Are Chihuahuas Ok to Be Left Alone? (Solved!)

Yes, chihuahuas can be left alone for part of the day. They have a touch of ‘loner’ mentality, as they don’t have as much pack instinct as most other breeds. This means that they can be just fine if you need to be gone for 8 to 10 hours at a time – provided that this is not every day. With plenty of attention, most often they’ll be just fine.

For the remainder of this article, we’ll talk about Chihuahua topics such as separation anxiety, behavior, and more. We’ve compiled a list of the questions being asked most this week, so stick around and find out the answers by reading on!

Do Chihuahuas suffer from separation anxiety?

Yes. Chihuahuas are quite needy when it comes to attention and if they don’t get enough of it, separation anxiety is a very real possibility. If you find that your dog is tearing up the house in your absence, then you are likely seeing separation anxiety firsthand.

The best approach is to make sure that your dog is not left alone for more than 4 to 6 hours at a time. Drop them off with a family member or a friend if you need to be gone longer or check with a local pet sitting service. This will help your dog to feel less alone and they should stop acting out.

Can I leave my Chihuahua at home for 8 hours?

While an adult Chihuahua can ‘maintain’ if you leave them alone for 8 to 10 hours at a time, this should not be a regular thing. These dogs need a lot of attention and being left alone for too long can cause them to become depressed or to act out.

Check with a local pet sitter, get the help of a friend, or start taking your lunchbreaks at home. This will help your dog to see that you haven’t abandoned them and that even if you are gone for a while, you’re always coming back.

Are Chihuahuas good by themselves?

Chihuahuas are a little better with handling alone time than many other breeds. They don’t quite have as much of a pack mentality as other dogs, but too much alone time can still be bad for them.

Try to visit occasionally on lunch if you work long hours and live alone or consider the help of a friend or even a local dog walking service to help break up the tedium during the day and to give your dog a little stimulation. This should make it easier for them to spend long times alone when it’s necessary.

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Are Chihuahuas attached to one person?

Chihuahuas have a tendency to pick one person that they like and to spend most, if not all of their time with this person. This can give them a bit of a bad reputation with others, who find that they are being snubbed or even growled at for trying to pet your dog.

If you see this, give your visiting friends some treats to feed your dog and over time your Chihuahua should come to tolerate their attentions and possibly even learn to like them!

Should Chihuahuas sleep with you?

If you aren’t prone to restless sleep that causes you to roll around at night, then letting your Chihuahua sleep with you is a great idea and will only strengthen your bond. Chihuahuas love nothing better than burrowing under the blanket and sleeping close to you, so if you are inclined to allow them then you definitely should.

Your Chihuahua will love it and it’s nice to have a furry best friend keeping your feet warm when the winter comes!

How far should a Chihuahua walk daily?

Your Chihuahua is fairly low maintenance when it comes to exercise. Due to their diminutive sizes, these dogs view your apartment or house as a palace and have plenty of space for running around already. This means that you can walk them for 30 minutes a day and that is plenty of exercise to keep them happy and healthy.

Why are Chihuahuas The worst?

As Chihuahuas like to bond to only one person, if you don’t socialize them enough with the rest of the family, your friends, and other dogs then they’ll be nice to you – but a little grouch to everyone else! Make sure that from a young age your puppy gets a lot of socializing and you can prevent this from happening.

If you live alone, you can also encourage it, because let’s face it – if you don’t like people much, it’s nice having an affectionate little friend that doesn’t like other people either!

What do Chihuahuas love the most?

Chihuahuas love you the most, but next to that they really enjoy a nice and soft, preferably fuzzy bed. After that (or before that, with some Chihuahuas) comes snacks and yummy meals.

Finally, a good assortment of toys is sure to result in some being favorites that your dog will always take with them whenever they move somewhere for a little playtime or simply to nap with.

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What is it like owning a Chihuahua?

Once your Chihuahua has adjusted to the house then you will start to see what an enormous personality has been hidden in this tiny, little dog. Chihuahuas are playful, fearless, and sometimes even fierce! They can be moody at times and are notoriously stubborn and yet they somehow make it charming.

Your Chihuahua will develop a personality that makes it quite clear what they like and dislike, and lovers of this breed will tell you that they are among the most honest dogs when it comes to how they think and feel.

Are 2 Chihuahuas better than 1?

Yes, 2 Chihuahuas is definitely better than one, though if your dog has lived alone for awhile you should introduce them carefully and be very patient with the process.

Once your dog is comfortable with their new friend, they’ll be inseparable – just be prepared to move anything that can be easily knocked down, as two Chihuahuas absolutely LOVE chasing each other and this can be hard on the floor and the furniture!