The Cost for Dog DNA Test

Crossbreeding is incredibly common now. This, together with all the different diseases each of the breeds have, makes it important to know the DNA makeup of your dog.

With the DNA results, you’ll have enough answers about possible allergies, health risks, and diseases. It’ll help you take good care of your dog.

There are tons of other good reasons why you should get the DNA test for your dog. But you’re probably still pondering on how much it would cost you to get the dog’s DNA test.

We’ve gathered all the information you might need on costs, factors, and the test itself.

Here we go!

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About the Dogs’ DNA Test

The dog DNA test determines the parent breeds of the dog. It’s pretty beneficial to your dog to know the breeds that make him up. Certain breeds are more prone to certain diseases and allergies than others.

There are also behavioral differences in breeds. For example, poodles are more athletic than most other breeds. The test can predict the success of a dog in a certain activity or skill.

Also, some big clubs, like the American Kennel Club, require a DNA test to determine the purity and parentage.

That’s considering it’s for your family dog. For the purpose of breeding, it’s even more crucial. Not knowing the dogs’ ancestry and genetic history thoroughly might lead to bad breeding. That would only lead to puppies that don’t match what you wanted or planned for.

The DNA testing will let you into a profile of possible traits, behaviors, and genetic conditions.

The companies that do DNA testing have databases of breed genetic-markers. When they receive the sample they run it against the profiles in their databases. They determine the ancestry of your dog by seeing what breed-specific markers they check.

The sample could be through an at-home-kit via a cheek swab, which is most common now. Or it could be a blood sample through the vet, like Mars Veterinary’s Wisdom Panel Professional, which is currently the only one available of its type.

All tests are available online and you could also find them in pet supply retail stores.

Average Cost for Dogs’ DNA Test

The cost for dogs’ DNA test varies from one company to another, as well as the quality and accuracy. The price depends on several factors, like

  • The technique used to determine the dog’s DNA.
  • In the case of the blood sample, the specific vet you see.
  • Regarding the vet, his price itself will differ from one geographical place to another.
  • The number of dog breeds the company has in its database. (The larger the number of breeds the more accurate the result will be).

The average cost is usually between $60 and $140. The price includes the sample and the result. In most cases, the test is expected to be over 90% accurate in determining the ancestor breeds.

Predicting diseases is a little trickier, but it still gives more information than you would have had without it

The 3 Best DNA Testing Companies

There’re 3 tests taking the market by a storm right now. All have their shortcomings and advantages, with varying costs. You can check them right here and decide what matches your particular needs best.

Wisdom Panel

Wisdom Panel has grown over the past decade to include over 350 breeds in its database. Actually, it has opted lately to include felines as well. A sign for how large it’s becoming.

It offers two tests. An essential one and a premium one. The essential screens for 350 breeds to uncover the ancestry of the dogs back to their great-grandparents. As well as identify any breed mix down to 1%. It also screens for over 25 medical complications and 35 traits.

The premium one screens for the same 350 breeds, but it screens over 200 health tests.


The essential costs about $99.99 and the premium $159.99. However, costs vary so check the link above for current prices.

Why we Like It

  • It has over 350 breeds in its database.
  • The database includes at least 99% of the 180 AKC recognized ones
  • Free shipping ( in the USA)

The Downside

  • A bit overpriced


Embark is the official dog DNA test of the Westminster Kennel Club. And not for trivial reasons, it tests for over 250 breeds including the 180 officially recognized ones. It also screens for over 175 health risks.

The result arrives with a vet report actually. So that you can discuss with your vet all the risks your dog faces.


The breed identification kit is $129 and the breed+ health kit is $169. However, costs vary so check the link above for current prices.

Why we Like It

  • It tests for over 175 health risks due to genetic mutations.
  • It offers an incredible amount of genetic information in its result.
  • You can also live chat with them to interpret the results.

The Downside

  • The upgrades are relatively expensive.

HomeDNA Orivet Dog

HomeDNA offers two different tests. One mainly for breeds mixes and information. And one focusing almost entirely on the health of the dog. Both tests come with a personalized life plan for the dog.

Other tests offer 2-in-1 results. But the focus here on health gives one of the very best results you could get. Its breed test is valuable as well, it screens for over 220 recognized breeds.


Each of both tests, the health screen, and mixed-breed identification, cost $84.99. However, costs vary so check the link above for current prices.

Why we Like It

  • Valuable and accurate health screening.
  • Genetic mutation screening for over 150 health conditions.
  • Personalized life plan.

The Downside

  • Two separate tests that would be expensive if you wanted them both.


Dogs’ DNA testing has proved itself extremely useful whether for breeding or general dogs’ well fare. It has improved a lot over the last decade too, getting more accurate and including more breeds.

The cost for dogs’ DNA tests was still one of the remaining worrying aspects about it. However, as you saw, there’s variety in prices. In my opinion, the test is completely worth the money.