7 Creative Dog Kennel Ideas to DIY

Hi there! Want a new DIY project? Why not make a little doggy-haven for your furry buddy?

Nothing says “special” like handmade work, which is why we’re giving you dog kennel ideas to DIY. Contrary to what people say, a dog-house should be made with nothing but love, which is exactly what these furballs deserve.

There’s an assortment of designs to choose from, you’ll have to decide the one that works best for your dog.

DIY Dog Kennel Designs

Now, let’s hunt down your doggie’s future home.

Classic Dog Kennel

First off, we have the classic dog kennel design. Remember Spike’s dog house in Tom & Jerry? This is it. Its appeal is its simplicity.

This is a basic design that’s easy to build yourself. If you’re not the most dextrous person when it comes to building, this is your perfect fit. All you have to do is follow this step-by-step plan!

The beauty of this design is that it provides a safe haven for your dog. They’ll feel safer inside it, especially if the kennel is outdoors.

Not to mention, it provides them with shelter during ruff weather conditions.  Almost nothing terrifies dogs more than stormy weather. The kennel protects them and gives them a sense of security as well.

Deck Dog House

You can kick it up a little bit and add a deck to your dog’s house.

Since most dogs take it upon themselves to guard you even if they’re not guard-dogs, the deck will be their favorite guard spot. They can keep an eye on everything that’s happening around them while lounging in their own home.

The deck is also quite practical when it comes to whether exposure. Imagine how muddy the ground would be after heavy rain, now picture your dog walking sleeping on that mud. Yikes.

Having a deck would keep your doggies mud-free. They would have somewhere to sit and wait out the rain.

We just love this pallet dog house. Not only does it have a deck, but it also has a roof that shades the deck as well!

Crate Kennel

Another simple yet effective design is a crate kennel. It’s basically a large crate, nothing elaborate.

The best part about this option is how spacious it is. It gives your dog room to walk around a bit.

It’s also perfect for people who prefer to lock their dogs rather than leave them roaming. You can keep them in this and not worry about them being cooped up.

You can build it using one side of your house, this way it’ll be easier for you. It’s not that complicated, don’t worry. Here’s how you can build it. If you’d rather opt for a smaller one, we’ve got that prepped for you too!

Multi-Level Dog House

A dog kennel can be more than just a bunch of walls. You can make it fun for your dog as well!

It’s as easy as building a regular dog house then adding a roof and a couple of steps. If you don’t think you can improvise, you can follow instructions to make sure you’re doing it right.

Dog Villa

This design is for those who wish to spoil their pet no matter what. It’s pretty impressive and we can assure you that your pup will agree.

Why build a little house when you can build a house and a pool? If you live somewhere warm, your canine friend will undoubtedly adore you if you give it the chance to cool off whenever it feels like.

A doggie pool is easy to build since it doesn’t really have to be deep at all. You can choose to make one beside your favorite house design. You don’t need to follow this exact one.

Mobile Dog Kennel

Versatility is still an option when it comes to dog houses. You can make it mobile so that you can place it wherever you like at any time. You can even take it indoors which might come in handy in harsh weather conditions.

Your dog can enjoy the view from the safety of this cute kennel. Its size is perfect for all kinds of dogs and yet it’s not too large to be moved. Larger dogs might even enjoy lounging on its top.

Because having a deck is important, here’s another idea you might like, or rather your dog might.

You can turn almost any small-sized house into a mobile one by adding wheels at the bottom. But if you’re not an expert in building, perhaps these plans might be better.   Furniture Dog Kennel

Furniture Dog Kennel

Here’s a thought, why build anything from scratch, no pun intended, at all? You can hit two birds with one stone and use a piece of furniture that you don’t have a use for anymore. Got none to spare? Two words, garage sale!

Numerous pieces of furniture can be renovated to dog crates. You can use a cabinet, counter, cupboard, drawers, buffet table, or any table for that matter.

This way you can keep your little pup safe inside your home and not worry about it running away.

Why furniture? Aside from the fact that the hard work is already done and you’d only need little effort to get it done, furniture is pleasing to the eye. You don’t need to stress about having an eye-sore crate in the middle of your living-room. It’ll perfectly blend in!

Here’s an example of how you can turn your cabinet into a dog kennel.

You can also build one from scratch if that’s what you prefer.

The Verdict

Dogs are territorial by nature, therefore having their own little homes is good for them. There are endless shapes and designs for dog kennels that you can easily make from home. Why buy something when you can custom-make it?

The choice you make will probably depend on your abilities as a craftsperson, your dog’s size, and whether you want an indoor or an outdoor kennel.

Even if you’re no professional, some designs have very simple step-by-step plans that will walk you through the process. You might also find the idea of turning furniture into a kennel quite doable.

Now go build your pup a home!