How to Clean Indoor Dog Kennels and Crates

Indoor cages enclose your dog safely but unfortunately, based on use, they can become dirty very quickly. Keep your dog’s kennel clean by deep cleaning once every three to four weeks with a 1:1 vinegar and water solution.

How Do You Clean Indoor Dog Kennels? 

There are several cleaning methods to use depending on the type of dog kennel you have. In the case of an indoor kennel, you can use vinegar solutions, diluted bleach, baking soda, and kennel wash.  

Here is how to clean indoor dog kennels: 

  1. Remove toys, bedding, mats, bowls, and anything else inside the kennel.  
  2. Wash bedding and put toys in a soaking bowl. 
  3. Take your kennel outside to clean it, if possible. Or inside a bathtub. 
  4. Use an odor eliminator then wipe it clean with a dry cloth 
  5. Use a cleanser to clean your crate 
  6. Rinse the dog kennel thoroughly 
  7. Dry your dog kennel completely 
  8. Return your kennel to where it was before and retrieve other materials
  9. Redecorate your kennel like it was before

How Do You Clean a Wood Dog Kennel?

Use a diluted vinegar solution or a commercial kennel wash to clean indoor dog crates. Diluting the vinegar solution will keep the wood kennel from getting damaged.

What Is the Best Disinfectant for Dog Kennels? 

Finding a safe and powerful disinfectant ensures that your dog maintains their good health and is safe from hazardous chemicals.

Between store-bought and natural cleaners, there is a different cleaner for everyone.

All-Natural Dog Kennel Cleaner 

A natural solution is the best choice for cleaning your dog kennel because they are designed to prevent allergic reactions. Be cautious, commercial cleaners are non-toxic, but some brands still contain skin-irritating chemicals. 

Natural solutions to clean your beloved pet’s cage include: 

  • Diluted Vinegar Solution (one-half-to-one or one-to-one)
  • Lemon Solution
  • Diluted Vinegar and Baking Soda Solution

Ammonia-Free Dog Cage Cleaners

Ammonia-based cleaning products can be dangerous to your loving pup for numerous reasons. These cleaning products can be physically harmful to your dog and may cause them to urinate territorially.

Avoid Power Washing Indoor Dog Crates

Do not power-wash an indoor dog cage. It might seem like a good cleaning tactic, but it can cause damage and compromise the cage’s structural integrity.

How Do I Keep My Kennel Clean?  

Keep your kennel clean by staying ahead of the mess. Set up your cage to stay clean from the beginning by using a cage mat. Cage mats go at the bottom of the kennel and can be easily removed then machine washed.

Frequently remove and wash everything inside the cage thoroughly. This includes bedding, the cage itself, blankets, toys, and food bowls.  

What Do Professional Kennels Clean Urine With? 

Professionals like veterinarians typically use a professionally made kennel wash. They may also choose to make a diluted vinegar solution or a diluter vinegar and baking soda solution. These are all safe and affordable options for cleaning a dog kennel. 

Can I Use Bleach to Clean My Dogs Kennel? 

Bleach is dangerous to your dog’s health and should be avoided at all costs. VCA Animal Hospital warns, even diluted bleach can cause problems like skin irritation. 

When using bleach, wear gloves and let the items dry completely before allowing your dog to use them again. Instead of bleach, you should use kennel washes plus a homemade solution made from diluted vinegar.

What Disinfectant Kills Kennel Cough?

Many specialty disinfectants will kill kennel cough like Do Rescue and KennelSol. These are designed to treat Kennel Cough in the most effective way possible.  

Kennel cough is seen more often in places with multiple dogs. It will spread easily once it is contracted which is why it must be attended to immediately! 

How Do I Get the Dog Smell Out of My Kennel? 

Neutralize and eliminate the dog smell from your pet kennel by using a diluted bleach mixture. The only diluted bleach mixture that is approved for disinfecting kennels is a 1:32 mixture.

You may also purchase commercial odor eliminators from your local pet stores. Commerical odor eliminators are a fantastic way to guarantee that you clean your cage safely without overdoing the sanitation.

Can I Wash My Dog Kennel with Baking Soda and Vinegar? 

A baking soda and vinegar wash is a great combination for eliminating odor from your dog’s kennel. These are natural, non-toxic odor neutralizers that will take away every unpleasant acroama imaginable. That includes “dog” smell, urine smell, and any other unpleasant stenches your dog may bring with them! 

What Do Vets Use to Disinfect? 

Veterinarians use a 1:32 diluted bleach mixture to disinfect their kennels. They may also choose to use non-toxic commercial-bought disinfectants as well. 

What Disinfectant Kills Parvo Virus? 

Sodium Hypochlorite (Clorox Bleach) kills items infected with Parvo Virus. The highly contagious parvovirus is often fatal within a matter of hours.  

Parvo is difficult to kill and will require regular deep cleaning even after your dog has tested negatively for Parvo. Parvovirus will spread to other dogs unless all dog equipment is disinfected immediately but using bleach can be problematic. 

Bleach alternatives include: 

  •  Sodium Chlorite (Performacide) 
  • Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (Rescu, Accel)  
  • Potassium peroxymonosulfate (Trifectant, Virkon) 

How Often Should a Dog Kennel Be Cleaned? 

Deep clean your personal dog cage every 3-4 weeks. Professionals, like veterinarians, adoption centers, and boarding homes should clean their kennels daily. 

The frequency at which you clean your cage depends on how quickly your dog or dogs dirty their cage. Your dog’s kennel may appear clean, but you should still clean it daily and cleanse it once per month to be certain! 

Consider the following variables that impact the cleanliness of your dog cage: 

  • Weather conditions 
  • Number of dogs using the kennel 
  • Cleanliness of toys, blankets, and food/water bowls 
  • Amount of food and water spillage
  • The frequency they use their kennel

What Is Kennel Wash? 

Kennel wash is an all-purpose, ready-to-use cleaner made to disinfect dog cages. Kennel wash comes in a variety of brands including environmentally friendly and naturally scented! 

Pet stores, grocery stores, and convenience stores supply all brands of kennel cleaner and they can come at affordable prices.