How To Cook Kielbasa for Dogs (Solved & Explained)

Kielbasas are super tasty, versatile Polish sausages, but often, people aren’t sure how to cook them, especially when they want to share them with their dogs. In reality, they are pretty simple to prepare and do not require much seasoning because authentic kielbasa is pretty strong in flavor, since they are packed with garlic and marjoram. 

You can cook kielbasa for you dog by frying, boiling, poaching, grilling or baking, with equally delicious results. Since the kielbasa you can buy in supermarkets tend to already be smoked and cooked before they are packaged, they’re a pretty easy meat to prepare and cook, as all you have to think about is ensuring they’re hot before serving.

Option One: Pan Fry

This is probably the most popular way of cooking and serving kielbasa to your dogs. Heat up some butter or oil on a skillet. Then, add your kielbasa dogs and let them release their flavor as they heat in the pan. 

Most often, recipes suggest cutting your kielbasa into slices around an inch thick. This way, your kielbasa slices will retain all of their flavor and moisture on the inside, but you can get them nice and crispy on the outside if you’d like. Of course, cut up your kielbasa as you wish; this absolutely depends on how quickly you want them to cook and whether you want them to crisp up or not!

Option Two: Boil

A more traditional method of cooking kielbasa for dogs is to boil them. This is a lower fat and healthier way that we recommend.

This is a pretty quick method, too – just bring a large pot of water to the boil and add your kielbasa for a couple of minutes. Allow up to ten minutes for large kielbasa or five for smaller ones. This is a pretty good way of cooking lots of the sausages at once if you’re cooking bulk kielbasa dog treats.

Since kielbasa already has a pretty high salt content, you don’t need to add more to boiling water. This is an easy way of cooking kielbasa whilst retaining their natural flavor. 

Once they are completely cooked through, make sure you let the sausages completely drain for a minute before serving. You may choose to slice your kielbasa before serving, or if you have smaller ones, they might already be correctly portioned.

Option Three: Poach

By poaching your kielbasa, you can infuse them with more flavor as they cook. The process is very similar to boiling them. However, instead of just using water, you can use different ingredients to supercharge their flavor.

Only do this as super special treats for your dogs (thought it’s not much extra work to be honest)!

A popular way of poaching kielbasa is to use beef broth rather than water. Depending on the number of kielbasa dogs you are cooking at once, you’ll want to adjust how many boxes of broth you are using. As a rough guide, try to fill the pot you are using to poach about a third of the way full.

Bring your broth to a boil with some butter, sweet potatoes, and carrots. After about 15 minutes, your kielbasas should be infused with these rich flavors, and ready to serve as you wish. Your dogs can eat the sweet potatoes and carrots too in moderation.

Option Four: Grill

Kielbasa dogs are also great for grilling. Though they are not traditionally served with a crispy skin, they are delicious if you char them a little on the outside.

To grill kielbasa, cut the sausage into larger pieces than if you were to fry them, more like three-inch slices, or cut the sausage down the middle lengthways. Place them on a hot grill for about 5 minutes, or 2-3 minutes either side, turning frequently. 

Again, these work really well with dog-safe vegetables grilled alongside them (e.g. carrots, broccoli, sweet potatoes slices, and celery).

Grilling or barbecuing your kielbasa dogs is a slightly healthier option, as it allows any excess fats and oils to drip out of them as they cook. Kielbasa dogs are certainly not known for being healthy, but if you’re conscious of the fat content it’s safe to give them to your dog in moderation.

Option Five: Bake

Alternatively, kielbasa dogs can be baked, and make for quick batched dog treats.

Kielbasa have a solid structure, so they can be cut up and cooked without any risk of them falling apart. 

Note – Always choose a kielbasa that doesn’t contain garlic or onions as these can be harmful to your dog.

Once you have cut up your kielbasa they can be added to a roasting dish with dog-safe vegetables and baked until everything is cooked.