Do Chihuahuas Like to Play Fetch? (Solved & Explained!)

Although they are not always seen as dogs that are keen to run around and play games at the park, most Chihuahuas love playing fetch once they know how. Not all dogs are natural retrievers and it’s not necessarily an inherent inclination for most dogs to bring things back to you so they might need a little guidance.

There are lots of different games and activities that Chihuahuas will love to play with you if they are given the chance, so you should definitely be trying out a few different things together. Every dog owner wants their little pup to be as happy as possible, and playing together is a great way to achieve that.

This article will go into detail about the personalities of Chihuahuas, what sort of things motivate them, what games they like to play, how to tell if they are enjoying themselves and how you can train your little Chihuahua to play fetch with you!

Are Chihuahuas Naturally Playful Dogs?

It is common to see Chihuahuas being carried around in handbags or perched up on somebody’s lap, so they have a bit of a reputation as aloof or lazy dogs. Any Chihuahua owner will tell you, however, that they are very energetic and playful, and they have a surprising amount of enthusiasm when it comes to games.

Do All Dogs Like to Play Fetch?

When you think about playing with your dog, fetch is the first game that comes to mind, but not all dogs love a game of fetch, right? Actually, almost any dog will love to chase and catch, and combining this with bringing something back for their owner is fun for breeds of all shapes, sizes, and personalities.

Why Doesn’t My Chihuahua Play Fetch?

If your Chihuahua is not interested in what you are throwing you can try switching it up as some dogs prefer toys, balls, or sticks. You might find that your dog likes to run after something that you’ve thrown, but they don’t automatically bring it back to you and this can be solved with a bit of training.

How Do I Get My Chihuahua To Start Chasing?

The first step to the game is chasing after whatever you’ve thrown, and you can show them how fun this is if they are not automatically keen. Start by throwing something that they like short distances and praising them for following after it, then you can incorporate treats and rewards as you start throwing it gradually further away.

How Do I Get My Chihuahua to Bring Something Back?

Once your little dog is chasing down and playing with what you throw, you need to start showing them that bringing it back to you is part of the game. Call your dog to you when they have picked up their toy, and encourage them back with treats, giving them lots of praise for doing the right thing.

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How Do I Get My Chihuahua to Drop Something into My Hand?

This can be the trickiest part of the game, but you can teach this bit outside of the game first. Start by playing with the toy in front of them before giving it to them and praising them for taking it, then prompt them with a command like “give” and take it back, praising them again for letting go.

What Do I Do If My Dog Doesn’t Let Go?

If your dog is not giving up whatever you are playing the game with, don’t fight them for it as it will just turn into a game of tug-of-war. Bring a treat close to their nose so they become interested in that instead, repeat your command and then give them the treat, praising them when they drop the toy.

What if My Chihuahua Doesn’t Come When They Are Called?

Poor behaviour can sometimes be confused with a lack of enthusiasm when it comes to playing a game like fetch. You shouldn’t allow your dog off the leash outdoors until they can consistently come back to you when you call, so patient and persistent training is a must if you want your pup to be happy and safe outside.

How Can I Tell if My Chihuahua is Having Fun?

If your Chihuahua is being very attentive to you during a game, giving lots of eye contact and coming when they are called, it is a good indicator that they are enjoying themselves. You might also notice them wagging their tail, wriggling and dancing with excitement, and smiling widely when they look at you.

Does My Attitude Influence How Much Fun My Chihuahua is Having?

It seems simple, but don’t forget how much your mood and excitement will rub off on your little friend. Particularly during the early training sessions, you should be keeping them short but very exciting, and seeing you being enthusiastic and having fun will make your Chihuahua much happier and cause them to be much more engaged.

How Can I Get My Chihuahua More Excited About Playing?

Using their favourite toys and motivating them with their favourite treats is a great way to increase the excitement that your Chihuahua will have for any game. Besides this, a playtime routine will also make a big difference as your dog will start to look forward to the games that you play, knowing when they are going to happen.

Do Chihuahuas Like to Play Indoor Games?

Chihuahuas love mental and physical stimulation throughout the day and indoor games are a great way to excite your dog and give you both a chance to bond. You might play hide and seek or tug of war, you might give them special toys that have puzzles or dispense treats, and you might even teach them to tidy up!

What Are Easy Ways to Entertain My Chihuahua Indoors?

There are lots of engaging toys that can fascinate your little dog, but it is a good idea to rotate them regularly so that they don’t lose interest. Chihuahuas also like to see what’s going on outside and setting up a space for them to watch out of a window can entertain them for hours.