How Should I Cook Eggs for My Dog? (Solved & Explained!)

To prepare an egg for a dog you can either fry, boil or scramble it. The important thing is that the egg is cooked the entire way through and no part is left raw or partially cooked.

In this article, we will take you through everything that you need to know about cooking eggs for your dog from the different cooking methods to the frequency that they should eat eggs as well as the different types of eggs.

How can I cook eggs for my dog?

You can cook eggs for your dog using any method that you would for yourself. You can choose to make fried eggs, scrambled eggs, poached eggs or even hard-boiled eggs. But they must be properly and thoroughly cooked.

To make a fried egg for your dog use a non-stick frying pan to avoid needing to use any oil if possible. Crack the egg into the frying pan and leave for five minutes. Flip and let the yolk cook through as well. Leave to cool.

To scramble eggs for your dog crack a couple of eggs into a pan and lightly whisk until they are cooked all the way through. Do not add any extras such as milk or cream as this may cause an intake of too much fat.

To boil eggs for your dog prepare them like you would normally. Boil a pan of water and carefully add the eggs. Leave to boil for 12 minutes. Remove from the water, leave to cool and then peel away the shells.

To poach an egg for your dog fill a saucepan with boiling water and get crack an egg into the water. Keep the water moving in a circular motion for around 4 minutes. Remove the egg from the water and leave it to cool down.

The most important thing to know when cooking eggs for your dog is that you cannot add any seasonings such as salt or pepper or other flavorings such as hot sauce.

What kind of eggs can dogs eat?

Dogs can eat almost any type of egg as long as they are properly cooked, there is no shell in the egg or any seasonings.

The eggs should be as plain as possible, containing little to no butter, milk, cream or oil. 

How much egg can I feed my dog?

Because eggs are very high in calories, fat and protein it is important that you do not feed your dog too much egg. The bigger your dog the more egg you are able to give them.

For a smaller dog you should only be giving them a maximum of two small eggs every week. If you have a larger dog then they will be able to have up to 4 eggs every week.

Can you give eggs to dogs every day?

No, you cannot give eggs to your dog every day. This is because eggs are very high in calories, protein and fat and so should be given sparingly.

In order to give your dog every day you would need to give them a very small portion. So, it is better and easier to give them eggs a few times a week rather than every single day.

Can I feed my dog raw eggs?

Yes, dogs can eat raw eggs. However, you should mix it into other foods and ensure that the egg is in date and has not gone bad.

If you have already prepared cooked meat or vegetables for them or you have served them premade dog food then you can simply crack an egg over the top of their meal and mix it in.

Is egg good for dogs?

Yes, eggs are a great source of many different nutrients that are important to include in your dog’s diet. However, they are an incredibly dense food.

This means that you should be careful of how much egg you feed your dog every week and limit their intake of egg to a maximum of one egg per day.

Eggs are a great source of fat and protein for your dog. However, they are also very high in calories for their size. 

Are eggs easy for dogs to digest?

Yes, eggs are very easy for dogs to digest, particularly when they are cooked. So, adding an egg to your dog’s food is a great way to give them a boost of the essential nutrients that they need.

Raw eggs are a bit more difficult for dogs to digest because of the high protein levels in the egg. So, in order to make the food easier on your dog’s stomach, it is best to cook the egg before serving it to your dog.

Do eggs give dogs gas?

Yes, eggs can give your dog gas, or at least make it significantly more noticeable. This is because of the levels of sulfur in the egg.

You may notice that your dog has particularly smelly gas after eating eggs. If this becomes a significant problem then you may want to consider reducing the amount of eggs that your dog is fed.

Do eggs help dogs with an upset stomach?

Yes, giving your dog eggs if they have an upset stomach is a good way to help them get better. This is because the eggs are easy to digest.

If your dog is having trouble keeping anything down then the amount of calories, fat and protein that your dog gets from such a small amount of food will help them feel better.

Can dogs eat eggs with cheese?

Yes, dogs can eat eggs with cheese. So, if your dog has a particular affinity for a cheesy omelette then this is a good treat for them every now and then. 

However, try to give them eggs with cheese too often as this will contain a lot of fat and calories that can lead to health issues.

Can dogs eat egg yolk?

Yes, dogs can eat cooked egg yolk. This will provide your dog with a good dose of healthy fat and protein.