Dog Weight Pulling FAQ (13 Questions Answered)

Weight pulling for dogs can be a fun and engaging way for canines and owners to bond. When done right with the correct training, it can be a safe and healthy way for a dog to use up its excess energy. But, there are a few precautions to take into consideration before attempting to do it.

Is It Healthy for Dogs to Weight Pull?

Weight pulling for dogs is controversial. It’s difficult to say with certainty in a yes-or-no way. Some owners claim it absolutely is healthy and builds the bond they have with their dogs. This seems to be especially true when dogs have behavioral and aggression issues, according to the American Pulling Dogs Association. It gives them an outlet.

However, many vets and animal activists claim that the amount of weight they pull in these competitions can do severe damage. Such heavy loads can lead to a variety of serious injuries that include:

  • Muscle Strains ; Tears
  • Joint Damage
  • Faster Development of Hip Dysplasia

Therefore, whether weight pulling will be healthy for a dog or not will entirely depend on the dog. If it’s fit, strong and healthy but has excessive energy or behavioral problems, then it could be perfect.

How Much Weight Can a Dog Pull Safely?

The amount of weight a dog can safely pull will completely depend on the individual dog. Their physical health and general fitness will also be factors. In the most ideal situation, a dog can pull three or four times its body weight.

When Can Dogs Start Weight Pulling?

The best age range for when a dog can start weight pulling at the very least is between nine and 12 months old. However, it’s advisable to wait well after they’re a year old and they show signs they are healthy enough to do it.

What Is the Most Weight a Dog Has Pulled?

In March of 2017, a two-year-old 150-pound giant Alaskan Malamute, named Delbert, pulled 5,400 lbs. Apparently, within the three months prior to this, he was breaking records across the board.

How Do You Start a Dog Pulling Weight?

To start a dog pulling weight, it must have a well-fitted harness made specifically for weight pulling. Ones for walking  or sledding are not going to be good enough. But this can be trying at first because there are some dogs that don’t like wearing them.

So, handlers have to use classical conditioning to get the dog accustomed to wearing it. Only until they’re adjusted to the harness can you begin the weight pulling aspect of it.

Basic Pull Training

First, the dog must learn the best physical posture for pulling. This means the dog must walk in a straight line to its handler, pulling an empty, light cart as it walks. The head should stay low with its nose nearly touching the ground.

When posture is perfect, then you begin adding weights. Start with five to 10 pounds and increase in gradual increments once the dog masters the endurance. At this stage of training, the dog should learn to dig its nails into the ground for traction. Their paws act like cleats in this way.

What Is the Strongest Dog on Earth?

The strongest and biggest dog on earth is the Tibetan Mastiff. These massive dogs can be as tall as two feet and weight as much as 160 pounds. Some look like lions with full manes and others take on characteristics of tigers. They are famous for effective defense against wolves, bears, leopards and other formidable predators.

Can My Dog Pull Me on a Cart?

If your dog has adequate pulling weight training, and you’re the ideal weight for it, your dog can pull you on a cart.

How Do You Steer a Dog From Pulling the Cart?

If you want to be able to steer your dog while you are on the cart, you will have to employ patience and training. First, this is going to take a lot of treats and you’re going to have to develop a command language that indicates what you want from the dog.

For instance, use “pull” to get the dog started pulling the cart. Use positive reinforcement with treats and reassurance. Then, you’re going to want to develop a “stop” or “halt” command. When the dog masters these two, then you can begin directional commands.

How Much Force on a Leash Can a Dog Exert?

The amount of force a dog can exert on a leash will depend on how strong the dog is and the material that comprises the leash.

How Do I Teach My Dog to Pull?

To teach your dog to pull, you will have to use classic conditional training methods in combination with lots of treats, love, respect and patience.

How Much Weight Can A Husky Pull?

There are many different aspects in considering how much weight a husky can pull. In above average situations, they can pull the equivalent to half the weight of a human (or around 88 lbs). However, giant malamutes can pull as much as 5,400 lbs with excellent body mass and thorough training.

Which Dog Can Pull 3000 Pounds?

Almost all large dog breeds, when trained properly for pulling, can haul 3000 lbs. But the one most famous for being able to do it with ease is the Tosa Inu.

Can All Dogs Weight Pull?

No, not all dogs can weight pull. Small fragile breeds, dogs with health issues and mature canines should not weight pull. The risk for severe injury is high.

How Much Weight Can A Pitbull Pull?

An average, healthy pitbulls can pull two times their own weight. But, when prepped for weight pulling, pitbulls have been able to pull nearly 8,000 pounds.