Do Electric Dog Fences Work? (Solved & Explained!)

If your dog is a master escape artist that is constantly getting out of your yard, might be considering getting an electric fence to keep them in. These fences do work and restrict your dog in an area you specify, but they can also cause psychological and physical harm to your dog.

What is an Electric Fence?

Electric fences give an electric shock to keep your dogs or farm animals in a certain area. The shock voltage from the wires can cause injury or even death to your animals if not properly maintained.

Electric fences have also been used for many years in military units and prisons to prevent inmates from escaping. There are incidents of high-voltage electrical currents that either seriously injured or killed inmates who tried to escape.

Will Electric Fences Hurt My Dog?

Electric dog fences are made to limit our dog living or play spaces. But if your dog runs towards the wires and unwittingly rubs the wires slowly, no matter how low the voltage level, the electric fence will shock your dog. How much pain dogs feel from this is currently up for debate.

Sudden electric shock from an unknown place unexpectedly, is undesirable and sometimes painful. Dogs that get shocked regularly may begin to suffer psychological damage, like fear or anxiety.

Will The Electric Fence Harm My Dog’s Psychology?

Yes, electric fences are more than enough to affect your dog’s psychology. Your dog sees the garden as a playground, a place of fun and security. If they are startled by an electric shock every time they go out to the garden, they may begin to associate the space with pain and fear.

Researchers say that electric fences create feelings of anxiety and fear in dogs and that if not treated with therapies, lifelong behavioral disorders can occur.

Can a Dog Jump Over an Electric Fence?

Electric fences make it impossible for dogs to jump over or escape with the electrical band level they create. At the same time, they are unable to dig tunnels underneath or chew the wires.

In terms of use, it does work as a deterrent, both from your dog escaping or from trespassers on your property as people are also unable to jump over electric fences.

Why Do We Need Electric Fences?

The first of the reasons why we need electric fences is that our dog may escape and can get hurt or injured if out on the streets alone.

In addition to this, it is to prevent people from outside from entering the garden and ensures that your home is safe.

Electric fences are effective at keeping cattle in fields. Many people argue about how good this is for the cattle, but electric fences are considered a psychological barrier rather than a physical one as the cattle learn not to touch the fence.

Why Should I Get an Electric Fence for My Dog?

Some dogs are great at escaping regular fences and may scare your neighbors or get into trouble on the streets. Thanks to the electric fences, dogs are contained in your yard, so you can leave your dog outside with peace of mind that they won’t get out.

However proper training is always the desired solution instead of an electric fence.

Are Electric Fences Legal?

There are currently no legal restrictions or prohibitions on electric fences. Electric fences are preferred by cattle farmers so that cattle do not go out of their grazing areas.

Although there are different opinions on this issue, some believe that electric fences are against animal rights law. Some campaigns started by animal rights associations and advocates work to ban these fences, but for now, there is no legal sanction.

Are Electric Fences Cruel to Dogs?

Electric fences are cruel for your dogs because they can cause psychological harm. Dogs have more complex and sensitive brain chemistry than cattle and will associate electric fences with danger which can lead to anxiety issues.

Although electric fences do not give a deadly voltage shock, they can be painful for your dog. Our furry friends may become restless and fearful of going outside. This could cause other issues, especially when you try to take them out for a walk.

Are Electric Fences Dangerous for Your Child?

Electric fences are more dangerous for your child than they are for your dog. A child is much less robust than your dog and a shock from an electric fence can cause them to faint, younger infants are much more at risk.

Electric shock is a painful action that causes rapid circulation in the body and rendering all our functional limbs dysfunctional momentarily. For a small child, this could have very serious consequences.

Therefore, in order not to take this risk, it is not recommended to install an electric fence in areas that your children frequent.

How Old Should Your Dog Be for Electric Fences?

You want to use an electric fence for your dog in your garden, they should be a fully grown adult, no younger than 2 years old. 

Adult dogs are less affected by the electrical voltages they receive from the fence compared to puppies, depending on your dog’s character and build. While some dogs are very sensitive and delicate, others can be much more durable.

Also, the size of your dog must be considered. Chihuahuas will have a much harder time recovering from a shock from an electric fence than a Great Dane.

If you must get an electric fence for your dog, only install one under the appropriate conditions. It is important to install it correctly and make sure it is adequately maintained.

Will an Electric Fence Kill My Dog?

Electric fences are not designed to kill your animals, merely just to shock them and reinforce behavior. 

The low voltage of the system will not cause your animals to die. Death as a result of electric fences is rare and only occurs if the fence is faulty.

Therefore, it is very important that you make sure to monitor your fence and maintain it regularly.