The Top 5 Covono Wireless Dog Fences (Which One For You?)

How many times have you had to search for your dog? They wander away in curiosity or get lost after an exciting chase, and that ensuing search is terrifying.

Even building a physical fence isn’t enough to deter every dog from getting out of the yard – some will sail right over it with no hesitation. One of the best solutions in these cases is a wireless dog fence, which can help keep your pet safe and provide you with more peace of mind.

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Top Pick


With enough boundary wire included to enclose 3/4 of an acre, this fence will create a nice, big, safe space for your dog. If that’s not enough space, you can always add on an extra wire to expand the area.

The collar receiver is all weatherproof, adjustable, and features rechargeable batteries. You won’t have to worry about dead batteries allowing your dog to cross the fence line.

This model enables you to set the thickness of the fence by adjusting the strength of its signal. That means more protection for your pet, as well as for anything you might want to keep them out of.


  • It works in any weather condition.
  • Any configuration will work as long as the wire connects in a loop.


Runner Up


The nylon collar included with this model features an LED display and a clean design. Improvements have been made using customer input to create a more stable and reliable receiver.

Wiring can be run underground or above ground, providing you with options when it comes to installation. Your options are further expanded by the ability to shape the fenced-in area any way you like, as long as the wire is looped.

While the system comes in sets pre-prepared for one or two pets, you can purchase additional receivers to allow for more. The collars fit a wide range of dogs, from 10 lb miniatures to a hefty 120 lbs for full-size breeds.


  • It comes in systems ready for one or two dogs
  • The collar receiver works with any compatible transmitter.


  • The collar runs a bit big for very small dogs.
  • The level of shock in the collar cannot be adjusted.

Best for Multiple Dogs


Conovo has upgraded this model to use a more unique and lower frequency, providing the system with more sensitivity as well as less interference with the signal. The result is increased reliability and safety for your pets.

The smaller collar receiver allows your dog to be more comfortable when they have to wear the collar for long periods. It also has a feature that beeps first before providing a deterring shock.

Waterproof, adjustable, and featuring rechargeable batteries, the updated collar is suitable for an even broader range of dogs than previous Conovo versions. The upper weight limit and neck size have been increased, and the batteries will hold a charge for up to 20 days.


  • There is no limit to how many dogs can be connected to the transmitter.
  • The audible and visual wire break alarm warns of damage.


  • In some dogs, head motion can turn off the collar on/off button.
  • The collar may loosen quickly on hyperactive dogs.

Best for Excitable Dogs


The fence system in this model allows for different levels of intensity in shock depending on your dog’s proximity to the fence. The receiver on the collar will first beep in warning as the dog gets too close to the boundary, then shock if necessary.

This model features speed detection, meaning that the shock will be stronger in the event of your dog running at the fence. That makes it an excellent choice for excitable and hyperactive dogs that might otherwise bolt right across the boundary.

A wire break warning ensures your pet’s safety in the event of damage to the fence wiring. This means no more discovering damage to the fence after your dog has already escaped.


  • The wire can be added onto to create a boundary as large as required.
  • Speed detecting function creates a more intense shock that responds to dogs that run at the boundary to get through.


  • Some collars tend to have faulty wires and may need replacing by the company.
  • The wire tends to be fragile.

Best for Escape Artists


Conovo has upgraded this model, making it more stable and sensitive to ensure dogs’ safety. The increased sensitivity means any little escape artists will have their efforts at figuring out a way through the fence thwarted before they can pull a Houdini.

Suitable for everything from toy breeds to larger dogs, the collars fit pet necks between 7 and 26 inches, and the receiver is appropriate for pets between 12 lbs and 135 lbs. An unlimited number of receivers will work within the fence, as well.

Progressive correction settings sound like a beep when your dog gets near the fence line. If the pet continues, the receiver will send a shock of higher intensity to discourage them without causing harm.


  • The shock doesn’t physically harm dogs even at maximum intensity.
  • Easy to use and understand, and quick to set up.


How Much Does It Cost to Install a Wireless Fence?

This depends completely on individual products. You might find yourself spending between $50 and $2000 for a wireless fence, but Conovo models range on the lower end of prices.

Can Wireless Fences Be Installed Above Ground?

They certainly can – above-ground installation is an option. The wire included works equally well when run above ground, buried beneath, or even attached to an existing fence.

Can a Dog Run Through a Wireless Fence?

Most dogs won’t, but it is possible with pets that tend to become overexcited. However, positive training and rewards for good behavior such as remaining inside the wireless boundary can go a long way toward encouraging your pet to do so.

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