Dog Grooming Costs (13 Questions Answered)

Grooming your dog is an essential necessity. But, it’s always a good idea to get an estimate of how much it’s going to cost, what’s involved and how your dog will behave through the process. When you are in possession of the facts, not only will you find an appropriate groomer but you can also devise your own approach.

In General, How Much Does It Cost to Groom a Dog?

The average grooming session for your dog should be in the ballpark of $30 to $90. Of course this will depend on needs, preferences, types of services and the breed of your dog. This means a grooming session could be as little as $20 for your Terrier but as much as $120 for your Saint Bernard.

Which Services Comprise a Full Dog Groom?

Almost all full dog grooming sessions should come with a well-trained, professional and experienced groomer. You should be able to pick and choose which services you want done. However, most full dog grooming services include:

  • Shampoo
  • Toweling and Drying (no heat is best)
  • Ear and Eye Cleaning and Plucking
  • Tooth Brushing and Dental Care
  • Nail Grinding or Clipping
  • Coat Brushing
  • Hair Cut and Style

What Is the Price Range of Grooming Services at Petsmart?

If you’re looking just for a simple bath for your dog at Petsmart, expect to pay about $41 for small to large dogs. But, extra large dogs will cost around $50. However, if you’re looking for a full grooming service it will be $76 and $90, respectively.

What Is the Frequency with which a Dog Should Be Groomed?

On average, you should get your dog groomed every six weeks to two months. But the frequency with which you should groom your dog will depend on several factors like the length of hair on their coat, allergies, your budget and how prone your dog is to getting dirty.

For example, if your Boston Terrier spends a lot of time outside, you will have to clean it more than a Shih Tsu that stays inside. But, if your dog has several allergies because of what’s in the immediate environment, scheduling regular grooming sessions will become imperative.

Are Dogs Bathed Before or After Grooming? 

Bathing a dog before or after grooming will largely depend on what aspect of grooming is about to occur. If you’re going to give the dog a haircut, then cut the hair before you bathe it. However, if you’re just going to brush the dog along with a bath, brush the dog’s hair before and after you put it into the tub.

What Do Groomers Do to Calm Dogs?

When dogs are very nervous and fidgety, some salons will give them calming aids by infusing the space with pheromones to promote tranquility along with employing a shampoo that contains lavender or chamomile. They may even use these herbs as essential oils on a piece of paper towel placed near the dog’s nose.

In severe cases, ask your vet for a sedative that you can give your dog prior to going to the groomer. No groomer should ever give a sedative to your dog without a vet’s consent. If you know of a groomer that does this, run fast and far.

What Methods Do Groomers Use to Keep Dogs Still?

Individual groomers have many tricks up their sleeves to keep dogs still during grooming. Many of these will include things like nonslip surfaces and grooming restraints. Padding, grooming tables, grooming leashes and other strapping all come in handy.

How Do You Groom a Dog for Beginners?

If you are starting out grooming your dog, take your dog to a professional groomer. Watch how they handle the dog, what they do, the methods they employ and how your dog reacts. When you get the hang of the process, then you can try it on your own. This is only for your safety as well as the dog’s.

Is It Okay to Leave Your Dog at the Groomers?

In general, don’t leave your dog at the groomers. This will be especially true if you’re trying out a new groomer or if you don’t always have the same person grooming your dog. If you have a solid relationship with a groomer, it will be up  to your best judgment on whether to leave the dog with them or not.

What Are the Prices for Petco’s Dog Grooming Services?

If you only want a bath for your dog at Petco, expect to pay about $25 for small dogs, $35 for medium-sized and $45 for large dogs. But, extra large dogs will cost around $55. However, for full service, expect to pay between $45 to $80 . Keep in mind that your dog’s size will play a major factor in price.

What Is the Length of Time It Takes to Groom a Dog?

The actual process of grooming a dog can take as little as 15 minutes to as much as 45 minutes. However, that will depend on how well your dog behaves and how effective the groomer is in keeping the dog still. So, this can take a few hours if the dog is particularly fidgety.

What Is the Price Range for Grooming a Large Dog?

Large dogs will almost always cost more to groom. This is simply because of their sheer size. Expect to pay anywhere from $55 to upwards of $120.

Do Dogs Feel Better After a Bath?

There are some dogs that act like they don’t like bathing, indicated by squirming throughout the event. But, when it’s over, most dogs do feel better. Shortly after the session, the dog will exhibit signs of relief once they’re clean, dry and relaxed.

Do Dogs Like Being Groomed?

Whether a dog likes grooming or not will depend on the dog. Some dogs are a groomer’s dream. They sit still and allow the experience. But, there are some dogs that will never like grooming. They will fight tooth-and-nail every time they see soap and water.