mobile groomers can get a lot more work done than a groomer at a salon. Expect to groom up to 8 dogs a day but try not to target more than this.

You want to make sure that you are efficient but being too fast might make your clients feel that you are rushing the job and you definitely don’t want that!

What takes the longest for mobile groomers?

More than temperamental dogs, the actual longest part of mobile grooming is simply keeping your stations nice and clean. This is very important, as your client needs to know that their dog is being professionally groomed and a dirty station is definitely not professional.

You’ll save a lot of time if you have a coworker so that you can clean up after each other, as you go, whenever one of you is free!

Is it better to be a mobile groomer?

That is really an individual choice. Some people prefer being a mobile groomer, as they can earn 20% up to 50% more on each grooming session, while others like the atmosphere of a fine professional salon.

Starting off as a mobile groomer is a good way to eventually have both – as you can quickly save the extra that you make as a mobile groomer to funnel into your eventual salon. It’s all up to you to plan your business model and your eventual success!