Do Yorkies Eat Bugs? (Solved & Explained!)

Yes, Yorkies can and do eat bugs, so you need to keep an eye on them. While most bugs are going to be harmless, roaches in the house can get into pesticides that you’ve left out and this can make your Yorkie very sick. Other bugs may sting your dog and worms can reproduce in their digestive tract.

Today we’re going to answer the most popular questions trending on the web this week in regards to dogs and their tendency to eat insects. Read on to find out which bugs are safe and which ones might be very bad indeed for your dog!

Are bugs toxic to dogs?

Bugs can be toxic to dogs, but it’s uncommon. In most cases, your dog will quickly figure out what bugs they can eat and it basically boils down to extra protein.

That said, bugs such as roaches can sometimes get themselves into pesticide powder and there are definitely some poisonous bugs, so if your dog ingests an insect and gets an upset stomach or displays other behavioral changes that make you believe they are ill, bring them in to the vet right away to rule out anything poisonous.

Why do some dogs eat bugs?

Usually, the scurrying of the insect attracts a dog’s attention and their reaction starts with play, as they try to catch the bug with their paw and give it a curious sniff. This follows with a nip and before you know it, your dog has eaten the bug.

If your dog finds the taste and the texture appealing, then they will repeat this behavior because it’s fun and because they get a snack of it. If you want to discourage this, you can try saying ‘no’ and offering a treat instead, and you can likely teach them to stop eating bugs with a little patience.

How do I stop my dog from eating bugs?

Try teaching your dog the ‘leave it’ command. Have a treat at ready and when you see your dog noticing a bug, get their attention by saying ‘leave it’ loudly and firmly, holding up a treat within view. When your dog responds by pausing, eyes on that treat, wait a few moments and then give it to them.

A few repetitions of this with other bugs and inanimate things like trash should teach your dog to leave things alone when you say ‘leave it’.

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Can stink bugs make dogs sick?

Keep your dog away from Stink bugs, aka ‘shield bugs’. Pentatomids are not good for your dog and if your pooch eats enough of them, they can easily end up with an upset stomach, vomiting, or even a case of diarrhea for their troubles!

Practice the ‘leave it’ command or if you are walking your dog outside, then use the leash to steer them away from these bugs – they’re more trouble then they’re worth!

Do dogs eat roaches?

Dogs can and do eat roaches, as their scurrying triggers an instinctive drive in your dog to chase and eat them. This is generally harmless, unless you are using pesticide powders in the house that can sometimes cling to a roach’s shell for a few days before it kills them.

You can discourage this behavior by teaching your dog the ‘leave it’ command and it is recommended that you stop using pesticide powders to avoid accidental ingestion by your dog.

Can dogs eat Rolly Pollies?

Keep your dog away from Rolly pollies. These little, black bugs that like to curl up into balls at the first sign of danger aren’t toxic to dogs, but if ingested in small amounts they can form a collective mass in your dogs belly or mouth.

This mass is called a ‘bezoar’ and requires vet assistance to remove, so steer your dog away from Rolly pollie bugs. They aren’t poisonous, but they aren’t safe either!

Is it OK if my dog ate a fly?

Yes, it’s okay if your dog eats a fly. Eating flies might seem a bit gross, but it’s not going to hurt your dog. Dogs like to snap up fruit flies and standard flies, as their erratic movements are amusing to the dog and because they have an instinctual drive to scoop up extra protein when they can.

What insects make dogs sick?

There are a number of insects which can make your dog sick. Examples include spiders, ticks, and ants, but these are just a few on a very long list. Fireflies are another common example. Dogs love snapping at these bright little bugs and while 1 or 2 won’t hurt your dog, any more may result in a sore tummy!

When in doubt, keep your dog away from bugs that they might try to eat and which might sting them for their troubles!

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What happens if a dog eats a bee?

Stay away from bees. If your dog eats a bee, they might be okay, but the odds are high that the bee will sting your dog in the mouth and this can lead to swelling in your dog’s face or neck. In severe cases, this can block the throat, so if your dog eats a bee – pay close attention.

At the first sign of swelling you need to get your dog to a vet immediately!

Are cockroaches afraid of dogs?

Yes, cockroaches are generally afraid of dogs, with the occasional exceptions. In most cases, roaches will scurry away and hide as soon as they spot your dog in order to avoid being eaten. Your dog, in turn, will try to catch them and they are good at this – so prepare yourself mentally, because your dog will probably eat it!

Does dog poop attract cockroaches?

Yes, dog poop attracts cockroaches and lots of other insects. Flies will be attracted and will lay eggs and this is also something that ticks and fleas will do. Keep your dog away from other dog’s feces outside and if your dog poops in the yard, be sure to clean it up as soon as possible.

Left alone, dog poop is basically a bug factory, so don’t let it sit for too long.