Can Chugs Be Left Alone? (Solved & Explained!)

Chug dogs can be left alone, but it’s not recommended to leave them alone for more than 4 to 6 hours at a time. If you have Chug puppies, you should not leave them alone for more than 1 to 4 hours at a time. Since Chug dogs love to be around their family, they are happiest when a human is by their side.

If you’re planning on adopting a Chug dog, there are likely a few things you are wondering about. One of them may be if Chugs can be left alone. On this page, we’re going to discuss how long a Chug dog can be left alone and answer other questions you have about the breed. 

How Long Can Chugs Be Left Along For?

Chugs dogs prefer to have a companion, so they should not be left alone for more than 4 to 6 hours. According to Dog Time, some Chug dogs will begin to feel worried or may panic if they are left alone for too long.

It is not recommended to leave a Chug dog alone for too long because even the best-behaved pups can become destructive.  They may begin to chew on things around your home and bark or whine more than usual, which isn’t ideal for people who live in apartment buildings. 

What is a Chug Dog?

If you want a small dog, then a Chug may be the right choice for you. This mixed breed dog is one part pug and one part chihuahua. 

Chugs have become popular among dog lovers who are fond of both breeds because these pups exhibit some of the best pug and chihuahua traits. They are loveable, playful, and very affectionate, which makes them a great choice dog to introduce into any family.

Do Chugs Adapt Well To Apartments?

One of the great things about Chug dogs is that easily adapt to living with people, especially in small areas, like an apartment. Since these dogs are calm and quiet, they make great dogs to have for apartment renters.

Neighbors won’t be upset about running into a Chug in the hallways either, as these dogs are known for being calm when seeing other residents. As long as they aren’t left alone for too long, the Chug likely won’t be loud enough to upset your neighbors.

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Are Chugs a Good Choice For People With Busy Careers?

If your career demands that you spend a lot of time away from your home, then a Chug dog may not be the best choice for your lifestyle. The only exception would be if there were other members of your family that were at home while you’re on the job.

Chugs are a much better choice for people who work at home or can bring their dog with them to work. However, if there isn’t going to be someone around the Chug most of the day, they may not be happy in your home.

 What Dogs Can Be Left Alone?

Some dogs don’t mind being left alone for long periods during the day, as long as their owners make time to take them for a walk when they get home. The Basenji dog doesn’t mind being alone and this independent dog rarely barks, so it won’t upset your neighbors if you live in an apartment.

Chow chows are another great choice for people who work 9 to 5 because this clean and refined dog isn’t bothered by having some alone time. A Bullmastiff is another dog who is calm when left alone for long periods, and this breed also makes an excellent guard dog while you’re away. 

Can Pugs Be Left Alone?

Pugs don’t like to be left alone for long periods of time, and Chugs take after them in that area. A Pug dog has a lot of needs and they need a human around for assistance. 

It’s not impossible to leave a Pug at home on their own, but it does require some training and patience. Pugs generally don’t handle being alone for long periods as well as other dogs because they require more mental stimulation and more potty breaks. 

Can Chihuahuas Be Left Alone?

According to Women’s Day, Chihuahuas are very independent dogs that don’t mind being at home for longer periods during the day. However, it is mentioned that it does take training to ensure the Chihuahua is ready to stay the day at home alone.

Since Chihuahuas are smaller dogs, they don’t mind being alone in smaller spaces. They are excellent dogs for a working person that lives in an apartment to have. 

What Small Dog Can Be Left Alone?

Boston Terriers are small dogs that have very little issues with being left home alone during the day. Most Boston Terriers won’t even notice that they are home alone as long as there are toys left out for them to play with. 

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This is because Boston Terriers love to play with their toys, which is enough stimulation to keep them occupied while you’re away for the day.

Are Chugs Good Dogs to Have?

According to Dog Zone, Chugs are great dogs for a family to have because they can make friends with humans and other pets easily. These playful pups are always eager to please their companions.

Another reason why Chugs are a great dog to have is that they make very good guard dogs. Chugs are very alert dogs that have territorial tendencies, which means they will always alert you when someone new arrives.

Are Chug Dogs Aggressive?

A Chug dog typically isn’t the least bit aggressive at all, as this breed is known for its friendly mannerisms. However, you may notice a Chug seems wary if new faces are around.

Your Chug may seem shy around new people, but they just need time to warm up to them. Make sure the new person stays calm while the Chug dog gets used to their presence. It won’t take long until the pup makes the new person their friend as well.