Do Chihuahua Terriers Bark a Lot? (Solved & Explained!)

Both Chihuahuas and Yorkshire Terriers, on their own, are notoriously vocal dogs. As such, when you’ve got a mix of the two, one of the likely traits is going to be a very vocal Chorkie.

This can be quite useful, as Chorkies get their ‘smarts’ from the Yorkie side so they might very well bark less once they are used to their home and the people who regularly visit. If this is not the case, however, socialization training can help them to relax more around other people and animals.

You can also teach them the ‘quiet’ command by filling up a coffee can to the halfway-mark with pennies and when your Chorkie barks, give the can a shake and say ‘quiet!’ clearly, followed by telling your dog to sit.

When they do, reward this behavior with a treat, and repeat this process as needed until your dog responds to the command without the addition of the noisy can. It takes a little patience, but your smart little Chorkie will learn!

For the remainder of this article, we’re going to answer questions from Chorkie owners just like you in regards to these vocal little dogs. Can you use an e-collar to get them to bark less? Why do Chorkies bark at certain people and not others?

Read on through the sections below for important and Chorkie-specific information about why your dog barks or growls, what it means, and what you can do about it!

Are all Chorkies yappy?

Pretty much, yes, all Chihuahua Terriers have a tendency to be on the yappy side and it comes from both sides of their heritage. That said, you can certainly train your dog not to, with the easiest method being filling up a can halfway with some metal bits, such as coins, so that when your dog barks you can shake it.

This will get their attention, so say ‘quiet’ very clearly and tell your dog to sit. When they do, reward them with a treat and repeat this consistently over the next week or two. Be patient with this process and your Chihuahua Terrier will learn the ‘quiet’ command.

Do Chihuahua mixes bark a lot?

Generally, yes, but not always. It’s really going to depend on the breeds involved and there are quite a few when it comes to Chihuahua mixes. There are Chihuahuas mixed with breeds like Beagles, Lhasa Apso, Pugs, and even Rottweilers – just to name a few – so barking could be more or it could be less!

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Can a Chihuahua Terrier be trained not to bark?

Yes, you can certainly train a Chihuahua Terrier not to bark. The easiest way is to get their attention when they bark by filling a can with pennies, shaking it, and saying ‘quiet’ followed by the ‘sit’ command when they are barking too much.

Reward them with praise and treats when they quiet down and if you keep doing this, then eventually your furry best friend will stop barking whenever you tell them to!

Why do Chorkies bark so much?

It’s only natural. Both Chihuahuas and Yorkshire Terriers tend to be vocal dogs, largely because of their diminutive size. To compensate for being pint-sized, these dogs puff themselves up and get LOUD.

Sometimes, it even works, but it can also be a dangerous trait if there are large dogs nearby that haven’t met your Chorkie, so it’s best to keep an eye out on walks and to consider a little extra training to help your dog to know when it’s time to be quiet!

Does barking mean my Chihuahua Terrier will bite?

Nope, not necessarily. Chorkies bark, but despite how it looks, they know that they are small dogs and that ‘pushing it’ by throwing in a bite could be dangerous to them.

That said, they might nip a finger if they think they can get away with it, so if your Chorkie is a little on the aggressive side, tell your friends to present the back of their hand for sniffing, rather than making their fingers accessible until they see how your dog will react.

Why does my Chihuahua Terrier bark at certain people?

Some Chorkies, most often rescues, will decide that certain people are a threat and respond instantly with what seems like some very selective barking. Take notice so that you can look for a trend. Some Chorkies will bark at tall people, or certain genders (most often men), or even children.

With a rescue, it might be a bad association, but ultimately this sort of selective behavior boils down to simple fear. As this is the case, making proper introductions to the people your dog seems scared of can help to reduce or eliminate these behaviors.

Just supervise carefully and in small amounts, while making sure that treats and plenty of praise are involved.

Why is my Chorkie barking in their sleep?

This adorable behavior is exactly what you suspect, most likely – your dog is dreaming. This sort of behavior occurs when REM kicks in and your little one is apparently chasing a dream-squirrel or simply having a good time in some mental scenario.

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This results in those tiny, cute little barks and quite often comes with leg twitching as they run through meadows they remember or have conjured in their doggy-dreams.

Can I use an e-collar to make my Chihuahua Terrier bark less?

This is not recommended, unless you go with a vibration collar. Most e-collars rely on unpleasant scents or even mild electric shocks, but there are vibration collars and these are considered a humane option. They work by vibrating, much a celphone on ‘silent’, whenever your dog barks.

This gets your dog’s attention and can help teach them to stop barking, although we’d generally recommend training them the old-fashioned way by making them sit when you say ‘quiet’ and reinforcing this behavior with treats.

That way you can keep the bark to warn you of intruders, but still stop the barking when it’s a bad time for it.

Does barking mean my Chorkie is angry?

The meaning of the bark is all about context. Yes, more often than not it’s a warning, or an attempt on your Chorkies part to look meaner and bigger, but there are also ‘let me in’ barks, ‘you’re frustrating me’ barks, and even ‘give me some of that’ barks.

Just assess the context by seeing what’s around, because not all barks mean that your dog is angry.

Why does my Chihuahua Terrier growl when I pet them?

If they growl before you start, then your dog is still not 100% trusting of you yet, or they might even have a health issue. When your dog is hurting, they can’t simply tell you that a limb is feeling tender or that their tummy is super-upset.

If the behavior is coming out of the blue, a vet visit to rule out health issues is a very good idea. Chorkies are little dogs and sometimes they get their paws stepped on (especially by kids) and those growls might just be your dog’s way of telling you that they are hurting.

That said, some Chorkies will growl if you STOP petting them, but more often than not it’s about fear, distrust, or an injury you can’t easily see.