Is Dog Grooming a Stressful Job? (Solved & Explained!)

Dog grooming can indeed be a stressful job. You’ll be crouching for long periods of time, as well as moving dogs from station to station for bathing, drying, and more. Plus, you will definitely meet a few dogs that are more difficult to work with than others.

Dog grooming is a rewarding career and an excellent fit if you love dogs, but don’t expect it to be easy… there’s a lot to it and you’ll have to hustle if you want to be successful.

For the remainder of this article, we’ll answer questions that people have been asking the most this week regarding dog grooming as a career path. How big is the industry? What is a certified dog groomer? Read on to get the important answers that you need – you’ll find them in the sections below!

Is dog groomer a hard job?

Dog grooming is a rewarding job, but it’s not an easy one. You need to be able to cope with a lot of moving, as you’ll need to take dogs to different stations, and you will also spend a lot of time standing or crouching down as you brush and trim the dogs.

There is also the matter of temperaments, with some dogs being a pleasure to work with, while others are going to be grumpy or possibly even aggressive. It’s a tough job but if you love animals and don’t mind rolling up your sleeves for a little hard work, then it might just be the right career for you.

What are the disadvantages of being a dog groomer?

Disadvantages of being a dog groomer include needing to work long hours (and often weekends) while you are building up your business and your client list. You’ll also have to deal with the occasional ‘bad dog’ and you will be crouching, standing, and moving from station to station quite often.

Don’t forget that if you want a top-notch business, you’re also going to need to keep up with safety and other certifications. Dog grooming is a rewarding job, but like any career choice there are definitely some caveats to consider before starting your business.

Do dog groomers make good money?

Starting off, on the low-end dog groomers will make anywhere from $17,000 up to around $30,000 per year, though successful groomers can make up to $75,000-100,000 per year! It’s all going to depend on your location and accessibility, your roster of happy clients, and your own personal talent and expertise.

Simply put, if you can deliver the goods and your customers know it then you can make good money, indeed!

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How long does it take to learn to be a dog groomer?

It depends on the education path that you decide on. An apprenticeship, for instance, might take anywhere from 6 to 10 weeks, while a course accredited in the 50 states might be more like 2 up to 18 weeks for course completion.

There is really no official ‘path’ to becoming a groomer, so it’s best to go with earning what certificates and recognized accreditations you can acquire. That way, you can put them on the wall so that prospective clients know that they are getting the best professional service for their dogs.

How do I start my own dog grooming business?

Aside from your education, you’ll need to decide on your business model. Are you going to provide mobile or stationary services, for instance? Will you work from a home office or an external one?

You’ll also need to raise capital in order to get the proper supplies for building your stations, you’ll need to register and insure your business, and you are also going to need to promote it. Thankfully, promotion through social media is an option and you can register your business with Google as well.

After you have your expertise, location, and supplies, then you’ll need to work a lot of hours until you can build a steady client base. It’s not easy to start a dog grooming business, but if you plan carefully and put in the hours then you will be well on your way to a potentially successful business.

How big is the dog grooming industry?

Dog grooming is big business, with dog grooming product sales alone making approximately 10,37 billion in global profits in 2019 alone! People love their pets like little, furry children, and so the dog grooming market is one of those rare career paths that is almost always going to be lucrative.

Simply put, more people means more pets, and that means more profit for talented groomers.

Do dog groomers have to be registered?

No. Technically, dog groomers aren’t going to require any sort of registration or certification. That said, this makes such certifications and licensing all the more valuable when it comes to attracting clients.

There are certifications to be had, with safety certification being an important example, but these papers are not required by law. It’s a matter of personal choice for the groomer, but getting licensing and certifications is highly recommended if you want to run a successful pet salon.

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What is a certified groomer?

A certified groomer is one who has successfully completed the safety course from groomers provided by the American Kennel Club. While you aren’t required to do this, it’s a very good idea to do it anyway, as the AKC is widely recognized and the odds are that your clients will have heard of them.

A big part of running a grooming business is setting yourself apart from the competition. You might be an amazing stylist, but if people don’t trust you enough for that first session, then you’ll have a hard time building a successful business.

What does the dog groomer do on the job?

You’ll have all kinds of different tasks when it comes to grooming, such as bathing, shampooing, and conditioning the dog’s coat, drying them thoroughly, brushing their fur and trimming their hair and nails. Depending on the business, you might also provide boarding and training services as well!

It all depends on your business model, but those are going to be the basics that you’ll be doing every day.

How many hours a week do dog groomers work?

Typically, you’ll be working around 35 hours a week, likely with only one day off on the weekend, once you’ve been in business for a while. In the beginning it’s a different story, as you’ll need to attract clients, so you will likely be present at your business for a minimum of 40 hours and quite possibly longer.