Chihuahua Jack Russell Mix (13 Important Facts)

A Chihuahua Jack Russell mix, also known as a Jack Chi is one of the coolest wee dog mixes. They are loving, fun, active, and entertaining. With a Jack Chi, you will never be bored!

This mix makes a great companion for active people in small spaces or households with older children.

Read on to learn more about a Chihuahua Jack Russell mix and if it might be the right addition for your household.

Is a Chihuahua Jack Russell Mix a Good Mix?

A Jack Chi is a popular mix due to its fun and feisty personality. These little guys will keep you entertained and be loyal and loving companions. They’re low maintenance and can tolerate apartment living.

The Jack Chi is independent and easy to care for. Provide them with a lot of exercise and activity and you will get an awesome friend in return.

How Much Does a Chihuahua Jack Russell Mix Cost?

On average Chihuahua and Jack Russell mixes cost between $200 – $700. But these dogs’ pricetag will vary as they are a popular breed and consider “designer” they go like hot cakes in the dog showing arena, with one prized Jack Chi valued at $15,000!

While your Jack Chi won’t cost you that much, much sure you have a flexible budget depending on where you get your pup from. You should aim to adopt not shop as much as possible. If shopping, do your research and buy from only the most reputable and moral breeders.

How Long Do Chihuahua Jack Russell Mixes Live?

This mix lifespan averages around 13 – 18 years. They may not reach the amazing old ages as purebred chihuahuas can get to, but you will still have them around for a decent period of time with the right care and love!

Are Chihuahua Jack Russell Mixes Easy to Train?

These feisty little mixes benefit from obedience training but can be quite independent and headstrong. A trainer with resolve and consistency will successfully train a Jack Chi in basic manners. 

They are very intelligent and will grasp new concepts quickly so be sure to keep advancing them so do not get bored and act out during training.

Are Chihuahua Jack Russell Mixes Aggressive?

Loving Jack Chi mixes are not aggressive by nature. But due to their small stature, they can act aggressively if they feel threatened. This will usually happen when playtime gets too rough or they have been mishandled.

It’s important that if they are around children, the kids are experienced and respectful of this little dog’s space.

What Is the Best Age to Train a Chihuahua Jack Russell Mix Puppy?

Basic obedience training should start at around 8 weeks old. This will help you get a head start before your Jack Chi becomes too high energy and uncontrollable.

¬†Continue your training all through their young stages, focusing particularly around the 6-month mark to curb naughty “teenage” behavior

How Do You Discipline a Chihuahua Jack Russell Mix Puppy?

Due to their small size, you mustn’t physically intimidate Jack Chis when disciplining them. This doesn’t just mean no smacking but your body language is important. If you stand over them and yell at them they can very quickly get scared and retreat.

Discipline should be done firmly, calmly, and patiently. Remember puppies are still learning!

What Is Bad About a Chihuahua Jack Russell Mix?

The Jack Chi may inherit the hunting instincts of a Jack Russell so may not mesh well with other pets such as cats, rodents, or birds. With proper introduction and socialization, they may coexist but should not be left unwatched together.

These small dogs can get nervous around small children. Until kids have learned to respect the space of Jack Chi, they may be averse to being around them and act aggressively if forced together.

Can a Chihuahua Jack Russell Mix Protect You?

Due to their small and short stature, this mix may not make them the best bodyguard. But their firey and loyal streaks will ensure they try their best!

At best, a Jack Chi will make a good alarm dog. Alerting you to any potential threats and hopefully put off any intruders with their surprisingly threatening bark.

How Do You Bond With a Chihuahua Jack Russell Mix?

  1. Make them feel safe – as their leader and owner, they will look for you for protection. Keep them safe and secure and they will bond to you quickly!
  2. Play – this little mix absolutely loves to play. Games of fetch and tug of war can help you bond with your Jack Chi
  3. Cuddles – Jack Chis are very affectionate. They make great additions to the bed at night, not taking up much space and keeping you warm.

Can Chihuahua Jack Russell Mixes Be Left Alone?

Chihuahua Jack Russell mixes are surprisingly independent for such a small breed. Many small dogs suffer from serious separation anxiety but this breed is known to happily hang out on its own and be happy to see you when you get home from work.

Just ensure you provide it with plenty to keep itself occupied while you are away. Proper socialization when young will also ensure they do not become just attached to one person and get anxious when not around them.

Do Chihuahua Jack Russell Mixes Like to Cuddle?

Yes! This mix is especially snuggly with their humans. They love to be kept warm under the covers and make an excellent lap dog.

Are Chihuahua Jack Russell Mixes Lazy?

No, Jack Chis are a high-energy breed. They love to run, play and explore. They make great adventure companions and will want to go anywhere you want to go.

If you’re not much into adventures, regular walks and socialization at the dog park will suffice.

If you live rurally these guys will thrive with having a lot of space to run around in but they can be just as happy in an apartment with enough exercise.