Do Yorkshire Terriers Bite? (Solved & Explained!)

Yorkshire Terriers will nip and bite occasionally when they are pups, and if the behavior is not corrected, they can continue this habit into adulthood. Sometimes, your Yorkie might not know how else to communicate that there’s a deeper issue at play, so they will bite out of frustration. 

One important thing to note is that no dog is inherently bad; there are a number of things that can contribute to your Yorkie biting, and there is always a way to curb this behavior. 

Why Is My Yorkie Puppy Biting?

Your Yorkie puppy biting occasionally, especially in a playful manner, is fairly normal. A young pup might also be biting because they are teething, and are looking for some type of relief. 

It’s worth training your puppy when they are young not to bite, but know that it’s not necessarily a sign that they will grow up to be an aggressive dog unless they are biting frequently and very hard. 

How Can I Stop My Yorkie Puppy From Biting?

Starting effective training as soon as possible is the best way to ensure your Yorkie doesn’t grow up thinking biting is okay. Your Yorkie doesn’t want to hurt you, so if you loudly say “ow!” or “that hurts!” they will most likely stop. 

You can also walk away from your Yorkie so they know their behavior is not acceptable. Do not go back to them until they visibly appear more calm. 

What Are The Reasons Most Dogs Bite?

Sometimes, your dog will bite during playtime because it’s part of how they naturally play when they are with other pups. 

If a dog feels threatened, is overwhelmed, is being bothered when they are tired, or is triggered by a certain behavior, they might respond by biting. This is a natural reaction, as the dog is trying to protect itself. This means you need to monitor your behavior to ensure you’re not fussing over your dog too much or acting aggressively towards them. 

How Can I Tell The Difference Between Aggressive Biting And Playful Biting?

Typically, a playful bite won’t hurt too much, and your Yorkshire Terrier won’t hold on for long. If your Yorkie is feeling aggravated, they might growl or snarl at you before biting you. Your Yorkie will typically warn you that it’s time to settle down, by possibly nipping at the air or nipping in your direction. 

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My Yorkie Seems To Bite When They Are Excited. How Do I Fix This?

Once again, the most effective way to let your Yorkshire Terrier know that biting is not okay is by audibly letting them know it hurts, then walking away from them for a few minutes. Don’t give into them barking at you, and don’t pet them or look at them. 

This teaches your Yorkie that biting is not okay, and that you will not play with them or give them love when they bite. Your Yorkie loves your attention, so they will learn quickly that biting will not get them those pets and cuddles that they want so much. 

How Can I Get My Yorkshire Terrier To Stop Biting During Playtime?

If your Yorkie is getting a little too excited during playtime, try giving them a toy and letting them take their energy out on the toy. This will distract them from biting your hand during playtime that doesn’t include a toy. 

If you’re playing with a toy and they start to bite you, drop the toy. and walk away. They’ll learn that it’s because of their biting, and they should stop that behavior. 

Why Does My Yorkshire Terrier Bite Other Dogs?

If you are not able to socialize your Yorkshire Terrier early, they might be wary of other dogs. This could lead to them feeling intimidated or protective of themselves or you. They might nip, growl, or bite another dog as self defense. 

Ensure that if you still need to work on socializing your dog, they are kept on a leash at all times. You’ll be able to remove them from a situation that might lead to biting. You can also give them some treats when they play nice with other dogs, so they know that’s the behavior you want to see. 

How Can I Properly Stop My Yorkshire Terrier From Biting?

Be sure not to yell at your Yorkshire Terrier, and of course, don’t be aggressive towards them. This is only going to make the problem worse, plus it’s cruel behavior. 

How Can I Let My Yorkie Know That Their Bites Are Hurting Me?

When you say “ouch” or “that hurts” loudly, this mimics a dog’s yelp in your Yorkshire Terrier’s mind. This is a sign that what they are doing is hurting you. They do not like this sound, so they are most likely going to stop immediately. 

I Adopted An Older Yorkshire Terrier, And They Were Already Aggressive. What Do I Do?

You should train your older Yorkshire Terrier in the same kind, patient manner that you would a young pup. Just know that you are signing up for having to train an older dog a little bit longer. You have to respect their boundaries until they feel comfortable with you. 

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When Is It Time To Talk To My Vet About My Yorkie’s Biting?

If your Yorkie is constantly biting you, others, or items in your home, it’s possible that there is something health-related going on. If the above training methods don’t work, this might be a sign that you should take them to the vet. 

Your Yorkshire Terrier doesn’t know how to tell you they aren’t feeling well, so one of the ways they might try to tell you is by being aggressive. They are feeling vulnerable because of their illness, so they lash out in a way to try and protect themselves. 

Another indicator that your Yorkie might not be feeling well is if the biting and aggressiveness comes out of nowhere. If they are always happy and affectionate, and then all of a sudden they nip and growl when you come near them, it’s worth a trip to the vet to see if something is going on.