Do Parti Yorkies Shed? (Solved & Explained!)

Parti Yorkies don’t shed a lot. If you are hypersensitive to dog hair, Parti Yorkies are for you. It is easy to groom  Parti Yorkies at home, especially for people who are sensitive to dog hair or do not like dog hair in the home.

Parti Yorkies don’t shed much, so you don’t have to do much extra cleaning around the house. 

You should brush your Parti Yorkie daily. In this way, you will keep your Parti Yorkie free of dead hair and skin.

Many Parti Yorkie owners brush their dogs less, but at least twice a week. You can buy gloves specially made for the job. These gloves massage your Parti Yorkie and remove dead hairs at the same time.

Are Parti Yorkies Hypoallergenic?

Yes, Parti Yorkies are partially hypoallergenic dogs. They don’t shed a lot but that doesn’t mean that they don’t shed at all. The concept of hypoallergenic dogs does not really exist since all dogs shed to some degree.

However, some dogs shed more than others and might trigger allergenic reactions. Parti Yorkies are known for low shedding. They shed a minimum amount and are the best choice for owners with allergies.

Why Do Parti Yorkies Loose Hair?

Normally Parti Yorkies do not shed much. But if your Parti Yorkie starts to shed more than normal, there could be a problem.

There might be some reasons why your Parti Yorkie is beginning to shed more than before. Here are some of the reasons why your Parti Yorkie has begun to shed their hair:


Pregnant Parti Yorkies tend to shed more than normal.  This can occur at any stage of the pregnancy.

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like all living things, Parti Yorkies secrete hormones. Particularly while moving into adulthood, adolescent Parti Yorkies may experience a brief period of hormonal imbalance that causes excess shedding.


Another reason for shedding is the presence of fleas, especially during the spring when the flea population increases. The shredding is usually the result of increased scratching.


Lack of grooming is another reason your Parti Yorkie may appear to be shedding more than normal. If you do not brush your Parti Yorkie regularly their dead hairs will remove themselves naturally, instead of on your brush.


Not always the case but some Parti Yorkie wonders reported excess shedding when their dogs were also infected with parasites.

Physical Illness

Also, some diseases might trigger additional shedding. Particularly Cushing’s disease.


Anxiety and nervousness are also common causes of additional shedding in most dog breeds, not just Parti Yorkies.

Are Parti Yorkies’ Coats Harmful to Human Health?

As with any dog’s coat, Parti Yorkies’ coats might be harmful if you swallow the hairs or inhale them. 

However, in general, Parti Yorkies’ hairs are not harmful to human health but should be removed from the home as much as possible as hair attracts dust and other microbes.

How Often Should I Brush My Parti Yorkie?

You should brush your Parti Yorkie daily if possible or at least twice a week. Veterinarians recommend brushing your Parti Yorkies regularly.

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While some Parti Yorkies don’t like to be brushed, some of them love it. You can easily get your Parti Yorkie used to being brushed if you maintain a grooming schedule from a young age.

Once they get used to it, they will love their daily brushing. It not only gets rid of dead hairs, it is also a relaxing massage too!

They will feel relaxed and better able to sleep, to grooming your Parti Yorkie in the evenings is best, it helps to wind them down at the end of the day.

When Should A Parti Yorkie Get its First Haircut?

Parti Yorkies should be ready for their first grooming between 15- 20 weeks old. If their nails are long, they should be shortened, their hair should be cut and shaped and they should be given a bath. 

From this age onwards, you should groom your Parti Yorkie on a monthly basis.

How Often Should Parti Yorkies Be Bathed?

Parti Yorkies should be given a bath once a month. You can bathe your Parti Yorkie less often in cold weather. 

Puppy Parti Yorkies can take a bath after 3-4 months of age. In order for your Parti Yorkie’s fur to look cleaner and not clumpy, it should be combed with a brush after bathing. 

If you wish, you can spray your Parti Yorkie with the natural mix perfumes you bought from your veterinarian.

How Often Should Parti Yorkies Have Their Nails Trimmed?

You should have your party Yorkie’s nails trimmed monthly at your vet. If you wish, you can easily do this yourself, but you need to be careful not to cut your Parti Yorkie’s nails too deeply. 

Because dogs have veins at the roots of their nails, if you cut too deeply, you can cause bleeding that is difficult to stop. 

If you don’t get your Parti Yorkie’s nails trimmed regularly, they can hurt you and your kids while playing. Long nails can cause other minor injuries.

Do Parti Yorkies Shed Seasonally?

Parti Yorkies, like other dog breeds, may shed more at the turn of the season. This is something that comes naturally. 

For this reason, you may find that your Parti Yorkie sheds more as the seasons begin to warm, ready for their summer coat. However, overall, they won’t shed much.

Also if you brush your Parti Yorkie regularly during these periods you will help to remove the hair faster and easier. You will both purify your dog from dead hair and prevent your Parti Yorkie from shedding in the house.

Is Parti Yorkie Shedding Minor?

Yes, Parti Yorkies are among those that shed the least. In general, Yorkies dogs are known for their low shedding, but they have regular grooming needs.

Compared to other dogs, Parti Yorkies are much easier when it comes to keeping your home hair-free. This means that you do not have to spend time cleaning, however, you will need to brush your Parti Yorkie regularly.