Is Dog Grooming Hard? (Solved & Explained!)

Yes, dog grooming is hard work. You have to put in a lot of hours in the beginning to establish your clientele and you’ll be working a lot of weekends until you do. You’ll also be on your feet a lot, as well as standing in place and crouching, and not all of the dogs that you meet are going to be docile.

It’s rewarding work, but don’t mistake that for meaning that it is easy!

In today’s article, we’re going to answer popular questions about what it really takes to be a dog groomer. How long is your education? How many dogs can you groom in a day? Find out the answers to these and other important questions by continuing on to the sections below!

Is dog grooming a stressful job?

Dog grooming can be a very stressful job. Aside from all of the moving around and crouching, you’ll have to deal with temperamental dogs that will occasionally vomit on you, try to bite you, and sometimes will need to be even be restrained.

It’s hard work and it’s not easy, but it can also be one of the most rewarding jobs around if you have a good work ethic and love working with dogs.

Is dog grooming a good career?

Yes! Not everyone gets to have a job that they love and if you love dogs and don’t mind keeping busy, then dog grooming might be the perfect career for you.

You can start a business from your home, an office, or even create a mobile grooming business and dog grooming is a very lucrative field — people love their pets and so there is always going to be a demand for your services.

What is the hardest part of dog grooming?

Believe it or not, the hardest part of dog grooming isn’t the crouching, nor the occasional grouchy dog, but the cleaning aspect of the business. A spotless grooming environment is vital to both for the health aspects and for earning the trust and confidence of current and potential clients.

This means that there is a lot of clean-up to do in between grooming sessions. Your customers won’t have any idea how much cleaning you are doing, so they’ll probably think that you just play with dogs all day, but if you neglect that cleaning, they’ll definitely notice so this is the hardest part of the job.

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Do dog groomers make good money?

According to one independent study, the average dog groomer income is approximately $29, 848 per year, but a lot is going to depend on your expertise, location, and recurring client base.

Some independent businesses have reported bringing in 75k to 100k in a year, so the sky is the limit if you make a good plan, put in the hours to build your client base, and grow your business whenever you can to expand your offerings with extras such as training and boarding.

How many dogs can you groom in a day?

On your own, you might be able to groom 6 to 8 dogs per day, depending on your expertise and assuming that the dogs are all compliant and of good temperament.

If utilizing a team, of course, you can do quite a bit more, though you will likely need to give at least a 50% commission to your employees and factor this into your profit projections.

Is dog grooming tiring?

Dog grooming is definitely hard work. For instance, for a basic trim, you have to bathe the dog, dry them out thoroughly, brush out any tangles, and then you can finally get to the trimming. You’ll be crouching down, standing in place, and moving around quite a bit – not to mention occasionally ‘wrestling’ a little with your furry clients.

It’s safe to say that when things slow down later in the evening, you’ll be well aware that you’ve put in a good day’s work.

What are the disadvantages of being a dog groomer?

Every job has its caveats and dog grooming is certainly no exception to this rule. You’ll be working hard hours, both grooming the dogs and cleaning up the stations, and you’ll spend a lot of time crouching down and this is hard on your legs.

Nervous dogs may vomit, pee, or otherwise make a mess and sometimes worried owners can be even more of a stress factor than their pets. Finally, you’ve got to keep up on your education and safety certificates to maintain your current customer’s trust and to potentially earn new clients.

Dog grooming is a rewarding job, but don’t think that it’s an easy one!

How long does it take to be a dog groomer?

There really is no ‘set path’ for becoming a dog groomer. You don’t have to have formal training or certificates, though it is highly recommended that you obtain both if you want to be successful. The recommend way to do it takes 12 up to 18 months and is done one of two ways.

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First, you could do an apprenticeship at PetSmart or Petco, and they can ensure that you assist a professional groomer and get over 800 hours or experience with more than 200 breeds of dog, plus they pay for professional training in the bargain.

Your second option is also a good one. Online courses such as Animal Behavior College offer a formal education that includes hands-on experience, which they provide by setting you up with their network of businesses that span the 50 U.S. states.

While you could go the quick route and get started in a couple of weeks, hands-on experience and a certification from a respected grooming course are a slower, but much better way to start your business off right.

How much does it cost for dog grooming school?

That really depends on a lot of factors, such as whether the course is physical or online, as well as the provider. Some online courses may only set you back $200-$400, but won’t provide any hands-on experience, while others like Animal Behavior College run around 3k to 6k and will also give you actual experience.

What are the benefits of being a groomer?

If you love dogs, the benefits of being a groomer are pretty substantial. You get to work with these amazing animals every day, with different breeds and personalities to keep things interesting, and you are in a field where there is always demand – as long as people have pets, there are some who will insist on the best for them.

If you work hard and advertise, there’s also a lot of profit to be made, so all in all being a dog groomer is an excellent career option.