Do Dogs Like Being Kissed? (Solved & Explained!)

Dogs do not kiss each other, so it is assumed that they do not like being kissed by humans. However, dogs love affection, from humans and dogs alike. 

Your dog understands that your kiss is a sign of affection, and he absolutely loves it when you show that your care. Dogs are social animals that love any interactions that show love. It is great for their self-esteem and confidence within the ‘pack’.

Do Dogs Understand What a Kiss is?

As a puppy, your dog has mostly interacted with its mother, so does not understand what a kiss is. However, as your dog gets older and learns human behaviors, they learn to understand that a kiss is a sign of fondness.

But no matter their age, dogs don’t really understand what a kiss is, but they do understand that it is a good thing.

Is a Dog Lick a Kiss?

While we call them kisses, dog licks are not kisses, as kissing is not a natural canine behavior. But licking is! If your dog is licking you it is a sure sign that they love you.

Licking is a grooming behavior – a common sign of affection among many animals, not just dogs. 

Dog licking has many meanings, all of them good! You might find your dog trying to lick a wound if you are injured, or licking other pets in the household. This is a textbook canine behavior to show that they care for you and the rest of the family.

Should You Let Your Dog Lick You?

While licking is a positive behavior, it isn’t entirely safe. If you are healthy and your skin has no open wounds then it is fine for your dog to lick you.

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The problem is when they lick a wound or your face, bacteria can enter your body through the lick. 

Dogs can harbor harmful bacterias on their tongues from licking the ground, plants, other dogs, and themselves! they can pick up all sorts of infectious bacterias that can make humans sick. So it is best to allow licking only on clean healthy skin.

Why Do Dogs Kiss You On The Mouth?

Mouths are very vulnerable parts of the face, when your dog licks your mouth is it their way of showing extra affection, and a way of telling you that you taste good!

Licking on the mouth is a behavior that dogs learn from birth from their mothers and it is full of useful information. From licking your mouth, dogs can tell where you have been, and what you have been eating, and who else you may have been kissing!

Dogs have extremely sensitive noses and they can smell anything you have consumed recently. It is also enjoyable for them, even if you don’t feel the same!

Am I OK To Kiss My Dog?

It is fine to kiss your dog so long and you do so safely, and avoid kissing on the mouth.

Dogs have over 600 different bacteria that live in their mouths, Whilst most of them are harmless, dog (and cat) mouths can play host to harmful bacteria such as Pasteurella, which can cause lymph node and skin infections.

Another dangerous bacteria found in the mouths of dogs is Capnocytophaga Canimorsus, which can develop into sepsis in individuals with underlying health issues.

Do Dogs Like Being Hugged and Kissed?

Like kissing, dogs are not ‘huggers’ by nature but they will sleep together and may lie on top or underneath other dogs that they feel affection towards. So, just like kisses and licks, dogs do like hugging and recognize that it is a way that humans express affection.

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If you pair a hug with a kiss then your dog will recognize this extra love and care! Dogs are highly sociable animals that adapt to human behaviors quickly. A hug and a kiss tell them that you love them very much.

Why Does My Dog Kiss Everyone But Me?

Dogs use body language to tell you what they are feeling. If your dog is a mouth kisser with everyone except you, it may be that they do not feel as close to you as they do the other members of the family.

It is also important to note that dogs are hierarchical creatures, and mouth kisses are only initiated by ‘lower’ ranking members of the family. If your dog thinks they are higher than you in the pecking order, they may be waiting for you to kiss them first!

Do Some Dog Breeds Like Kisses More Than Others?

Although dog ‘kisses’ are natural to most breeds some breeds like American Eskimos and Huskys don’t kick each other much in general, they do learn this behavior from humans.

Also, each family carries its own culture. If you do not like being kissed by dogs and do not encourage the behavior, then your dog will not kiss you and will be perfectly happy with all other forms of affection.

Can You Kiss Your Dog Too Much?

There are right and wrong times for kissing, and some dogs don’t take to kissing at all. If your dog doesn’t respond to kisses and doesn’t appear to like it, don’t force it.

It is ok to kiss your dog from time to time but smothering them too much can make them anxious and cause them to misbehave.

Is It OK To Kiss Your Dog on The Head?

Kissing your dog on the head is absolutely fine, so long as they aren’t showing any signs of nervousness or aggression.

Kissing your dog on the head is safer than kissing your dog on the mouth, but isn’t without risk.

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Although the risk is low, bacteria is also present on your dogs’ fur. But as long as your dog is clean and you are healthy, head kissing is a great way to show your dog that you love them.

Is It Okay To Let My Dog Lick Peoples Faces?

It is advisable not to let your dog lick people’s faces.

This is because of the bacteria present in dogs’ mouths. The bacteria could easily be passed from licking the face, just as they can be passed from licking wounds.

Also, not everyone likes being licked by dogs. Although it is a sign of affection from your dog, another person may not like it or might be intimidated by the behavior.