Why Doggy Daycare is Bad (Solved & Explained!)

Doggy daycares are not the best fit for every dog. If your dog has the right temperament for doggy daycare, it can be a wonderful way to keep your dog occupied while you work or go about your life. However, if your dog is anxious, stressed, or dog-reactive, doggy daycare may be more harmful than helpful.

The rest of the article will detail how to know if your dog is a good candidate for doggy daycare, why doggy daycare may be harmful to your dog, how to find a reputable daycare if you choose to send your dog to one, and some alternatives to doggy daycare if you do not feel comfortable sending your dog there.

Is my dog a good candidate for daycare?

If your dog is relaxed, care-free, and enjoys playing with other dogs and people, doggy daycare may be an option for you. However, if your dog becomes stressed or anxious when separated from you, or if it does not get along well with others, then doggy daycare can make these issues worse.

Why is daycare bad for my anxious dog?

Doggy daycare can be an overwhelming environment for an anxious dog. It is filled with new people, dogs, smells, sounds, and activities that can easily upset your dog. Many of the dogs at doggy daycare love to play with other dogs, which means that if your dog is a loner, it may get too much attention that it will not appreciate.

Is doggy daycare dangerous?

Most doggy daycare owners are animal lovers who want the best for your dog. However, daycare can still be dangerous for your dog. Your dog runs the risk of being attacked by other dogs who are not good daycare candidates, or even picking up illnesses or parasites from other dogs at the daycare.

What are the health risks of doggy daycare?

You never know what illnesses your dog may be exposed to at doggy daycare. Paws Pet Care references a client whose dog picked up a severe cough which turned into pneumonia from doggy daycare. When major outbreaks of parasites or illness happen, dogs in daycare environments are far more likely to pick them up. You are running the risk of this every time you send your dog into large group environments like daycare.

Will daycare make my dog behave badly?

If your dog spends all day at daycare surrounded by poorly behaved dogs, it can pick up bad habits and poor dog manners. This can undo any training you have put into your dog, even making your dog rude and aggressive. It can also be dangerous because daycare can make your dog think that every dog in the wild is able to be approached and played with, when this is not always the case.

Will daycare make my dog dislike me?

If your dog is a good candidate for daycare, it may enjoy playing all day with the other pooches. However, when your dog gets home, it will be exhausted and will not play or socialize with you, preferring to do so the next day with the dogs at daycare. Spirit Dog Training points out that too much doggy daycare from a young age can create a dog who does not care to spend time with its owner.

How can I socialize my dog outside of daycare?

To ensure that your dog maintains good manners and wants to spend time with you outside of daycare, make sure that daycare is not the only socialization they receive. Spend plenty of time playing with your dog and allowing your dog to interact with a wide variety of other dogs and people with different temperaments.

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How can I find a safe daycare?

If you decide to send your dog to daycare, make sure you do your research. A good daycare will have an appropriate play environment, fewer dogs, and more staff members. This ensures that your dog will be properly supervised to ensure that their time at daycare is as safe as possible.

What is an appropriate play environment?

According to Outward Hound, an appropriate play environment is spacious and includes flooring such as rubberized matting. This provides a safe space for the dogs to run and play, but also ensures that it is easy to keep clean and sanitized.

How can I interview a potential daycare?

A potential doggy daycare should ask to interview you and to meet your dog before accepting you into their daycare. If they do not do this, they are likely not a reputable daycare. However, keep in mind that you can also ask them questions. This is your opportunity to discover if the daycare has sufficient staff and a clean, safe play environment. You know your dog best, so consider these things carefully.

What is an alternative to doggy daycare?

If you do not want to send your dog to daycare but you still need care for your dog while you are busy, consider boarding at your vet’s office, crate training, or in-home doggy daycare. Many vets offer boarding, which may help assuage your fears about issues such as illness and proper supervision.

What is in-home doggy daycare?

If you do not want to send your dog to daycare or board at the vet’s office, you can hire services which will come feed, play with, and care for your dog right from your home. This way, you can avoid the unsafe aspects of regular doggy daycares while still receiving the care your dog needs.

Is in-home daycare safe?

Just like with regular doggy daycare, you should consider the needs of your dog when considering hiring in-home care. You can follow the same steps to ensure safety as when looking into regular doggy daycare. Be sure you interview the person who will be caring for your dog, and ask plenty of questions to ensure that they will be treating your dog with safety and respect. Once again, you know your dog best, so the safety of your pet is in your hands.