Are Chihuahuas Good With Kids? (Solved & Explained!)

Chihuahuas are not innately good with children. They are small, which makes roughhousing with children difficult. Chihuahuas can be irritable until they get to know someone. Also, they bark a lot which can cause friction with children.

However, chihuahuas can be trained to be friendly towards children, so you do not have to give up hope of having children and chihuahuas. Just be prepared to put in the extra work to keep the relationship harmonious.

Can Chihuahuas Get Along with Children?

Chihuahuas are popular for their feisty personalities and their diminutive sizes. Sometimes, though, their fiery demeanor can make them appear aggressive. This is difficult when working with children, as many children will push, play, and prod dogs. Chihuahuas will not take kindly to being manhandled by children.

Chihuahuas can be trained to get along with children, though. It is important to start the training early and to include teaching children to be gentle with the dog in addition to teaching the dog to be gentle with children.

Some tips for helping your chihuahua get along with children include:

  • Use vocal commands- teach your dog to sit when it is greeting children
  • Always supervise- never leave your chihuahua alone with children while you are training
  • Ask for help- if you are struggling, do not hesitate to reach out to professional animal trainers for help

Do Chihuahuas Get Along with Other Dogs?

Chihuahuas can be territorial and defensive. They can quickly become aggressive to other dogs. However, when eased into meeting another dog, they can become fast friends. They will bond with their family but can become jealous of other pets that are added to the family.

Always supervise your chihuahua when it is coming in contact with a new dog. It is also best to keep your chihuahua on a leash, in case it or the other dog becomes aggressive.

Let your chihuahua take its time warming up to other dogs. It is best not to throw your dog at someone new.

Do Chihuahuas Get Along with Cats?

When trained well and gently introduced, chihuahuas can get along well with cats. Cats and chihuahuas are both small, which can help with the dynamics.

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Also, cats and chihuahuas can both be solitary. This means they will not frustrate each other with one demanding to play with the other.

What Personality Traits do Chihuahuas Have?

Chihuahuas may be small dogs, but they have huge personalities. So many people love them for their spunky attitudes. These personality traits can also affect how chihuahuas interact with their owners, other dogs, and strangers.

Each dog has a unique personality. However, some traits remain standard between breeds. Most chihuahuas are:

  • Possessive- chihuahuas can be very possessive over their toys and food. They do not enjoy sharing unless it is with someone or something they trust.
  • Intelligent- chihuahuas are very smart. They can learn new tricks quickly.
  • Stubborn- chihuahuas are stubborn. It is difficult to make them do something they do not want to do.
  • Loyal- chihuahuas love their close circle. They will stay loyal to their owner and anyone they consider to be part of their “pack.”
  • Protective- because chihuahuas are so loyal, they will also be defensive and rush to the aid of those they care about.
  • Alert- chihuahuas are keenly aware of the world around them. They are quick to notice changes in their environments.
  • Brave- chihuahuas may be small, but that does not mean they are easily spooked. They are not afraid to take on other animals who weigh hundreds of pounds more than they do.

What is Special About a Chihuahua?

Chihuahuas are unique because they are the smallest purebred dogs on Earth. They can fit inside purses and they are easy to carry. Because of this, they have been popularized as “accessory dogs.”

Chihuahuas also have long lifespans, so they can be your companion for a long time. This gives owners plenty of time to bond with their chihuahua.

Chihuahuas are also very playful. Their spunky personalities make them popular for people looking for a fun dog.

Chihuahuas are also famous amongst popular culture. In the movie Legally Blonde, Elle Woods has a chihuahua named Bruiser. In the 2000s, a movie trilogy came out about the “Beverly Hills Chihuahuas.” These cute little dogs have easily worked their way into the public eye.

Why Do Chihuahuas Tremble?

Chihuahuas have high metabolisms. This affects the way their body produces and processes energy. This means when they are in situations of heightened emotions, such as circumstances that invoke anxiety or fear, they may shake.

There are also many reasons that a dog can tremble. Chihuahuas’ personalities and small sizes can make them more prone to other reasons for trembling. Other reasons include:

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  • Cold temperature- dogs can shake when they are cold. Chihuahuas are small and do not have lots of body fat or fur to keep them warm, so they may tremble more easily due to the cold.
  • Attention- some dogs will recognize that you pay attention to them and check on them when they are shivering. This may mean they will shiver if they want more attention.
  • Excitement- Chihuahuas and other dogs can shake when they are excited. This is often accompanied by a ferocious tail wagging.
  • Old age- When most dogs age, their muscles tend to weaken. This can lead to a slight trembling or shaking.

Do Chihuahuas Like Attention?

Chihuahuas are very affectionate dogs. While they do not take kindly to strangers, they love to be cuddled by their owners. They do not need a lot of rough play and tug of war with their owners, but they love to be petted.

How Much Exercise Do Chihuahuas Need?

Chihuahuas do not need much exercise. According to the American Kennel Club, chihuahuas only need around 30 minutes of exercise per day. This combined with their diminutive size makes them popular for people living in apartment complexes.

Chihuahuas enjoy going on walks, but keep in mind that your chihuahua has short legs, so a long walk for you will feel even longer for your dog. If your chihuahua fatigues while walking, you can pick them up and carry them until they have rested.