25 Dog Facts & Statistics Everyone Should Know

How Many Dogs Exist In The World?

This is impossible to know for certain as there is no official census on dogs populations but the latest official estimate in 2018, was that there are approximately 900 million dogs in the whole world!

How Many Dogs Live Inside Vs Outside?

80% of pet dogs live indoors, while the other 20% are kept outside. This statistic has changed greatly in the last decade which estimated 20% of pet dogs lived indoors with 80% outside.

This reflects on how our perception of our pet canines has changed over time. Certainly, we love our pet dogs a lot more.

How Many Strays Are There?

Only 25% of dogs worldwide are kept as pets in developing countries. The other 75% are “free-ranging” dogs which include street dogs, village dogs and strays.

75% of 900 million is 675 million dogs that live as strays without homes with humans.

What Percentage Of Dogs Are Pets?

If 75% of the 900 million dogs are free-ranging, that means the other 25% are pets! 225 million dogs live with humans as pets.

What Percentage Of Dogs Die Of Accidents?

In the United States, 1.2 million dogs die from road accidents in one year. The USA accounts for 77 million of the total dog population. Meaning that only 1.2% of pet dogs in the US die of accidents.

What Percentage Of Dogs Die Of Old Age?

Only 8% of dogs live beyond the ripe old age of 15 then pass away due to old age! The other 92% die before old age takes them away but often the cause of death can arguably be considered related to age

Which Country Has The Most Dogs?

The United States has the highest amount of dogs out of all the countries, with a staggering 75.8 million dogs in the country!

Are Families With Dogs Happier?

A health science corporation, McConnells group undertook a range of studies to gauge the effect of dog ownership on health and well-being and ultimately concluded that those who own dogs are both healthier and happier.

What Is The Least Popular Dog Breed In The World?

According to the American Kennel Club Association, the English Foxhound is the lowest ranking dog breed in terms of popularity based on registration numbers.

What Is The Most Owned Dog Breed?

The Labrador Retriever has long been the most owned dog breed. It has kept the number 1 spot in the United States for 29 years running and this is also reflected across the globe with the humble labrador proving to be the most owned dog breed in the world.

What Is The Rarest Dog Breed?

The Norwegian Lundehund tops the list of a group of rare and strange dog breeds. This breed was domesticated in Norway to hunt puffins and has evolved for mountainous terrain. It almost went extinct in World War 2 but has been brought back from the brink.

What Is The Smartest Dog Breed?

Widely contested, everyone likes to think their pooch is top of the pack when it comes to intelligence. But the crown goes to the Border Collie for being the smartest dog breed.

What Is The Largest Breed Of Dog?

It depends on how you measure the dog! The largest breed of dog in terms of height is the Great Dane, while the largest breed in terms of mass is the Neopolitan Mastiff.

Do Dogs Live Longer If Loved?

Happy dogs tend to live longer lives as they suffer less from stress-related illnesses. Love, socialization and companionship are all key ingredients to a happy and healthy dog!

What Are 3 Interesting Facts About Dogs?

  • Dogs noses are wet to help them smell. The wet noise absorbs chemicals which the dog then licks to help accompany its sense of smell.
  • Dogs can smell some medical conditions. Some dogs are now even being trained to sniff out Covid-19!
  • Dogs have 3 eyelids. The 3rd eyelid is designed to keep the eyeball moist and lubricated.

What Percent Of People Are Happier With A Dog?

71% of dog owners say that their dog has made them happier. Owns also report that owning a dog also makes them more patient, responsible, affectionate and motivated.

Are Families With Dogs Healthier?

Families with dogs can have increased immunity to resist illness and allergens. If exposed to the bacteria that dogs carry early in life as an infant this can help increase immunity as an adult.

What Is The Ugliest Breed Of Dog?

Whether a dog is ugly or beautiful is really in the eye of the beholder! There a handful of dog breeds considered ugly and the Mexican Hairless breed often tops the “most ugly” list.

What Is The Most Annoying Dog?

What is considered annoying is different for each person! For a lazy person, an active dog may be annoying, when for an active person a lazy dog might be the most annoying. How annoying a dog is, is often based on how high pitched their barking is, often called “yappy”. The sassy Chihuahua often is considered the most annoying dog.

What Is The Most Beautiful Dog Breed?

Every owner (even those of Mexican Hairless dogs) will think their pup is the most beautiful in the world. The Siberian Husky tends to top the list of “most beautiful”. Must be their stunning blue eyes!

What’s The Most Expensive Breed Of Dog?

The Tibetan Mastiff is the most expensive dog breed, on average selling for $2000. With a prized show dog once selling for $2 million!

What Is The #1 Most Dangerous Dog?

The pitbull is notoriously known as the most dangerous dog and is responsible for the majority of dog attacks on humans.

Which Dog Has The Highest Iq?

Border Collie.

What Do Most Old Dogs Die Of?

Renal (kidney) failure is the most common cause of death for elderly dogs.

Has A Dog Ever Survived Euthanasia?

Some dogs have survived euthanasia, but this is due to a poorly done euthanasia job. Euthanasia should be quick, efficient and painless to provide good welfare in a dogs final minutes.