Do Chugs Get Attached to One Person? (Solved & Explained!)

Yes, Chugs can and do get attached to one person, and that’s okay as long as it doesn’t become codependency. Dogs, like humans, can become a bit codependent, especially if they live with only one person. This can result in anxiety when the owner leaves, jealous behaviors, or even simply acting out!

To combat this, time around other people and animals is the best approach. A little time with your friends (who should have treats nearby for your dog) and other dogs, such as in a dog park, can really make a difference.

Once your dog knows that they can get attention in different ways, from other animals and people, then they’ll still be attached, but it will be a much healthier attachment.

In this article, we’ll address some frequently asked questions about Chugs and the ways that they can get attached. Read on for important information on what you can do to ensure that your Chug is a healthy little socializer.

Let’s take a look at what people are asking this week on that very subject!

Why is my Chug so clingy to one person?

While Chugs sometimes simply pick favorites, it could also simply be a matter of that person being more accessible, If one family member is home most of the time, for instance, then it’s only naturally that your dog is going to get quite used to following them around if not discouraged.

Don’t worry, though, your Chug still loves you too, and when they come to see you then a few treats here and there can help to tilt the scales back in your favor!

Why do Chugs get obsessed with one person?

Dogs bond and form friendships, just like humans do, though sometimes they can seem to become obsessed with a friend who visits from time to time. This can be curiosity, but more often than not, your friend probably smells interesting.

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If they are DIY hobbyist or have a job where they interact with a lot of people, if they didn’t shower before visiting then your dog’s interest might simply be in their odd scents.

To be clear, we aren’t saying that your friend is stinky, just that a possible reason for your dog’s curiosity is a particular collection of scents associated with your friend.

How do I stop my Chug from being attached to one person?

It’s all about making positive associations for your Chug. Giving them treats is a good start and taking time to play with your Chug will also go a long way.

You can also take the brunt of the responsibilities, such as walking and especially feeding your dog, and this can help them to become a little more aware of how much you take care of them.

Just be patient with the process – while Chugs often do pick favorites, sometimes a little bit of the right attention can make a world of difference.

Do Chugs imprint on humans?

Yes, Chugs and other dogs do imprint on their owners, with the critical portion of the process generally occurring between 7 and 12 weeks of age. Around this time they start bonding with their owner and watching what the do.

At this point, the dog starts learning their owners schedule, important boundaries, and they developing habits of their own based around this. As such, bonding early when you can is very important. Your dog can still imprint later, but it’s a much slower process once they are already a little ‘set in their ways’.

Why is my dog super clingy all of a sudden?

A dog that has suddenly become clingy then it can be an indication of anxiety. Take a bit of a personal inventory to see if you have been leaving home more lately or if you yourself have been highly stressed.

Chugs quickly pick up on this sort of thing and the behavior that you are seeing might well be a response to your own!

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Can a Chug be too attached to its owner?

Chugs can become too attached to one owner, to the point of codependency. When this happens, the dog will often show signs of extreme anxiety when the owners tries to leave and they could become very possessive of the owners attentions – sometimes to the point of being downright rude to guests!

If you think that this might be the case with your Chug, a little socialization training can help. Start by bringing your dog to a local dog park, so that they can play with other dogs and meet their owners. Next, try having your friends over a little more often and introduce them to your dog.

Once their social horizons have been broadened a bit, then your Chug should be less dependent on your for all of their attention needs.

Why does my Chug follow me and not my husband?

Most often the answer is simply accessibility or that you are doing most of the work taking care of the dog. If you work from home, for instance, then your dog is going to naturally get used to spending time with you and following you around.

If you are the one always feeding the dog, this can definitely have an impact, as you’ll be viewed as the alpha of the ‘pack’. Taking turns with taking care of the dog can help to even the playing field and your husband can also give extra treats out from time to time.

Just be patient with the process, especially if you are home more than your husband – your dog is just putting their attention on the person who is feeding them and who is home the most.

How do I get my Chug to like my friends?

Invite your friends to visit and after putting your Chug in a harness, attached to a lead, you should walk your dog over to each friend individually and tell your Chug to ‘sit’. When they do, let your friend offer a treat, or you can give them one, and this will start to build pleasant associations with your friend.

This is generally effective but we should warn you – some Chugs just seem to like one person, though with this strategy they should become a little friendlier. Even is that amounts to just being a little less rude!

How can I tell if my Chug is guarding me?

Watch your dog’s body language and location. If your dog is sitting fairly erect, especially at a small distance with their back turned to you, then this is guarding type behavior.

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Typically, when your dog is guarding you, they’ll often attempt to put themselves between you and any person or animal that they might consider a threat. We tend to overlook this body language, due to their small size, but these dogs can and do guard you sometimes and you’ll see it quite clearly if you look!

Why is my Chug obsessed with me when I’m on my period?

When you are on your period, you’ve got an influx of hormones, and you generally aren’t feeling well. Your Chug can smell this and even see it in your body language. They know that you aren’t feeling so well and so they are giving you extra attention as a way to show their love by helping you to feel better.