Do Chihuahuas Like to Cuddle? (Solved & Explained!)

Not all Chihuahuas like to cuddle – but MOST of them do. These little dogs tend to pick one person that they love the most and more often than not, that’s who they are going to cuddle up with and even take naps next to.

It’s a sign of love, submission, and respect when your Chihuahua does this, so if you don’t mind having your warm little furball friend next to you then make the most of the situation and enjoy the experience. Your dog loves you and simply wants to be close to you whenever they can, and it’s a wonderful feeling indeed!

In this article, we’ve collected some of the top trending questions on the subject of Chihuahua cuddling and sleeping habits. Is it an insult when they lay down and show you their bums? Do Chis know when you’re sleeping?

Find out the answers about how your little dog’s mind works when it comes to cuddles and preferred sleeping arrangements – this important information is waiting for you in the sections below!

What does it mean when your Chihuahua cuddles with you?

Chihuahuas tend to pick one person that they favor and the rest of the people around… well, they tend to simply ‘tolerate’. When your Chi cuddles up to you, they are demonstrating in the most direct way possible that you are that person.

Chihuahuas love cuddling up and sleeping next to their favorite person, as it makes them feel both warm and safe. So, if your Chi wants to cuddle – enjoy it. It’s just one of the many ways they’ll show you that they love you.

Is cuddling with your Chihuahua good?

Yes, cuddling up is a great way to bond with your Chihuahua that takes no effort from you other than trying not to move too much. When they cuddle close and nap, your Chi is warmed by your body heat and also feeling safe because they are close to you.

While some will stay awake and even seem to be watching the TV, whether they are sleeping or not that cuddle is a definite sign of love and affection.

Do Chihuahuas understand cuddles?

Not the same way that we do, but it’s kind of close. Remember, even though Chis have less of a pack mentality than other breeds, it’s still there and you are the ‘alpha’ of the pack. Sleeping close to you, cuddled up, is their way of showing that they love, trust, and respect you.

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It is also a sign of submission, in most cases, although with some Chi’s they believe that they are guarding you and not the other way around!

How do Chihuahuas choose who to sleep with?

Usually, it’s an easy choice for a Chihuahua. These little dogs select one person quickly that they like and save their affection for that one person only. While there are certainly exceptions, most Chis tend to operate this way.

They’ll pick one person and that’s who they come to when they want something, feel like playing, or desire a safe place to cuddle. It’s a nice feeling and just one of the many things that makes this breed so popular.

Do Chihuahuas like being petted while sleeping?

When they are still falling asleep, light petting can help to relax them, but don’t overdo it. Like humans, being touched when you are sleeping is more annoying than it is pleasant, even if the best of intent is behind it.

Think of it from your own perspective. Would you want someone touching your nose or back when you were trying to sleep? Your little one might tolerate it, but try to keep sleep-petting to a minimum – it’s distracting and you are risking the wrath of a groggy Chihuahua!

Do Chihuahuas know when humans are sleeping?

Yes, your Chihuahua knows that you are sleeping, but they also know when their cuteness will let them get away with waking you. Dogs can tell that humans are asleep by the way that we breathe and the way that we smell when we are in deep slumber.

That said, Chis like to ‘doublecheck’ by sniffing your breath, which often results in a wet nose on your lips and sometimes they’ll even lick you if they really want you to wake up! They know that you are asleep, they just also know that they’re allowed to wake you up!

Do Chihuahuas protect you when you sleep?

Sleeping close to you is instinctual pack behavior and it functions to protect the both of you. Two are better than one, after all, so sleeping with their back to you makes your Chi feel safer and it definitely protects you as well.

If there’s one trait that everyone knows about Chihuahuas it is that they will bark at anything which tries to get close and is not on the ‘trusted’ list.

Do Chihuahuas fall asleep instantly?

Dogs have the enviable ability to conk right out and fall asleep instantly. They are equally adept at waking up on full alert, as well, so it seems fair.

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Try to respect this and not to pet them once they doze, as this can wake your little one up and these cute little dogs can be serious grouches when you wake them.

Why does my Chihuahua sleep with her bum towards me?

Your Chihuahua isn’t trying to show you their bum, they are just showing that they trust you enough to turn their backs. While they have long been domesticated, the instinctual drive not to bare your vulnerable back to a predator or other untrustworthy individual is hardwired in your dog.

So, while humans sometimes ‘snob’ each other by presenting their backsides when sleeping, with a dog it’s just a sign of immense love and trust.

Why does my Chihuahua lay his head on me when he sleeps?

When your Chi lays down and puts a paw or their head on you, this is exactly what it looks like. It’s pure, honest affection. Your little one loves you and they want to be as close to you as possible – especially if they are putting their head on you.

Animals are instinctively wired to protect their head, which is why your dog gets that funny look when you try to kiss them – as to them you’re putting your teeth close to their face!

So, when your dog puts themselves in a vulnerable position by laying their head on you, it’s a definite sign of love, trust, and the ultimate submission.