What Is the Difference Between a Biewer and Parti Yorkie? (Solved!)

The Yorkshire Terrier is a well-loved and highly popular breed that is famous for their strong personalities, soft coats and loyal nature. Parti Yorkies are a colour variation within the Yorkie breed, whereas Biewers are considered a breed of their own, Partis being mainly white and Biewers a specific mix of black, tan, white and possibly blue or gold.

Both Biewers and Parti Yorkies are specially bred and require very particular parentage for their unique, attractive colouring to be present. The two types can come with different variations in their colours and patterns, and different personalities and behaviours, but ultimately need to have the Biewer or Parti genetics to be considered one of the two.

This article will go into more detail about what separates the Biewer and Parti Yorkies from more traditional Yorkshire Terriers, the differences between the two varieties and what you might expect from either breed of dog.

Are Parti Yorkies the Same as Yorkies?

Ultimately, Parti is a term used to refer to a colour variation of the Yorkshire Terrier breed and can be considered to be part of the same family. Just like how a chocolate or yellow Labrador has a distinct colour but is still considered to be within the Labrador breed, Partis are still Yorkies, but with specific colouring.

What is the difference between a Yorkie and a Parti Yorkie?

A Yorkshire Terrier traditionally has the colouring of tan, black, or blue, but the Parti Yorkie is a variation with white or chocolate in its hair. In the American Kennel Club definition, a Yorkie can only have a small amount of white to be considered typical, whereas a Parti Yorkie will usually be more white than any other colour.

How Do You Get a Parti Yorkie?

Parti Yorkies can only be born when both parents carry the Parti gene, which is recessive and is likely to be dominated by traditional Yorkie colours. Many traditional Yorkies do carry this recessive gene, so it is possible for Partis to be born into litters where both parents present with typical Yorkie colouring.

What Colours Do Parti Yorkies Come In?

Parti Yorkies can have white and chocolate colouring, alongside the traditional tan, black, or blue which means that there is more variation in their markings as well. Sometimes they will have combinations of any of these colours, large amounts of one colour or another, or even be all in one shade, like completely blonde or completely chocolate.

Are Biewers the Same as Yorkies?

While Parti Yorkies are simply a colour variation within the Yorkshire Terrier family, Biewers are purebred and recognised as a distinct breed in their own right. The Biewer breed is fairly new and is an offshoot of the Yorkshire Terrier line, so while they originate from Yorkies, they are not just a different variety.

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How is a Biewer Different from a Parti Yorkie?

The Biewer is a specific variation of the Parti Yorkie, bred by Mr and Mrs Biewer in Germany in the 80s, that has to come from the original puppy’s line. They can look similar, or even identical, to Parti Yorkies but are known for having tri-colour coats in either black, white and tan or blue, white and tan.

Where Do Biewers Come From?

All Biewers share ancestry with one specific puppy that the Biewer family found to have particularly unique and charming colouring. They had been breeding Yorkies from the 70s, but it wasn’t until 1984 that the special black, white and tan puppy was born who would go on to give birth to a whole new breed of dog.

When Did Biewers Become a Distinct Breed?

Biewer Terriers are one of the most recently recognised new breeds of dog, having been determined to be a unique breed in 2007. It was the first breed in history to use a genetic study, showing its distinct makeup of Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese and Bichon Frise, to allow it to be recognised as a purebred.

Do Biewers and Parti Yorkies Have the Same Type of Coat?

While the colouration is what separates them from the traditional Yorkshire Terrier, both Biewers and Parti Yorkies have the same sort of coat, though Biewers are often softer. They are both hypo-allergenic, meaning that they produce much less of the dander that causes most allergic reactions when they are shedding, which is a real benefit to owners.

Do Biewers and Parti Yorkies Have Different Personalities?

Where Parti Yorkies have the same variety of personality types as regular Yorkies, being only distinct in their colouration as opposed to a different breed, Biewers do have some unique traits that you may notice. Biewers are light-hearted and companionable, whereas typical Yorkies are bolder and are often used as hunting dogs.

Do Biewer Dogs Bark a Lot?

Biewer Terriers are known to be very easy to get along with and they do not tend to bark excessively. Yorkshire Terriers in general are, however, typically a lot louder than their size might lead you to believe so any Yorkie, or Biewer, will need to be well trained to ensure that they are not making too much noise.

Are Biewer Terriers Aggressive Compared to Other Breeds?

Biewer Terriers are generally less aggressive and dominant than traditional Yorkies, though their specific personalities will be different for each and every individual dog. Both typical Yorkshire Terriers and Biewers can show aggression and let themselves be heard, particularly towards strangers or larger dogs, but will be affectionate and caring when trained properly.

Are Biewer Terriers Expensive?

Biewer Terriers are purebred dogs that need to come from a very particular lineage, and as such, they can be very expensive to buy. Smaller breeds also tend to be more expensive than larger breeds because of the small size of the litter, so there are fewer puppies on the market at any time.

Are Parti Yorkies Expensive?

While Parti Yorkies are not a distinct breed, their special colouration does make them around as expensive as a Biewer. You can expect to pay $1,500 or more for one of these puppies, even up to $10,000 if they come from a superior pedigree and are registered with the AKC.

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