How To Comfort a Dying Yorkie (10 Steps & Complete Guide)

There are ten things you can do to comfort a dying Yorkie.

  1. Create a peaceful space for your Yorkie.
  2. Stay close to your Yorkie.
  3. Give your Yorkie affection.
  4. Give your Yorkie enough water.
  5. Speak to your Yorkie in a gentle manner.
  6. Create a comfortable place for your Yorkie to sleep.
  7. Help your Yorkie manage his pain.
  8. Remain calm and patient with your Yorkie.
  9. Make sure your other pets are respecting your Yorkie.
  10. Teach your children how to treat your Yorkie.

Do you want to give your Yorkie the best last days possible? This list will teach you how to comfort a dying Yorkie.

Create a peaceful space for your Yorkie

Everything you need to do to comfort a dying Yorkie can be summed up in creating a peaceful environment.

Your Yorkie is likely exhausted and the last thing he wants is a blasting TV or people running around the house.

Take a pause on social visits and only let people over if they want to say goodbye to your dog.

Perhaps put on some calming jazz or classical music for your Yorkie to listen to. Just make sure it’s not too loud.

You can also keep the lights dim if you have the option to. The goal is to not overwhelm or overstimulate your Yorkie.

Stay close to your Yorkie

You need to stay close to your Yorkie in case any problems arise. 

An example of this is if your Yorkie wets his bed and you need to change his bedding immediately.

Be ready for hardship and prepare yourself to be a good pack leader.

If your Yorkie tries to remain in solitude, that’s okay. Coach Doggo explains that you need to make sure you’re close enough to monitor him so you can take care of him, but you don’t have to hold your Yorkie 24/7.

Give your Yorkie affection

There is a gentle balance between giving a dying dog enough affection and too much affection.

Don’t rustle up your Yorkie’s fur the way you may have in the past. Use gentle strokes and avoid any areas of pain.

You will know how your dog is reacting to your affection based on if he tries to run away from you or if he snuggles into you. You know your dog best and can read his nonverbal cues such as moving away from your hand.

Give your Yorkie enough water

Your Yorkie may be stubborn about drinking enough water towards the end of his life.

According to Farewell Pet, a website whose expertise is saying goodbye to pets, your Yorkie’s body will be shutting down in his final days. Therefore, he will not feel the sensation of when he is thirsty.

To see if your Yorkie is well hydrated, you can perform a skin test. If the skin behind your Yorkie’s neck stays up when you lift it, he is dehydrated. If it snaps back like usual, he is hydrated enough.

If your Yorkie refuses to drink water, there are thankfully other ways to encourage liquid consumption.

One way to hydrate your dog is to provide food with a lot of moisture in it. You can also add chicken broth to his water. Lastly, talk to your vet about potential water alternatives.

Speak to your Yorkie in a gentle manner 

Dogs pick up on the energy of their humans. 

Throughout your Yorkie’s life, he has learned to associate different tones of your voice with different emotions you are having.

If you speak to your Yorkie gently, he will find comfort in your words even if he can’t understand them.

Create a comfortable place for your Yorkie to sleep

In your Yorkie’s last days, he will likely sleep a lot.

It is vital to provide adequate bedding so your Yorkie can relax comfortably.

Sleep is important for a dying Yorkie because it helps him manage his pain and his energy levels will be low.

Help him out by creating the most comfortable bed possible.

Help your Yorkie manage his pain

Instead of making pain apparent, your Yorkie will try to hide his pain.

This is because of evolution. When animals in the wild show pain, they become easy prey.

So it is up to you as a pet owner to recognize the subtle signs that your Yorkie is in pain.

Some signs that your Yorkie may be in pain include panting, behavioral changes, hiding, and a rapid pulse. 

Work closely with your veterinarian. They can prescribe pain medication to help your Yorkie stay as pain-free as possible.

Remain calm and patient with your Yorkie

You will be putting in a lot of work during your Yorkie’s last days while trying to keep him as comfortable as possible.

Your Yorkie may lose a lot of abilities. For example, he may have trouble walking, eating, drinking, or going to the bathroom outside.

Stay patient with your dog. Remember that he is going through something just like you are. 

The calmer you are around your Yorkie, the calmer he will feel.

Make sure your other pets are respecting your Yorkie

If you have other pets, especially if you have a puppy, they may not know to lower their energy levels or to leave your Yorkie be.

You may have to put a gate up to keep your other pets from bothering your Yorkie.

On the other hand, if your pets are close friends, you may not want to separate them. With some supervision, even the wildest puppy can be a great companion for your Yorkie.

Teach your children how to treat your Yorkie

If you have children, it is important to keep them fully informed on what is going on.

It may be hard to have the talk with them, but they deserve to know that your Yorkie is dying.

Teaching them how to be gentle and take care of your dying Yorkie will be a huge life lesson.

Depending on the age of your children, you may have to supervise them while taking care of your Yorkie. But if you include your child in the process, it will help them go through the grieving process and feel helpful along the way.