Do Chihuahuas Get Attached to One Person? (Solved & Explained!)

While a Chihuahua can be a great family dog, don’t be overly surprised if they pick a favorite person that they like to spend the most time with. Chihuahuas have less of a pack instinct than most other dogs, preferring a ‘pack of two’, as it were’, and getting most of their attention from a single, favorite person.

It’s quite common with these little dogs and this trait makes them quite the popular choice for someone who lives alone and wants a furry friend that won’t ‘ditch them’ anytime someone visits. With a Chihuahua, you’ll have to worry more that they’ll be jealous of or even rude to your friends!

You can train them out of this, of course, but most people love the attention!

For the remainder of this article, we’ll talk about Chihuahuas and how they like to dole out (or hold back) their affections. Read on for important information that you need to know about these little dogs with big (and sometimes picky) hearts!

How do Chihuahuas choose their favorite person?

Chihuahuas tend to pick the personality that is most compatible and you’ll get a lot of votes in this regard by also being the one feeding and petting them the most. Chihuahuas are picky about their favorites and once you are selected, it’s a lifetime role.

So, just be good to your dog and give them plenty of attention and they’ll definitely repay you in spades – these little dogs have a whole lot of love to give!

Is it normal for Chihuahuas to be clingy?

Yes, Chis can be a bit clingy, as these dogs tend to pick one person that they like and that’s where most of their attention goes. If this is the case with your dog, a bit more time in the dog park to introduce them to other dogs and having friends over to meet your dog can broaden their social horizons.

That said, in some cases your dog may merely learn to tolerate them, rather than spend more time with them. Chihuahuas are, quite often, very one-to-one companions.

Are Chihuahuas protective of their owners?

Yes, Chihuahuas are fiercely protective of their owners, and even ‘play wrestling’ among friends can get someone bitten if your dog thinks that you are in danger. While they are tiny, Chis possess an enormous territorial instinct, vowing somewhere along the line to defend their home and everyone inside.

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You can tone this down a bit by keeping treats handy and telling your dog to ‘sit’ whenever they start getting a little fierce. When your dog sits, give them a treat, and take a little more time to deliver that treat each time that you do.

This will help to create a ‘stop button’ for those times when your Chihuahua is being a little excessive about protecting you.

How do you know if your Chihuahua loves you?

When a Chihuahua loves you, they’ll be comfortable sitting with their back to you, they’ll come close when they think someone might be a danger, and when you get home they’ll probably try to jump on you and bounce like a little rubber ball in their excitement. Some Chis are excessively licky, too.

It’s easy to tell if your Chihuahua loves you because it’s right in front of you in their excited and obvious body language.

What do Chihuahuas love the most?

Chihuahuas are easy to please. They love a yummy meal, a toy to chew on, a soft and fluffy bed, and spending time with you. Which one comes on top is a bit of a gamble, varying from dog to dog, though you’ll certainly be as high as 2nd place with your Chihuahua if you aren’t in the number one spot.

Why do Chihuahuas follow you?

At first, your new Chihuahua is going to follow you around because they associate you with treats and because the house is a bit foreboding for them when it’s new. After they get used to their new home, however, your Chi is going to follow you because you’re best friends and they assume that they are always invited.

It takes a little getting used to, this new level of love and affection from your furry friend, but it’s a wonderful feeling and one of the many reasons why these little dogs are such a sought-after breed.

How do you show my Chihuahua I love her?

A scratch on the chin or behind the ears is a great way to show a little love for your Chihuahua, but snacks and playtime are also quite effective. These little dogs just want a little bit of your time and attention, so whatever you give is like gold to them.

That said, the more time you put in, the stronger your bond will grow!

How do you tell if your Chihuahua is guarding you?

Watch your Chihuahuas body language and listen to their sounds and you’ll know fairly quickly if they are guarding you. For instance, if you are eating, and rather than begging your dog simply sits close, with their back to you, then they are guarding you while you eat!

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Other signs can include growling at other people or animals and the most common one is when your dog sees another animal or person and quickly moves in front of you to make a pint-sized protection barrier from the perceived threat.

It’s adorable, but you may not want to encourage this – large dogs can and sometimes do attack smaller ones and this could be tragic.

When walking your Chi, steer them away from large dogs or turn around before you get close – never stop to scoop up your dog. The other dog might take it as aggression and attack while you are picking up your Chi, so avoidance is the best tactic to use to avoid your dog’s protection instinct from getting them hurt.

Are male or female Chihuahuas more affectionate?

Males tend to be the friendliest with more people, while females tend to be a little more selective and individually minded. That said, this is just a general tendency, as all dogs have their own unique personalities.

Due to this, it’s best not to worry about gender and to simply pick your favorite pup and see what they are like away from their littermates. This will tell you what you need to know about their personality, but you can ask the breeder to let you visit again later to make sure that your pup still acts the same.

How do I get my Chihuahua to like my friends?

Get your friends to visit and put some treats nearby so that they can feed some to your Chihuahua. Before they visit, however, put a harness and a lead on your dog so that you can walk them over and introduce your Chi to each person individually.

This will make them more ‘acceptable’ to your dog and they will be more likely to act friendlier in the future.