Do Chihuahuas Like Strangers? (Solved & Explained!)

No, Chihuahuas definitely do not like strangers, with the odd exception here and there from a handful of Chihuahuas out there. Generally, Chihuahuas don’t even like your friends, as they tend to ‘choose’ one person and feel that this is quite enough for their needs.

Socialization training can help to change this, by getting your dog to spend more time around other people and dogs, so that their social horizons are broadened a bit and they start thinking of the world less as just ‘you and them’.

Just be patient with the process and go into it knowing that some Chis are quite stubborn about this arrangement and in some cases, the best that you can hope for is that they will merely ‘tolerate’ anyone who is not you.

In this article, we’ll explore the most frequently asked questions about Chihuahuas and aggressive or clingy type behaviors. Why do they growl at certain strangers and not everyone else? Do Chis get jealous of your significant other? Read on to find out the answers to these questions and more!

Why do Chihuahuas bark at strangers?

This behavior is quite normal from Chihuahuas, who are very protective of you and of their ‘territory’ and quite vocal about it. While some argue that Chis think they are ‘big dogs’, this isn’t actually the case. They know that they are small and simply aren’t letting that stop them.

Socializing your Chihuahua so that they get used to other animals and people can help quite a bit, so be sure to introduce your dog to visitors by walking them over and telling your dog to ‘sit’.

Give them a treat when they do and with formal introduction like this, they’ll be much less likely to bark at strangers in the house.

Are Chihuahuas aggressive to strangers?

Chihuahuas weren’t really bred to be super-social and while the might not be aggressive with strangers, they’ll certainly get your attention by barking at them. This is completely normal, especially for Chihuahuas who tend to pick a favorite person and merely tolerate anyone else.

A bit of socialization training can help, though it’s not required – some Chi owners actually like having a furry little alarm in the house.

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Do Chihuahuas gravitate towards one person?

Yes, Chihuahuas tend to pick a favorite person, and if you aren’t careful then they can get a little codependent about it. Try spending 2 to 3 days walking your dog close to a dog park and then bring them inside.

Time around other animals helps to broaden their social horizons and you can compliment this training by having your friends come around and letting them get formal introductions to your dog and have some treats handy to speed things along.

This helps your Chihuahua not to rely so much on you for all of their attention needs, but there is no guarantee how much this lesson will take… Some Chihuahuas decide to like one person and feel that this is all that they need!

How do I get my Chihuahua to like strangers?

When you have friends over, harness your Chihuahua and attach the lead, and walk your dog to each friend for an introduction. When your dog is close, tell them to sit, and give them a treat when they do and speak reassuringly to them about your friend.

Once your dog no longer sees these people as a threat, then they will be much more genteel about any future visits from the people that they know you associate with.

Why does my Chihuahua growl at certain strangers?

This is typically a fear response and you should note a little bit about that person for future behavior comparisons. Your Chihuahua might not like men who are very tall, for instance, seeing them as a threat.

Your Chi might dislike children, especially if they have been teased through the window when you’re not around. While this behavior is more common with rescue dogs and based on experience, it can also occur with any Chihuahua who has simply decided that certain genders, sizes, ages, or even uniforms are suspect and therefore potentially dangerous.

Why is my Chihuahua so protective of me?

This is completely natural behavior. Your Chihuahua is a very territorial dog and their natural instinct is to protect you and to protect their home. These brave little dogs even know that they are small, but they don’t let that stop them – they’ve for the fierceness of a Pit Bull when it comes to you!

So, don’t take it as your dog being codependent or overly jealous – they just want to protect their home and their family.

How do you tell if your Chihuahua is guarding you?

If you are trying to tell if your Chi is attempting to guard you, just consider the context and your dog’s behavior. For instance, if your dog immediately moves in front of you in the presence of another person or animal, then they are definitely guarding you.

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Another good example is if your dog turns their back to you while you are having a meal. If that happens, then your dog is definitely guarding you. Instead of ‘begging’ for a piece of your breakfast or lunch, they have turned away to watch for intruders so that you can safely enjoy your meal!

Do Chihuahuas get jealous of boyfriends or girlfriends?

Yes, this behavior is not uncommon. Your Chihuahua definitely notices when you are paying attention to anyone else and some of them will take this to the next level. Your Chi might become overly ‘needy’, even pushing against you so that you’ll pet them, or they might even bark at your mate to show their displeasure.

The best thing to do is to make a proper introduction of your dog to your significant other and be sure that lots of treats are involved. This can help to transition your dog’s view so that they think of this person as their ‘alpha’s’ mate in the pack, rather than a challenge for you attentions.

Are male Chihuahuas more clingy?

Yes, they can be. While males are the more affectionate gender in many cases, they can also be more jealous of your time than the independent-minded females. This is to be expected, but a little socialization training can help them to learn not to rely completely on you for their attention needs.

Why does my Chihuahua bite my wife and not me?

It might not be for the reason that you think. Your Chi might well be biting your wife because she has softer hands than yours! If that is not the case, however, it could simply be jealousy, but you need to step in so that you don’t encourage this behavior.

When your dog is around your wife, tell them to sit, and when they do let your wife toss over a treat for them. It may take a little time, but your Chi will learn to accept them as your mate and should relax their attitude towards your wife.