How Many Commands Can a Dog Learn? (Solved & Explained!)

The American Kennel Club’s recommendation has long been to teach dogs five basic commands, which include sit and lay down. These are generally the ones that most dogs will learn.

At least one study in the United Kingdom found that extremely well-socialized dogs can learn over 50 commands. It’s likely that once you get really used to your dog, they’ll learn to understand you in a more sophisticated way than a mere set of commands could ever explain.

What is the Hardest Command to Teach a Dog?

Teaching dogs to crawl on command is especially challenging, but it’s one of the basic skills that they have to teach dogs who are trained for police work. It’s also very difficult to teach a dog to wait for several moments and then start moving again with only a single command.

This isn’t something you’re likely to teach a family pet, but it’s really important for dogs that sniff out dangerous materials.

How Many Words Can Dumb Dogs Learn?

Provided that they can still hear well, even dogs with severe cognitive impairments can understand at least five basic commands. They’ll probably understand at least parts of human speech as well, especially if they spend a lot of time around their owners.

A study involving border collies found that particularly smart dogs can identify over 150 human words, so this is a pretty big gap nonetheless.

What Are the Stupidest Dogs?

In spite of the fact that they’re one of the oldest dog breeds around, Basenji dogs are often said to be the slowest when it comes to learning new words and ideas. This might be due to the fact that they’ve suffered from a small gene pool over the years caused by inbreeding.

Purebred dogs that come from small gene pools in general are going to have a greater risk of cognitive disabilities than mutts or mongrels.

What is the Average IQ of a Dog?

The average IQ of a dog, in dog terms, is 100 just because an IQ of 100 is supposed to be average. In reality, though, few people would ever measure dog smarts with an IQ test.

A much better test would be to see how many words and commands they could understand. Reportedly, the top 20 percent of dogs can learn upwards of 250 words according to noted canine researcher Stanley Coren.

He’s also claimed that many dogs can count 4-5 objects before they just lose interest in math.

What Basic Commands Should a Dog Know?

Sit, stay, come and drop it are among the most important commands for a dog to know. Leave it is also a good one, because there are times you’ll want to make sure that you dog doesn’t go up to something toxic and try to put it in their mouth.

Down is another good command to teach a dog, but it can be a little harder to get some breeds to understand it. This is especially true of smaller dogs that might not get the difference between laying down and just sitting there.

What is the Smartest Breed of Dog?

According to a psychology assessment conducted by the University of British Columbia, Border Collies tend to be the most prized for their intelligence. German shepherds and most poodles also ranked very high on this study.

How Can I Teach My Dog More Commands if They Already Know a Lot?

Every dog is different so there’s no hard and fast rule on what to do if your dog already knows a number of commands. If your dog is still being really cooperative, then you can probably teach him or her commands like normal.

Otherwise, if your dog is starting to get frustrated, then you might want to hold back for a bit before starting up with teaching additional commands. When you do, you’ll want to follow the same exact procedure that you always had for teaching a dog.

How Do I Know When My Dog is Reaching it’s Limit of Number of Commands Learned

Dogs will usually just start to act really lethargic or frustrated when they stop making progress during training. It’s hard to explain what exactly happens because each dog has a different personality, but you’ll definitely know when your dog is getting confused or doesn’t want to cooperate anymore.

There’s also a chance that your dog will seem to suddenly stop responding to commands that he or she has always responded to well in the past.

What Commands Should I Teach My Dog First?

Come, sit and stay are probably the easiest for most dogs to learn, so these are often taught first. Since come could potentially save your dog’s life, by taking him or her out of the line of danger, there’s a good chance that this might be one of the most important ones to learn.

It’s also among the easiest to convince your dog to do considering that the concept of it is very simple for dogs to understand. If you use the right hand gestures and demonstrate to your dog what you want, then there’s a good chance that it would be easy to teach your dog to sit easily as well.

Can Dogs Unlearn Commands?

Normally, dogs won’t necessarily unlearn their training, but they can quickly abandon it if not corrected. This is especially true if your dog is hanging around a bunch of poorly behaved dogs.

What will usually happen is the other dogs will get your dog excited, and he or she suddenly won’t respond to commands. Your dog isn’t really unlearning commands so much as getting lost in the heat of the moment.

Eventually, dogs will forget how to respond to a command if you teach one to them and then fail to ever try using it again in the future.