Do Yorkies Need Harnesses? (Solved & Explained!)

The harness is a very useful accessory for Yorkies. Harnesses, which are ideal for your Yorkie on walks, also allow your Yorkie to walk comfortably under your control. 

Compared to collar leashes, the harness provides your Yorkie more movement opportunities, and when used with a long leash, it allows your dog to move around safely and securely.

In addition, if you need to pul your Yorkie to safety, the weight you apply will spread evenly over his whole body, so your Yorkie will not feel pressure around the throat.

What Are The Pros Harnesses for Yorkies?

You can easily use the harness with a leash, and your Yorkie will not come to any harm if you have to pull them back suddenly, as the pressure will be evenly distributed around the chest.

Since harnesses distribute pressure evenly throughout the body, your dog will not feel strangled around the throat.

Harness all for greater moveability. Since it fully embraces the whole body, it is very useful for dogs that are over-energized and inclined to run. 

Compared to a normal collar, even if you have an energetic dog, it is impossible for them to struggle free from a harness.

Harnesses offer better control. If you have a dog that pulls a lot and constantly pulls to the right and left, a harness can be a good solution. 

The harness keeps your dog as stable as possible and prevents you from having difficulty walking on the road. 

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What Are The Cons of a Harness For Yorkies?

One of the negative aspects of harnesses is that it is more troublesome to take off compared to collars. 

Putting a harness on ad taking it off your Yorkie requires a few steps that are all different depending on the harness. However, with a little practice, it will become second nature.

Another disadvantage is for old and untrained dogs. If your Yorkie is used to wearing a collar until now, it may seem a little awkward when you put it on for the first time. 

But after a short time, he will get used to the harness and learn to walk comfortably.

What Are The Pros Collars for Yorkies?

Collars are very easy to put on and take off. For this reason, many dog ​​owners prefer collars.

Thanks to the adjustable nature of collars, your Yorkie can wear it for yars no matter how big they get. Whereas harnesses are adjustable but are more limited in range.

What Are Cons of Collars For Yorkies?

 Yorkies have very sensitive skin, especially around the face and throat. Collars can cause wounds if you need to pull them back from danger.

Compared to harnesses, collars can strain your Yorkies delicate neck. For this reason, many Yorkie ​​owners prefer harnesses instead of using collars. This problem is more common in energetic dogs as they tend to move unpredictably.

Yorkies can easily escape collars due to their small size. 

Should You Get a Harness For Your Yorkie?

Harnesses come highly recommended for Yorkies instead of collars. Due to their small size. high energy and delicate bone structure harnesses offer better support and greater comfort for your Yorkie while out on walks.

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It is also very difficult to contain the very energetic Yorkies whenever they get excited. Collars can cause damage to your Yorkies while they struggle. This problem is avoided with harnesses.

Although there are many Yorkie owners who prefer a collar, the harness seems to be a more logical choice. Collars are great for Yorkies that are predictable and well-trained. 

Either way, whether your dog is energetic or unpredictable or calm and reserved, harnesses offer full-body support and do not put pressure on the neck or strain the shoulders. 

Therefore harnesses are recommended for Yorkies so long as they are high quality and made from a soft material that does not irritate your Yorkies’ sensitive skin.

Can My Yorkie Use a Collar?

Although harnesses are recommended for Yorkies, you will see many Yorkie owners using collars, which is absolutely fine.

Some Yorkies (and dogs in general) hate wearing harnesses. it may be the best option for you and your Yorkie to use a collar if that is the only way to get them out walking safely.

Collars come in many shapes and sizes. The key is to get a collar that is sturdy, of good quality, and fits your Yorkie well for maximum comfort.

What Kind of Harness is Best for A Yorkie?

There are many harnesses out there that are suitable for your Yorkies’ needs here are a few of the most popular.

  • Gooby Comfort X Dog Harness ( a Great general use harness)
  • Voyager Pet Harnesses (ideal for teacup Yorkies)
  • Pupteck Dog Harness ( a great hot weather option)
  • Gooby Fleece Dog Vest Harness (Keeps Yorkies warm on winter walks)
  • Matilor Leash and Dog Harness (a harness and leash combo)
  • Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness (great for walks and securing Yorkie on car rides)

How Do You Get Your Yorkie Used to The Harness?

If you are teaching your Yorkie harness at an early age, she will probably get used to the harness easily after a few walks. 

In some dogs, switching to the harness after using a collar for a long time may cause the dog to falter at first.

In order to prevent this, you should not force your Yorkie to wear the harness. You can support them but gently putting the harness on them at first and rewarding them with a treat than taking the harness of immediately.

  1. Repeat this process until your Yorkie is happy wearing the harness while standing. 
  2. Next, take your Yorkie on a short walk around your home. reward them every few steps with treats. 
  3. Do this for 5 minutes then extend the time. When your Yorkie is happy to do this for 15 minutes then that the walk outside.
  4. Once outside, repeat the indoor process, only taking your Yorkie for short 5 minutes walks, rewarding often.
  5. Over time increase the length of the walk. Your Yorkie should be walking happily in their harness in no time.