How Many Dogs Can Be Groomed in a Day? (Solved & Explained!)

While this will vary a lot based on expertise, setting up in advance, and other factors, realistically you can expect to groom around 5 – 6 dogs a day on average, up to as many as 8. Don’t try to go beyond 8 as this is an impressive amount and you’ll likely be rushing things to try to do this.

Proper grooming takes time, and if you were visiting a stylist for your own hair, you wouldn’t want them to rush it just to earn an extra buck – your furry clients are going to be the same way. What you can do to improve your efficiency, however, is to make sure that your stations are prepared in advance.

Cut out some clipping pads to have ready and if working with a team, have someone ready to clean a station immediately while you move a dog to the next one. Finally, once you have an established clientele, you can schedule appointments strategically to make the most of your time if your client allows.

For the remainder of this article, we’re going to address questions that are trending on the web this week about the actual work involved in dog grooming. How long does grooming take at PetSmart? Do groomers ever sedate dogs to get the work done faster?

Find out these answers to these and other important questions in the sections below!

How many dogs can a team groom in a day?

It really depends on your team, but at a minimum a team of 6 could likely groom 20 dogs in one day, with a more seasoned group likely being able to do quite a bit more. The problem is that not all dogs are the same. Smaller breeds take less time in actual grooming, but sometimes longer if they are frightened or get aggressive.

Bigger dogs are sometimes more docile, sometimes not, and you have short and long-haired breeds which you might brush quickly or which could take considerably more time.

As such, aim towards the low end on your estimations so that you already reach a predictable baseline and consider the rest a bonus – until it becomes the new standard!

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How do you become a faster groomer?

You need to prepare your stations in advance if you want to be a faster groomer, plus you need to set up a routine and stick with it. Repetition makes you faster and your organization ensures that you already have items that you need, because you prepared them in the morning.

Having those clip pads, clippers, shampoos, and conditions ready for you in advance will go a long way and avoid shortcuts, like trying to brush before a dog is fully dry – do it right the first time and it will go much faster.

If you are working with a team, find out who is fastest and at what tasks, and organize to your team’s strengths.

How long does an average grooming take at PetSmart?

PetSmart grooming is actually not much different from what you will do on your own. Dog grooming sessions can take anywhere from 2 up to 4 hours per dog, depending on what package and extras that the client requires.

This makes them an excellent option for apprenticeship, as you’ll be able to practice proper technique – no rushing, just standard grooming the way it’s supposed to be done.

How many dogs can mobile groomer groom in a day?

It depends, but the most would likely be 8 dogs a day, with 6 probably being the average. With mobile grooming, time scheduling is a bit different.

You need to take in factors like morning preparation (filling the water tanks, cleaning stations, and the like), as well as a thorough cleaning after each grooming, and transportation time from one customer to the next.

A good GPS for your van will be a must, as well, to help minimize travel time to maximize your profits.

What takes the longest when grooming a dog?

It’s kind of a tie between drying and dogs with very matted fur. Detangling clumps of fur requires a lot of brushing and sometimes even clipping sections if brushing them out will be too painful or impractical in other ways.

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The actual drying can be a bit trying with long haired breeds,  but don’t make the mistake of trying to brush before it’s fully completed – the dog must be fully dried before brushing or you’ll make the job take longer trying to use that ‘shortcut’.

Do dog groomers sedate dogs to work faster?

No. Vets might do this, and that’s probably where the rumor comes from, but groomers should not be administering medication, even of the over-the-counter variety. That’s something that the owner might opt to do, but even then it’s a risky business and only a vet should give sedation to a dog for grooming purposes.

Do dog owners sometimes sedate their dogs before grooming?

Some owners who have dogs with strong opinions against the virtues of grooming do sedate their dogs beforehand, though this is something that you shouldn’t do without first consulting your vet. Most groomers aren’t to accept a dog that has been sedated, as these drugs are sometimes overused.

Ask your groomer if they have some natural calming options, as this is the better way to go. Some has essential oils or pheromone sprays that they can use to help to calm a dog naturally before potentially difficult grooming session.

How long does it take to get good at dog grooming?

It takes a little while, but hang in there. On average, most groomers take anywhere from 12 up to 18 months to really ‘get their groove’ with the work. By this time, they’ve turned their formal education into a practical one by means of hands-on experience and have a fairly rehearsed way of doing things.

Once experience and organization are aligned, that’s when you’ll be at your best when it comes to dog grooming.

How long does an average groom take?

It really depends, but on average a small dog that is a long-haired breed might take around 2 hours to fully wash, dry, and groom. With a larger dog, a bath, brush, and a thorough drying might take around 60 minutes to do.

As there are so many sizes, hair-lengths, temperaments, and special requirements such as curly-haired breeds, it’s hard to make a proper estimate. Once you have an established clientele, however, you can make a pretty accurate assessment by scheduling repeat customers as you already know their dogs and the time involved.

What does the dog groomer do on the job?

The basic grooming package usually involved a bath, a full frying, followed by brushing out and then trimming the hair and the nails. Some sessions also include teeth-cleaning, with a new, disposable toothbrush and doggie-specific toothpaste.

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It sounds pretty basic, but all of this can take 1.5 to 2 hours, sometimes more – depending on the dog and their opinions about the necessity of grooming.