How Do You Clean A Yorkie’s Ears? (Solved & Explained!)

Cleaning a Yorkie’s ears is simple, and is a necessary step in maintaining their health. There are different methods you can use to clean your Yorkie’s ears, from using cotton balls to purchasing specific products made for a dog’s ears. 

While dogs are able to groom themselves, they might not clean themselves as thoroughly as necessary. Thus, making grooming a part of your Yorkie’s routine is needed.

Why Do I Need To Clean My Yorkie’s Ears?

Your Yorkie’s ears are important indicators of their health. You want to clean them about once a month, depending on how dirty your Yorkie gets. If your Yorkie tends to get ear infections a lot or they play in a lot of dirt or water, they might need cleanings more frequently.

Are Yorkies Prone To Issues With Their Ears?

A Yorkie can get quite dirty due to their spunky, playful nature. If their ears aren’t getting cleaned out when this happens, it could cause an infection.

Because a Yorkie’s ears are fairly big and tend to fold over, it’s possible that any stuck debris or wax can be concealed, so you might not realize their ears need cleaning until they start becoming irritated or infected. 

How Can I Tell If My Yorkie Has An Ear Infection?

Some symptoms a Yorkie might show if they have an ear infection include:

  • Itchy ears
  • Red or swollen ears
  • Ears that are sensitive to touch
  • Constant scratching near the ears
  • A smell or discharge
  • Constant head shaking

When in doubt, it’s always worth a quick trip to the vet to avoid letting the potential infection get worse.

How Can I Stop My Yorkie From Getting Ear Infections?

Keeping up with a regular ear cleaning routine should be able to circumvent an ear infection. Even though you don’t need to clean your Yorkie’s ears every week, it’s important to inspect them often to make sure they look clean.

Some vets might also recommend getting your dog’s ear hair trimmed. However, it’s important not to do this unless your vet tells you to. You should consider bringing them to a groomer for this to make sure the trimming is done properly.

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What Do I Need To Clean My Yorkie’s Ears?

You want to use cotton balls or something similar that is soft and absorbent to clean out your Yorkie’s ears. It’s also good to have a towel nearby to help control any mess that’s produced.

There are different products you can purchase for cleaning your Yorkie’s ears. There are products for general cleanliness, as well as products for specific ear issues. You also might have to use medication prescribed by your vet if your Yorkie has an ear condition.

It’s also important to have some treats nearby to reward your Yorkie for letting you clean their ears. You should be very gentle, but regardless of how gentle you are, your Yorkie may not love getting their ears cleaned.

Can I Just Use Q-Tips To Clean My Yorkie’s Ears?

It is not recommended to use a Q-tip to clean your Yorkie’s ears. They are generally unsafe for anyone’s ears, as they can snap easily and fall into the ear. It’s best to stick with a cotton ball.

How Do I Know When To Clean My Yorkie’s Ears?

You should check under your Yorkie’s years on a weekly basis at least, and look for any buildup of wax or debris in the area. If you see anything, you should clean it out. If you notice any kind of odor emanating from your Yorkie’s ears, it’s also worth giving them a clean.

How Do I Clean My Yorkie’s Ears Properly?

You will want to gather your necessary materials, along with your Yorkie and some treats. It might be helpful to have another person help you, as long as it’s someone your Yorkie trusts.

You want to gently wipe the outside and inside of your Yorkie’s ears. Take note of any dirt, and be sure to change cotton balls to ensure you’re not just spreading the dirt around. Don’t go too deep into the ears, as that’s not necessary unless they have an infection you’re trying to treat. 

When Do I Need Cleaning Products For My Dog’s Ears?

You should only use a product inside their ears when your vet has specifically told you to. You should ask your vet before putting anything into your Yorkie’s ears, even when it comes to general cleaning purposes.

Water should be sufficient for maintaining your Yorkie’s ears most of the time.

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How Do I Keep My Yorkie Calm When I’m Cleaning Their Ears?

You want to be sure to talk to your Yorkie softly, praising them for being good. Even if they are being fussy, you should still congratulate them for tolerating their ear cleaning so they know that this is good and expected behavior. Take some small breaks in between ears to give them pets and kisses, and of course, treats. 

You also want to take your time and avoid being rough with your Yorkie. This will make them uncomfortable and nervous, and could result in them associating ear cleaning with pain. You don’t need to scrub their ears; you want to softly wipe their ears with the wet cotton ball.

Do I Need To Dry My Yorkie’s Ears?

It’s a good idea to wipe your Yorkie’s ears with a dry cotton ball or small, dry towel once you’re finished cleaning their ears. This will help you get off any additional dirt that might still be there.

Should I Let My Vet Clean My Yorkie’s Ears Due To Infection?

Chances are, your vet will show you how to clean your Yorkie’s ears in the instance of an infection. You end up having to go a little bit deeper into your Yorkie’s ears when treating an infection, so doing this properly is essential to avoid hurting them. 

Your Yorkie might end up needing multiple treatments to clear an infection, so knowing how to do it yourself is important.