Do Terrier Chihuahuas Shed? (Solved & Explained!)

Terrier Chihuahuas do shed somewhat often, though they aren’t the worst culprits in terms of dog breeds that shed. In order to try and decrease the amount of dog fur around your home, you can help keep their coat healthy through grooming and bathing them. 

It can be hard to predict how much of a shedder a Terrier Chihuahua will be, being that the breed is so complex, but dealing with a responsible breeder who keeps thorough records on their dogs will give you the best information possible. If you’re adopting, it could be harder to know.

How Much Do Terrier Chihuahuas Shed?

How much your Terrier Chihuahua sheds will depend on what kind of Terrier the chihuahua was bred with to bring your dog to life. Some Terriers shed more than others, as they all have different types of fur.

If you are able to, ask about the parents of the dog you are interested in bringing home. This might give you some insight into what to expect in terms of shedding.

When Do Terrier Chihuahuas Usually Shed?

You will probably notice your Terrier Chihuahua shedding more often in the summer. This is so they don’t overheat when the temperatures start to rise. Some Terrier Chihuahuas will shed often, while others won’t shed much at all. 

Even if your Terrier Chihuahua has shorter fur, they will still shed, and they can still get hot. Even though Chihuahuas tend to get pretty cold, it won’t stop their fur from naturally shedding. It is also common for dogs to shed when they are in heat, so the frequency of their shedding might change when they are spayed or neutered.

What Is The Difference Between Hair Loss And Shedding?

Shedding is a normal part of a dog’s life, as it is with humans. Shedding happens to us too as our hair is constantly regrowing itself. However, one important thing to look out for with Terrier Chihuahuas is hair loss, as the Chihuahua breed is prone to hair loss.

When your pup is shedding, make sure that the fur is growing back. If you start to notice some patches of shorter fur or missing fur, it’s worth a trip to the vet as this could be a symptom of a variety of health issues.

Does Brushing A Terrier Chihuahua Reduce Shedding?

Brushing your Terrier Chihuahua is necessary to keep their coat shiny and healthy. It can also help remove some dirt and debris, as well as help keep their shedding under control. You should be brushing your Terrier Chihuahua two to three times a week minimum.

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Brushing your Terrier Chihuahua isn’t just important for keeping them groomed and looking nice and shiny. It allows you and your Terrier Chihuahua to get closer, as dogs groom each other to show their love. Your Terrier Chihuahua will interpret your brushing as a similar act of love.

Do Terrier Chihuahuas Like Baths?

Each dog can be a little bit different in terms of how they tolerate baths, but you will need to bathe your Terrier Chihuahua occasionally. This will help keep their coats healthy, remove some of that hair that is shedding, and keep their dander and smell in check.

With these dogs being so small, it is usually fairly easy to bathe them at home. This should help you save on grooming costs, plus they might feel more comfortable with someone they trust bathing them. Terrier Chihuahuas can be wary of strangers, so they might not like the groomers very much.

What Kind Of Fur Can Terrier Chihuahuas Have?

Being that a Terrier Chihuahua can be a crossbreed of Chihuahuas and many types of Terriers, it can be hard to predict what their fur will be like. Even knowing their parentage might not accurately predict what your pup’s fur will be like.

Some of these puppies might have soft hair that is super easy to manage and stays shiny, while others might have more coarse fur that can get wiry without adequate grooming. Thus, these dogs can also shed in different ways.

What Color Fur Can Terrier Chihuahuas Have?

Terrier Chihuahuas don’t tend to be very colorful, but sometimes, their fur turns out to be two colors. The variations are shades of white, brown, black, and tan. On rare occasions, you can even find multi-colored Terrier Chihuahuas.

Do Terrier Chihuahuas Produce A Lot Of Dander?

If you are sensitive to pet dander, it’s best to see how much information you can find out about Terrier Chihuahuas available in your area before you bring them home. This is because learning about their parentage will give you better insight into their coat and dander levels.

If you are someone who lives with pet allergies, it’s good to know this information before considering getting any type of pet, even a Terrier Chihuahua. Even though many will state that Terrier Chihuahuas are hypoallergenic, that’s not always true.

How Else Should Terrier Chihuahuas Be Groomed?

You also need to brush your Chihuahua Terrier’s teeth and keep their ears cleaned. These are two important components of your pup’s health, so they need to be taken care of. Keeping their nails trimmed is also important so they don’t do too much damage when they scratch and play, and so they don’t break a nail and potentially get the area infected.

What Are Terrier Chihuahuas Like?

Some of these dogs might be more calm than others, and some might be more affectionate than others. Overall, these are some very sweet dogs to have. They love to play and go out for walks, and will appreciate a pet parent that wants to spend a lot of time with them. 

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Being that they are small, they can live in apartments easily so long as they have opportunities to exercise. They can be a little bit tough to socialize and train, but not impossible if you practice patience. They aren’t ideal dogs to have around small kids, as they can be a little fragile and temperamental when they aren’t handled properly.