Do Yorkies Like to Play? (Solved & Explained!)

Yorkies are one of the most hyperactive breeds and they love to play. Thanks to their high energy, they may want to play games with you all the time and have the stamina to do so.

Adult Yorkies can also get along very well with puppies because they maintain high energy throughout life. However, early socialization is very important. If you socialize with your dog at an early age, they will be able to get along with most dogs in the future.

Yorkies are known for having small dog syndrome. They may be small but they have the confidence of a Great Dane and can be aggressive if unsocialized. Education is also very important in overcoming this situation.

Do Yorkies Like to Be Held?

Yorkies naturally enjoy being hugged and cuddled. Yorkies, who love attention, will often want to sit on your lap and sleep. 

Yorkies are also known for their love of comfort. While they are excitable they do have their lazy moments and love nothing more than being in the arms of those they love

However, this can sometimes cause them to live dependent on you and become clingy and jealous of others you interact with.

Is over-commitment in dogs highly desirable? This may be controversial, but every dog should have its own independent space and be happy to allow you to socialize with others and engage with other pets.

Yorkies love attention. If you play with them and spend time with them as the owner, they will be very pleased and continue on their way with positivity.

While some dogs have a domineering or independent spirit, the situation is the opposite in Yorkies. Yorkies are true lap dogs that are loyal to the end and highly affectionate.

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How Long Should I Play With My Yorkie?

You should play with your Yorkie whenever you can because Yorkies love to play and interact with their owners. If you have enough time, you should have at least 15-minute play sessions 3-4 times a day to keep your Yorkie happy and engaged.

Apart from this, you should take your Yorkie for a walk at least 2 times a day so they can burn off excess energy. An exercised Yorkie will approach life more calmly and will not tire themselves and their family member with a constant need for attention.

Playing with your Yorkie will keep their emotional state stable and they will feel more attached to you, yet relaxed. Dogs who feel valued are better imposed on family life and exhibit more social behavior. 

One of the best ways to strengthen the relationship between you and your dog is to play games with them.

You can have a good time with your dog and make him happy with various games such as find, fetch, and catch.

What Do Yorkies Like?

Yorkies love toys that squeak and make noise. You can buy toys that make a sound when they bite like this to make them happy. 

They will play with these toys for days without getting bored. Another thing Yorkies love is rope-style pull toys. Remember that Yorkies can be incredibly stubborn at times and pulling toys help them to release tension.

Sometimes they just want to sleep on your lap all day long, and that is okay. Yorkies may have the odd lazy day where all they want to do is relax beside you. This is fine and healthy, however, if this is all your Yorkie does every day they may develop physical, emotional, and psychological problems later.

Do Yorkies Like to Sleep With You?

Yorkies are a highly emotional breed that loves to spend as much time as possible with their owners. Yorkies who spend time with you during the day may not want to leave you at night. 

That’s why some Yorkies take great pleasure in sharing a bed with their owners. If you have accustomed your dog to co-sleeping at an early age, there is a high probability that they will want to sleep with you all the time. 

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But if your Yorkie has become accustomed to sleeping in their own place from an early age, they may start sleeping with you early in the night and later move to their own spot to sleep for the duration.

Do Yorkies Like To Play Alone?

Yorkies can be very clingy dogs, the way to combat this is to encourage them to spend a little time by themselves.

Yorkies always want to spend time with their owners because they are very affectionate, but if you encourage a little solo play while they are young, they will get used to this routine and be able to enjoy themselves without you.

You should give your Yorkie time and space to act on their own. Your Yorkie should have a space of their own and learn how to play independently.

In fact, dogs have a character and attitude just like us humans. It develops and settles in the period from infancy to adulthood and is supported by alone time.

This also helps their socialization with other dogs and understanding that they need to share their owners with others from time to time.

How Do I Entertain My Yorkie Puppy?

You can entertain your Yorkie puppy with small toys that make noises that can grab their attention. 

Try a variety of toys with different textures to keep your Yorkies interested. Yorkies are smart dogs and will quickly become bored of the same toys if they are all the same.

Also, try rotating the toys your Yorkie has access to. Once a week allow them to play with one selection of toys then take them away and replace this with a different selection.

Since Yorkie puppies have teething phases, you can buy toys for them to grind their teeth and play with.

How Do I Get My Yorkie to Play on Their Own?

Yorkies are smart and curious dogs. Taking advantage of this aspect of their character will help you to teach them to play alone.

Puzzle games and toys that require your Yorkie to work something out or find a hidden compartment is ideal. Not only will this keep them engaged for some time, but it will also help to strengthen their cognitive function.