How To Comfort a Dying Yorkie Poo? (Explained)

As your Yorkie Poo experiences their last moments of life, you must support them with kindness and love.  When your Yorkie Poo breathes their last, just having you nearby will be a great comfort.

The pain of knowing that your Yorkie Poo is nearing the end of its life is indescribable. You should put your Yorkie Poo in a comfortable place and tell them how much you love and care for them, in a soft tone of voice.

They may not understand the world,s but they will understand the sentiment and the gesture.

What Can I Do To Comfort My Dying Yorkie Poo?

Your Yorkie Poo may be conscious that something is wrong, so you should treat them with kindness and show him as much love as possible. 

You should create a quiet environment for your Yorkie Poo to relax, and constantly refresh their water and food as required, keeping them close so they do not have to go too far. 

If they are in pain you should give your Yorkie Poo pain relievers prescribed by your veterinarian and do your best to keep them comfortable, happy, and relaxed in their final days.

How Can I Make My Dying Yorkie Poo Comfortable?

While your Yorkie Poo is living the last moments of life, you must create a quiet and calm environment that is warm and comfortable.

The place where you set your Yorkie Poo’s bed should be in a darkened corner of the room, away from the sound if possible, with little light and plenty of heat.

Your Yorkie Poo will be exhausted over the coming days, so keep them away from anything that may be startling or stressful. 

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If possible, set aside an empty room where your Yorkie Poo can be on their own, as dogs tend to enjoy solitary time just before they pass away, however, every dog is different.

How Should I Approach My Dying Yorkie Poo?

Give your Yorkie Poo the most intense love and affection you can, because that’s when they will need it most. 

Feeling helpless and exhausted, your Yorkie Poo might at least feel a little better with kind words from you and your physical presence. Do not shy away from staying close to your dying Yorkie Poo, they will appreciate the company.

Since Yorkie Poos are very emotional dogs, your presence with them will be a great support. It is you that has been the center of their world during their time here, and it is with you where they will want to spend their final moments.

Can I Hold My Yorkie Poo While They are Dying?

Depending on the circumstances, if you have the opportunity to hold your Yorkie poor whilst they die and your Yorkie Poo appears to want to be close to you then go ahead.

Always pet your Yorkie Poo and use a subtle tone of voice, so they’ll feel like they’re not alone. Comfort from their owners will give your Yorkie Poo a serotonin boost and will help to reduce any pain felt.

It will make you incredibly sad to see your beloved Yorkie Poo pass, but in the end, they will go knowing that you loved and cared for them until their last breath.

But you should do your best to keep your resilience and stay as strong and calm as possible.

Where Should My Dying Yorkie Sleep?

Your Yorkie Poo should sleep on a fairly comfortable and cozy bed. Depending on their needs, it is not advised to have them sleeping in bed with you for their comfort, but check with your vet beforehand.

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Make sure that the bed is as soft and comfortable as possible. You can surround the place with pillows, and your favorite toys, and cover it with a thick blanket so that your Yorkie Poo does not get cold. 

If your Yorkie Poo feels any pain, you can lightly massage them to help relieve their discomfort. 

Do Yorkie Poos Become Dehydrated At the Time Of Death?

As your Yorkie Poo goes through the last moments of his life, he will likely refuse any food or water you provide. 

When this is the case, it is very possible for their bodies to become dehydrated.

Therefore, always have fresh water for your Yorkie Poo to drink, but do not force your Yorkie Poo to drink water at frequent intervals. try to encourage them gently in any way that you can.

A number of functional disorders will occur in dogs that have been dehydrated for a long time. Therefore if you dying Yorkie Poo hasn’t drunk anything in 24 hours, call your vet.

Your Yorkie Poo can go for a few days without eating without suffering any serious side effects. However, they should not go longer than 2 days, if they do sp speak to your veterinarian.

How Will I Know If My Yorkie Poo is In Pain?

Dogs sometimes do not show that they are in pain, this is a survival instinct. In nature, animals that are seen as weak are more susceptible to being killed by other animals.

This is why your Yorkie Poo may sometimes be in a lot of pain, but may not want to show it. So pain management is very important here. 

There are a number of ways you can tell if your Yorkie Poo is in pain. If your Yorkie Poo is in a lot of pain, they may express it with body language. 

For example, if your Yorkie Poo is panting, it could be a sign that they are in pain. Slowing of movement and drowsiness is also another pain behavior.

In addition, rapid breathing and increased heart rate are also other indicators that something is wrong. 

In this case, you should call your vet. If your vet has given you pain relievers, now would be a good time to use them and always follow the instructions.

What Are The Signs That Your Yorkie Poo  Is Dying?

Whether your Yorkie Poo dies from old age, an accident, or from another illness = the signs that they are dying will vary. 

Also, the symptoms at the time of death can vary from dog to dog. Here are some of the signs witnessed in Yorkie Poos:

  • Rapid breathing

  • Runny eyes and nose

  • Whining and crying sounds

  • Impaired coordination

  • Vomiting and diarrhea

  • Swelling in the abdomen

  • Blood in urine and stool

Is It Time To Euthanize My Yorkie Poo?

Euthanasia is performed when the quality of life has dropped completely to zero and vital functions and in jeopardy.

Euthanasia can also be seen as a kind of relief from pain and in many cases is the kindest thing to do than to let them suffer any longer. Although euthanasia is a very difficult decision, in some cases it is seen as the best solution to an inevitable outcome.

If your dog is about to lose its vital functions completely and its condition is getting worse and not responding to treatment, euthanasia can be performed under the advice and control of your veterinarian.