Dog Treat Business Names

Want some help brainstorming the best dog treat business names? We’ll cover some top ideas as well as how to check if the website URL is free and if they have any trademarks. Plus we’ll show you how to see if the name is available to register formally as a business in your state.

A Mandatory List of Dog Business Names

Since you probably came to this article to see a list of names we’ll start with that.

We found these names using the Shopify Domain Name Generator. It checks for website URLs that you can purchase immediately.

We describe how to use the tool in the next section.

Dog Treat Business Names – A List for the New Business Builder

All these names are available to purchase the Web URLs through That’s true as of June 2020. Things change though with time.

  • (use foxes in your logo and branding)
  • (make recipes from rabbits)
  • (make recipes from pigs)
  • (Don’t use this! See our trademark section below. We included it just so you think about trademarks before you decide. Don’t get sued!)
  • (focus on muffin style treats)
  • (use squirrels in your logo and branding)
  • (use elk recipes)
  • (use cool bags instead of boxes for packaging)
  • (use pig recipes)

See how you can get theses names and use them for branding, packaging, or recipe ideas? That’ll help you stand apart from the competition.

That’s just a quick taste for now (pun intended). Follow the instructions below to build your own list of names. Then check it for existing trademarks and if it’s available in your state using the further instructions below.

Happy name hunting!

Dog Treat Business Name Generators

First let’s cover name generators. These are tools that various people and companies have built to help you brainstorm names.

Some just generate names. Others both generate names and check if the Website URL is available to purchase.

We’re fans of the second variety and our favorite tool for that is the Shopify Domain Name Generator. They also have a business name generator but don’t use that. That only checks if that name is available to use on Shopify.

Using the domain name generator tool is easy. Just type in some words (e.g. Dog Treats) and it will search the web for ideas. Plus it’ll show you if those ideas have URLs ready to purchase.

Be warned, we don’t recommend you buy the URL from Shopify. We did that not long ago then wanted to transfer to another host and they made us wait 60 days.

Instead we recommend you use the Shopify tool to help you generate names then purchase them through

Why Namecheap? They offer the lowest cost for the URL plus privacy protection. All of that is more thoroughly covered in another article on setting up your website.

For now let’s get back to names. Let’s continue to use the “Dog Treats” example.

We type it into Shopify’s Domain Name Generator and it gives you this:

As you can see, most of the domains based on just “dog treats” are taken or you need to use a different ending like “.bargains.” We recommend finding one that ends with the standard “.com.”

So we keep searching. Scroll to the bottom to find the “Alternative Domain Names.” That’s where the gold is:

Looks like and are both available. So is Interesting. You probably aren’t making treats for elk but what if a hallmark ingredient of your treats is that your main ones include elk?

Could be an interesting take on the business. Something to help make you different from everyone else.

See, this is why we love this tool. Not only does it help you quickly see what’s available. It also gives you new ideas for your business.

Now, elk recipes might not be popular. You also have to do market research on this. Ideally you’d make a recipe and test it locally to see how well it does. Always do that before basing a business around an idea like that.

We cover market research and how to do it in our Pet Bakery Business article.

Now back to names, I kept scrolling down. Looks like is open. I love foxes! Why not get this one and build your logo and branding around foxes. That could be tons of fun!

In any event you get the idea. Use this tool to come up with great names.

Don’t buy the URL yet! First you want to search if that business name is available to register in your state. Plus you want to double check that it’s not trademarked.

We’ll show you how to do both next…

Is Your Business Name Trademarked?

Before buying the Web URL or registering the name in your state, check the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) trademark database.

  1. Go to the USPTO database’
  2. Type in your name and press “submit query”
  3. For example, we’ll try Fox Treats
  4. Good news, no trademark! Nothing came up for that search

FYI – we aren’t patent attorneys. This is just a really simple search you can do before moving forward. You’ll need real advice from real attorneys if you want protection on trademarks.

Is Your Business Name Available In Your State?

Last stop before you start registering things is to check if the name is available in your state. Each state is different so you’ll need to find your state’s business registration office.

Let’s use my state of Colorado to show you an example. Again we’ll use Fox Treats, LLC.

  1. Go to the Colorado (or your state) Secretary of State website.
  2. Look for the business database search tool or similar.
  3. Type in your business name (e.g. Fox Treats)
  4. Press search

Good news, Fox Treats is available for registration in Colorado. Hmm, maybe I should start that here, ha!

And there you have it, a list of business names, a generator tool to help you find ideas, and how to check for trademarks and availability with your Secretary of State.

Good luck with your dog treat or pet bakery business!