Do Yorkies Bark a Lot? (Solved & Explained!)

Yorkies do bark a lot. They often bark at a noise, a visitor, another animal, for food or playtime, or for an unknown reason. According to the AKC, Yorkies are extremely social creatures, and they socialize by barking.

Why Do Yorkies Bark a Lot?

Yorkies bark to let their presence and needs be known, to warn their owners of something, and due to their small size. It is believed that Yorkies bark to protect themselves and their owners since they are a small breed. Yorkies also have a keen sense of hearing, so they hear more than a human and this causes them to bark at things humans do not hear.

Does a Yorkie’s Barking Scare Other Animals?

Yes, to another animal, a Yorkie’s bark sounds much fiercer than their actual small size. When a larger animal hears a Yorkie, they do not realize it is a small dog.

When Do Yorkies Begin to Bark?

Yorkies begin to make noise by whining and being vocal at two to three weeks of age. They usually do not start to bark until six to eight weeks of age.

Is it Bad for a Yorkie to Bark?

No, it is not bad for a Yorkie to bark. Barking is a way for Yorkies to communicate, show fear, give a warning, or is often used to tell owners their need (such as going outside to use the bathroom or hunger). It becomes “bad” when they bark too frequently or at inappropriate times. They should also listen and stop barking if asked, although this requires prior training to achieve.

What is an Example of When a Yorkie Should Not Bark?

You probably do not want your Yorkie to continuously bark at guests or continuously after the doorbell rings, or for no reason at all. Another example is when a Yorkie encounters other dogs that do not pose a threat.

When Should You Correct a Yorkie from Barking?

Only correct your Yorkie’s barking at appropriate times, as not to stifle their main form of communication. For example, once a guest enters the house, your Yorkie should learn when to stop barking by listening to the command you choose (“stop barking”) and stop barking, and then be given a treat and told “good job”.

What Does a Yorkie Bark Sound Like?

A Yorkie’s bark is most often frequent, loud and yappy. Like other dogs, they can be high pitched, low pitched, howling, yelping, or growling. The sound of their bark is dependent on the reason they are barking.

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Can you Train a Yorkie to Stop Barking?

Yes, you can train a Yorkie to stop barking if you start training at an early age. If you begin training a Yorkie as a puppy, this habit can be lessened before it is rooted in their personality.

If I Don’t Start Training as a Puppy, is it too Late?

No, it is not too late. It just may take longer and your Yorkie may be more resistant to the change in behavior.

How Do you Start to Train a Yorkie when it is appropriate to Bark?

In order to start to train a Yorkie, as an owner, you need to establish you are the boss, be stern, and consistent. You also need to choose a training method, then stick with it.

What Are Some Techniques to Train a Yorkie Not to Bark?

  • You can use the coffee can trick. Put pennies or rocks inside a can and shake it when the Yorkie barks at an inappropriate time,
  • Another option is to use a spray bottle to squirt a Yorkie with water when they bark at an inappropriate time.
  • Always use positive reinforcement.
  • Never us negative reinforcement,

What is Positive Reinforcement and How do you use it?

Giving small treats and using positive words (“good girl!” or “good boy”) are examples of positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement should be used every time a Yorkie follows a command.

What is Negative Reinforcement?

Hitting, spanking, using a shock collar, taking away food or shelter, or yelling too aggressively at your Yorkie. Negative reinforcement is anything that is meant to directly hurt or shame the Yorkie.

Should You Ever Use a Training Collar to Train a Yorkie not to Bark?

Only use training collars that buzz or vibrate, not collars that shock the Yorkie. Shock collars cause a negative correlation with barking in general, and can do more harm than good. They not only can cause psychological damage, but can physically hurt such a small dog.

Why Shouldn’t You Use Negative Reinforcement?

Hitting a dog, shocking a dog with a shock collar or yelling aggressively significantly increases a dog’s stress and can affect their overall temperament. It may stop them from the behavior, but it can cause psychological or even physical damage.

What Commands Should You Use to Train a Yorkie?

The commands you choose are up to you, as long as they are short, clear and used continuously to stop or praise behaviors. Examples of popular commands are:

  • “Good boy/girl”
  • “Stop”
  • “No Bark”

What Else Can I Do to Lessen my Yorkie’s Barking?

You can lessen barking by interacting with your Yorkie often, taking frequent walks, playing with your dog and including plenty of exercise to tire them out. Exposing your Yorkie to other dogs early on will also help to desensitize them from barking at other dogs that are not a threat.

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Can You Interpret a Yorkie’s Bark?

In general a higher pitched bark is for attention, to express general needs (food, water, bathroom) or to initiate play. Whereas, a low pitch bark or growl is a warning of danger or fear. A yelp usually means that the Yorkie is hurt or shocked by something.

Do Yorkies Stop Barking as they Age?

If you train a Yorkie as a puppy they will learn when to bark at appropriate times. If training is not done, then a Yorkie will bark for their entire life.